Saved by Sin Episode 18


“You?” Queen shouted as she ran towards John Femi who was approaching them.

“Please, let him be, let them stop beating him, he is dying” She pleaded going down on her kneels.

“He was warned, he is simply stubborn” John Femi laughed as he took a glance at the dying Gabriel.

“Let him be” He finally ordered the guys when Queen wouldn’t let go of his trousers. “He has learnt his lesson” John said before gesturing to his boys to go into the car, he remained standing, staring from Gabriel to Queen.

“I think you know what to do now, don’t make me come back, he might not be allowed to live next time” John told her as he placed his hand on her shoulder, he had a devilish smile on his face. “Next time, before you mess with me ask of John Femi, the Capon of the Pipeline guys, and lets meet this Friday by the club I told you the other day, if you fail to come, I reserve my statement” John concluded and walked away towards the car, “Remember, he might not to live next time” John said before the car moved off.

“Help me!!!” Queen shouted immediately the car moved off, She was with the dying guy now, Gabriel. “Please help me” she shouted to the students who were coming out from their hideouts, they had all run away on noticing the presence of the pipeline guys, they had known they were the pipeline guys because of the bold inscription of “PIPELINE” on their van. They now all ran towards Gabriel, he was bleeding all over, Queen was with him crying, she was weeping profusely.

“Please help, he is dying” She cried. The young guys lifted him up from the ground and headed towards a cab, Queen followed them, she was holding Gabriel leg and crying. He was placed in a cab and driven off to the University Teaching Hospital.

Israel barged into the hospital ward about half an hour later, he was sweating profusely and looking terrified.

“What happened to him?” he asked Queen who was sitting on the same bed Gabriel was lying on.

“He was beaten up” She stammered, the sight of Israel scared her, he was so muscular and the look on his face showed he was angry, he was ready to deal with those who had beaten up Gabriel.

“Beaten up by how?” He asked her still with the same tone he had used in asking the first question.

“They called them the pipeline guys” She stammered again.

“The pipeline guys” Israel voice immediately became calm, one wouldn’t believe that it was the same Israel who was ranging earlier that was talking now, his voice at this time was now more feminine than masculine.

“Yes, the pipeline guys” Queen answered, this time, she didn’t stammer.

“Are you Queen?” Israel asked cleaning the beads of sweats which had formed on his forehead.

“Yes, I am” she answered, she was not shocked he knows who she was, Gabriel might have certainly been talking about her. “Yes, I am Queen” She answered.

“Have you got anyone falling for you among the pipeline guys?” he asked her,

“I never knew he was a cultist, I never knew he was falling for me, we had no feelings for each other” Queen told him with tears in her eyes, she was trying her best not to tell him about the quick one they do have every Friday night.

“You love him right?” Israel asked her, he was pointing at Gabriel as he talked, Queen was shy but nevertheless, she nodded. She loves him, she couldn’t deny it, she is proud of him. He is the only guy that has taken her for who she is, he didn’t mind about her past, he loves her.

“Yes, I love him” she said after the nod.

“Queen, if you love him, you will have to leave him alone, you don’t want him killed by the pipeline guys do you?” Israel asked,

“You shouldn’t tell her that” Gabriel voice interrupted them, he has finally regained consciousness but he was still lying on the bed.

“What do you mean I shouldn’t tell her that?” Israel asked turning to him,

“Israel, I love her, she loves me, you shouldn’t destroy what we got, if God is on our side, we will both scale through this” Gabriel said stretching his for Queen Hand. Queen now had tears in her eyes now, she was surprised knowing that this guy was ready to die for her, no guy has ever loved her the way he does, all they ever wanted was to sleep with her and go.

“Gabriel, you don’t know who the pipeline guys are, I won’t lie to you, if you continue this way, then your days in this school are numbered” Israel told him and barged out of the ward angrily.

“Thank you” Queen told him after Israel had gone,

“Hey, you know I am still angry with you” He smiled and she smiled back.

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Dare, a popular and well known member of the pipeline guys happens to be a very smart law student. He happens to be in his final year but no one would believe that because of his small statue. He had killed about 25 people since he joined the pipeline guys, he is a merciless killer.

He was in the lecture hall that fateful day, he wasn’t alone, he was with a young damsel, he seem to be explaining something to her, something she doesn’t understand from the previous lecture. No one will ever believe Dare is a cultist, he happens to be one of the gentle guys in the class, friendly and always ready to help.

Suddenly, a gunshot was heard just outside the lecture hall, the girl with him sprang up but Dare remained sitting though he was looking scared.

“For they say, he shall come like a thief in the night, be prepared” a voice shouted from outside, who else will it be? It was Rabbi, the most famous cultist in the University, the merciless killer of the night crawlers. Rabbi bounced into the lecture hall and walked towards where Dare was with the girl,

“Don’t worry, the sons of Israel has been marked and the sheep separated from the goats, stay aside, I won’t harm you” Rabbi said to the young girl who was with Dare.

“Rabbi, what do you want from me?” Dare summoned up courage and asked him, “We are not fighting with you guys, why have you come with a gun to me?” Dare asked again.

“You guys have started the fight by touching a disciple of the lord, the guy you and your guys beat up two days ago has brought this upon you, do you know who he is?” Rabbi asked and Dare remained speechless, how was he meant to know that the guy, Gabriel Eugene they had beaten up had something to do with the night crawlers? “Anyways, I have not come here to talk, I do not off my will but that of he who sent me, don’t worry, today you will be celebrated in paradise because it is written, an account of the long suffering of our lord is salvation 2peter 3:15” Rabbi concluded and shot him in the head, the girl with his shouted in fear and Rabbi turned to her with a smile,

“I don’t think that bible verse suites him, he has never suffered for the lord” He told the girl, he was smiling.