Saved by Sin Episode 14


“John, I don’t think I can do this anymore” queen said with a calm voice.

“I know you are joking” john laughed at the other end. “Let us meet at Deuthman club by 10pm, I know you want it, don’t pretend” john continued.

“John am serious here, I don’t think I can do this anymore, I am done with such lifestyle. Queen said and immediately put an end to the call. She took a long stare at the phone before finally dropping it on her mini sized bed accompanied by a long hiss. She continued with her dressing in expectation of Gabriel Eugene.

“He might not like too much makeup” she thought to herself as she held a stick of lipstick on her left hand,

“queen, where you dey go now” her roommate continued to ask her repeatedly but she would let them off with a smile.

Exactly 20 minutes later, her phone rang again, this time it wasn’t john calling, it was Gabriel Eugene.

“Queen, I am at hall 2 car park now, will you please come down? I am waiting” Gabriel said as she picked up the call.

“Okay I will be right there in a minute” she shouted happily as she dropped her makeup kit, put on her high hill shoe and made for the stairs. As she came out of the big gate securing the hall 2 hostel, she sighted Gabriel standing at the far end of the car park, staring at his phone and at the gate at interval.

“I hope I’m not overdressed” she thought to herself as she noticed the simple dressing of Gabriel. She then walked slowly to the side of the car park where Gabriel was standing with his phone, on sighting her, he bursted into laughter.

“Sister we are not going for dinner, we just wan trek round Uniben, why are you putting on a high heel?” he asked as he continued laughing.

“Look at you, I plan going to church after now” she lied.

“You? You dey go church? Okay which church do you attend?” Gabriel asked still laughing.

She took a long stare at him as she tried to think any name of a popular church in Uniben, for as long as she can remember, she has not been to church for the past 3 years.

“Winners ministry” she blotted out with a smile, and Gabriel bursted into another round of laughter.

“Where is that located?” he asked still laughing. This smile on her lips faded into a frown, she was angry.

“Are we strolling out or you just want to bore me here with questions?” she asked angrily and his laugh just like triggered to do so stopped.

“Okay, okay, I am sorry, I just didn’t know that Uniben now has a new church called winners ministry” he said trying hard not to laugh. She took another long stare at him and with a hiss made to walk away. Gabriel immediately caught her hand and turned her facing him.

“I’m sorry” he apologized, “I never meant to get you angry, I only wanted us to joke. As for the church issue, you are free to always accompany me to my church every Sunday” he said still staring deep into her eyes, she nodded and covered up her angry face. “So shall we go now?” He asked her smiling, she smiled back and nodded and then together, they left the car park and walked towards the school back gate.

They had nowhere in mind, they just be together and enjoy the moment, as they walked, Gabriel’s hand slowly made for hers and they were soon holding each other.

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John Femi can be seen sitting in his small sitting room, he was thinking deeply like something was bothering him.

“No, Queen might just be joking, she will surely come to the club, she just want to make it a surprise and keep me in suspense” he thought to himself and smiled. He later stood up from his couch and headed towards his bar. He took a bottle of wine from it, he poured himself a little quantity into a glass cup and drank from it slowly.

“How will Queen refuse a quick one?” He laughed and took another sip from his cup. “If it is the queen I know, she will be at the club even before me” He said to himself and took yet another sip. He finally drunk all the quantity of wine from the cup and took a bunch of key from his table and made for the door. He took one last, long stare at his room and finally went out. He entered his small Toyota car and drove off to God’s knows where.

“So tell me, what is your best colour?” Gabriel asked Queen as they walked towards the education field, one of the big pitch in Uniben.

“My best colour is blue, what of you?” She asked him,

“Mine is also yours, blue” He smiled and she slightly punched his chest,

“For everything I have asked you today, you have been replying me with mine is also yours” She formed a frowned face.

“And for all the answers I have given you, I am sincere” Gabriel told her trying to punch her back,

“What are you trying to do?” She asked him smiling,

“I am not punching you, I want to help you dress your hair” he lied as he placed his hand on her hair,

“Better” She smiled. “Okay, where else should we stroll to?” She asked him,

“Are you not tired? I am tired o, Let us look for somewhere and eat, I am hungry” he said as he tried looking around for a nearby eatery,

“But I am not hungry” She said.

“But I am hungry” He said, “And I am sure you are but you are shy to let me know” He smiled, she wanted to defend herself but no words came out and then he bursted into laughter.

“Let’s go look for somewhere to eat” He said holding her by her neck and walking with her. Suddenly, a car parked in front of them and out of the car came John Femi.

“Queen, what are you doing with him?” He shouted as he came out of the car and pushed Gabriel into the gutter,

“John, what is wrong with you?” queen asked and slapped him, “Remember, am not your girlfriend” She reminded.