Saved by Sin Episode 10


“Oh, am sorry, I never knew she is your sister” The guy apologized.

“She asked me to accompany her here so that any random guy won’t use her” Gabriel lied as he took Queen from him and walked away out of the sport complex, out of Uniben. He held Queen as she walked haphazardly, it was still deep in the night, they were the only one walking down the road, Gabriel trying to hold Queen in place.

“Hey, better walk like a human being, you are not even happy am helping you, idiot” Gabriel cursed as he tapped her back head in annoyance and continued pulling her down the road. He finally got to his lodge after about 30 minutes of trekking, he had fallen down up to five times on the road, he was just trying to hold queen from falling into the gutter.

He opened his door and pushed Queen to his bed, he then pulled off his top and sat on his reading chair, he soon placed his head on the reading table and slept off.

As early as six the next morning, Gabriel was already awake, he was on his book, reading. He turned his neck to the direction of his bed and for the first time, he admired Queen’s beauty. She was a dark beauty, he took his eyes down her body, some part of her laps were exposed , he stared at them for some minutes and he quickly did the sign of the cross to save him from temptations.

“I don’t know why beautiful girls are senseless, look how this girl wants to waste herself” he shook his head. He continued reading for about 10 minutes when he heard Queen stir, he turned to her direction and saw her staring at him.

“Good morning” he greeted with a frown, she didn’t reply him, rather she got up and adjusted her short gown.

“Okay, am ready to go, my payment” she told him standing in front of his reading table.

“Payment for what?” he asked her surprised,

“Payments for using me for the night, or do you think it’s free?” She asked him and he busted into a long laughter, he even had tears in his eyes as he laughed, Queen didn’t understand what was funny.

“Sister, I didn’t do anything with you, I rather helped you so as not be……” Queen cut him short,

“Hey, Mr. man, don’t give me that, I am smarter than that, am not that kind of girl you think you can just use and go free” Queen shouted pushing his table on him,

“What are you talking about, I swear, I didn’t sleep with you, why will I want to……..” he was interrupted by Queen again, this time, with a slap.

“See, if you don’t want us to create a scene here, pay me my money or else” She shouted holding him by his shorts. Gabriel sighed and look up to the ceiling, at times, it is evil to do well.

“Okay, I will pay you” he said and she freed him. He walked over to one of his jackets which he hung on the hanger in one side of the room, from it he brought out his last cash at hand, 5 thousand naira.

“That is all I have” he handed it to her and she dragged it from him with a long hiss,

“Poor brat” she cursed. “Come and direct me, I don’t know where this place is” she said standing arm akimbo.

“Just go outside, the road leads to the main gate” Gabriel said calmly and she barged out.

Gabriel fell to his bed and placed his hand on his cheeks, he would occasionally bit his lips to show that he was angry. At long last, he picked up his phone and dialed a number.

“Hello dad, good morning dad” he greeted the receiver at the other end, “Dad, my money is finished” he said calmly and there was a short pause. “Dad, I bought some materials and textbook, I didn’t lavish it on anything” Gabriel said and there was a long pause. “Okay Dad, thank you Dad” he smiled at the end of the call. “Good will punish this foolish girl” he cursed as he laid down flat on his bed.

Israel soon came back from night class and Gabriel wasted no time in narrating all that happened to him. Israel laughed and mocked him that he had just been dumped, Israel didn’t stop laughing for about ten minutes, he would laugh and hit Gabriel to show how funny all that happened was.

Queen got to her lodge about thirty minutes later, her roommates were all around and she wasted no time in narrating to them how a guy tried to sleep with her for free.

“No mind them, naso dem they do” One of the girls said and the others also added one or two comments.

“I had to slap him before he even paid me this five thousand naira” queen said showing them the money. They all hailed her for what she did, to them, she was very smart. After about ten minutes of talking she stood up and headed towards the bathroom, she immediately stopped by the door to the bathroom and turned to face the other girls,

“I hope say food dey o, hunger wan kill me here” she said touching her stomach,

“Small rice dey pot” One of the girls answered. She then walked into the bathroom. She first cleaned her face and then pulled off her gown to take a cool shower, she was putting on a pant and no bra, she made to pull off her pant and almost immediately, she opened her mouth in shock. There it was, the menstrual pad she wore since yesterday, it was still intact to signify that it was never tempered with. She had forgotten she had a pad on, she had forgotten she wore a pad to the party since she was on her period.

“Jesus, so he didn’t sleep with me after all?” she asked herself as she stared at the ceiling and felt pity for the guys he had misjudged, Gabriel Eugene.