Saved by Sin Episode 13


“No, you can’t come in” Gabriel said still keeping his strong and angry face.

“Please” she begged with tears almost falling off her eyes,

“No, you can’t come in” he remained adamant.

“I beg you” she said as she slowly went on her knees. The expression on Gabriel face showed he was surprised and shocked.

“Please get up” he said with pity and he opened the door wide for her to come in. She walked in slowly with her hands folded across her breast.

“Sit down” he gave her a chair,

“Thank you” she appreciated as she sat down on the chair and he also sat on another.

“So, why are you here?” he asked,

“To apologize” she said staring at a book on the table, “See, I am really sorry, am really sorry for all I made you pass through and for extorting money from you” She said and paused a bit to see Gabriel’s expression. “Please forgive me” she made to kneel down again,

“Can you stop doing that?” he asked, “Stop kneeling down” he said,

“I won’t get up until you forgive me” Queen said as she finally knelt down. Gabriel kept quiet for a while staring at her and she also staring at him. At a point he almost smiled but tried his best to hide it.

“Okay, get up, I have forgiven you” he said with a blur smile. She got up slowly and sat on the chair,

“Thank you” She tried not to smile.

“Hey stop hiding it, smile” he laughed and she laughed back. She deep her hand into her bag and brought out some naira notes,

“Take” she handed it to him,

“What is that?” He asked her.

“The five thousand naira I took from you” She said looking at the table, trying to avoid his gaze.

“I don’t need it anymore, I have forgiven you, and I don’t need the money” he said, “why did you do that? Or better put, why are you this way?” he asked her, she first stared at him and finally bursted into tears. “Hey, did I make you cry?” he asked, she shook her head negatively.

“No, you didn’t make me cry” she said. “I know how I am, I know I am wayward and I am not happy with the way I am but that was the way I was brought up” she said, “I grew up without a father, my father left us because my mother was a prostitute. I grew up knowing my mom with different men and I later grew up following her ways. At a very young age, I started sleeping with guys for money, I became in love with the things of the world and I know that kind of life as the perfect time of life” She cried.

“It is okay” Gabriel consoled,

“Don’t tell me it is okay, i am just twenty years old and at my age, I can’t count the number of guys I have slept with, I lose count about a long time ago” She said and laughed, a pitiful laugh. “I know I am now useless, very useless than useless” She said.

“Sister, you aren’t useless, all you did was not your fault, it was the way you were brought up but nevertheless, you have to do away with those things” Gabriel said and she nodded slightly,

“I know, I can’t continue living like this” She said, “I will try my possible best to stop” She added.

“Hope you now believe I didn’t sleep with you?” Gabriel asked with a kind of angry expression,

“Hey, I know, am really sorry for that day” she smiled as she got up and walked towards his side of the table, he shifted back in shock.

“Hey, I am not going to sleep with you, I want to check out how badly they injured you” she smiled as she placed her hand on his head and took a long stare at him, “Am sorry” She said.

“It is okay” he smiled and she walked towards the kitchen, “What are you doing?” he asked.

“You look like you haven’t eaten, I want to fix up something for you to eat” She said,

“I can’t stop you, I am d–n hungry” he laughed and she laughed too.

It has been a day now since she saw Gabriel and she can’t just stop smiling, he was a perfect guy, a cool guy and very funny guy. She was trying to read her book for the first time in the semester but she couldn’t, she would occasionally put her pen in her mouth and look up to the ceiling and laugh. She remembered the kind of eyes he had given her when she attempted to feed him because of his injured hand. She remembered the sweet words he had said as he tasted her food. He was a good guy and she was really sorry for all she had caused him.

“Why are you smiling?” her friends would occasionally ask her but they got no answer. She finally covered her book and took her phone to call him, just then his call came in.

“Hello Queen” he said calmly as she picked the call,

“Gabi, how are you?” she asked smiling,

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Am fine, Queen it is Friday, why don’t we take a stroll round UNIBEN together” he suggested and she laughed,

“Of course, that is not a bad idea, where should I pick you up?” she asked laughing,

“I am coming to hall two park now, I will be there in twenty minutes, get prepared” he said and ended the call.

She dropped the phone and smiled kicking her leg into the air. “Yes!!!” she shouted and sprang up, just then her phone rang again.

“He is calling me again” she laughed. She went to pick up the phone and her expression changed on seeing who the caller was. She reluctantly picked up the phone.

“Hello John Femi” she said,

“Hello Queen baby, today is Friday, why don’t we have a quick one tonight, I have a perfect spot for us” John laughed at the other end.