Saved by Sin Episode 15


“Wait, did you just slap me because of him?” John Femi asked her angrily,

“Yes I did, and if you get me more angered, I will do that again” She threatened. By now, Gabriel had already gotten up from the gutter and he was staring at them both not knowing what was going on.

“Please leave here, I am not interested in my former lifestyle again, I am now a new creature” She told him and he immediately bursted into laughter,

“A new creature indeed, don’t worry, when you get tired, you yourself will come back begging me for a quick one.” He laughed harder. “And as for you Mr. Man, it seems like you don’t know who you are falling in love with, she is a prostitute that sleeps about with men for money, don’t worry, you will get the confirmation when she leaves you after you have spent all your money on her” John Femi said and walked back towards his car which he had parked carelessly on the road. He got into it and drove off leaving Gabriel speechless and Queen in tears.

“Hey, why are you crying? And who was that?” Gabriel asked her as John’s car went out of sight,

“He is right, all he told you about me was right, you don’t deserve someone like me” she told Gabriel as she walked away from him,

“And where are you going?” He asked her as she went further away from him,

“Forget about me, I am too unclean for you” She told him and ran off through a corner, her tears could be heard as she ran away.

“What a bad ending for a good day” Gabriel said to himself as he scratched his head and stood still for a while before walking towards the road that leads to the main gate.

Queen ran off to her hostel, she was happy none of her roommates were around that time, what a perfect time to cry. She bursted into tears immediately, uncontrollably tears. Now she realize what Karma really meant, what she had done in the pass is now coming back to hunt her, she loves Gabriel and she doesn’t want to hurt him, he is a good guy and she wouldn’t want him to feel pain in anyway, she doesn’t want to hurt him in anyway but her past will surely do.

Yes, she has told him about her past but she didn’t go deep into it. No guy will want a girl like her, she doesn’t deserve any guy, she was no good a girl and she herself knows it. She realizes she is already falling in love with him but is he also feeling the same way for her? Even if he is also falling in love with her, when John Femi start to disturb her like he did today, won’t he lose interest in her? Won’t she also drift back to her former way of life once John Femi starts to disturb her? Oh, the only solution to her problems now is God, it is only God that can help her.

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Gabriel jumped into his bed feeling bad, it was almost an absolute good day for him but one foolish random guy has just come to spoil things for him. He would occasionally sit and lay back to the bed, he was thinking badly, he is already falling for Queen but she thinks he is too good for her, is there still anything Queen is hiding from him? Even if there is, she still loves him. He continued to think and rolling on his bed, he was looking as if he was uncomfortable.
John Femi barged into his room and started to pace about like he was looking for something. “So that girl refused my call because of that useless guy” He shouted to himself as he paced around his sitting room. “Maybe she doesn’t know who I am” She said to himself and laughed. Just then, the door opened and his girlfriend walked in smiling,

“Hey love” she greeted smiling, he immediately turned angrily towards her, his eyes were filled with anger and it was as if he was going to bounce on her.

“Get out” He shouted and she staggered back in shock,

“John what is it? Why should I get out?” She asked him, she was obviously also getting angry.

“Get out, and if you need me to tell you officially, it is over between us” He shouted again, she immediately bursted into laughter and sat on a couch,

“Tell me you are joking” She laughed,

“Oh, you think I am joking bah?” he asked walking towards her, he immediately dragged her up and pushed her towards the door. “Get out!!!!” he shouted and pushed the door opened,

“john what are you doing?” She asked him in fear,

“Get out!!” he pushed her out finally and locked the door. “Idiot” He cursed and accompanied it with a long hiss. “Queen, if not me, no one else will get you” He said and brought out his phone from his pocket.

“Hello Alika, I want you to help me torture a guy that is giving me troubles, don’t kill him, just help me torture him” John said,

“Yes Capon, just give us his details” Alika said from the other end, it was then John realized he knows nothing about the guy he wants to torture, he knows nothing about Gabriel, Gabriel Eugene.

Gabriel was almost drifting to sleep when his door flung open, it was Nkechi, she was wearing a pink very short, arm less gown. Her fair laps could be visibly seen, if she should just bend a little, we might just get to see her panties. Gabriel wiped his face and sat up slowly on his bed,

“Nkechi” he called,

“How are you feeling now dear, how is your body now?” She asked him,

“I am fine as you can see, fine and strong” He smiled.

“Hmm, I can see that” She said and without his consent, pecked him. “Let me prepare something for you to eat” she said and walked towards the kitchen.