Saved by Sin Episode 11


She stood on staring at herself and thinking of how she had just misjudged the innocent guy. “So he actually helped me?” She asked herself and immediately started to feel guilty about what she had done. She took a light shower and came out of the bathroom to meet the other girls who were still chatting happily.

“Why are you now looking moody all of a sudden?” One of the girls asked her,

“Nothing, am just tired” She answered and laid on her bed,

“We understand now, after having marathon sex at night” One of the girls said and they laughed but Queen didn’t even smile.

“I want to take a walk round the school today” Gabriel said to Israel, Israel was trying to get some sleep but Gabriel won’t let him, Gabriel doesn’t know what a night class mean.

“Do you want me to take you around?” Israel asked him,

“No, I can do so myself, I just want to have a quiet time with Uniben” Gabriel said.

“Then don’t disturb me again, go” Israel turned to face the other side of the bed.

“Okay, I will go” Gabriel smiled and opened the door to go out, he stopped halfway and turned to Israel, “Are you sure you don’t want to follow me?” He asked Israel laughing, Israel covered his head with a pillow.

Guess who else is in the University of Benin, Nkechi Chris. She also got admitted to the University of Benin after three years of taking Jamb, she happened to be in the Faculty of Agriculture. That particular Saturday, she was holding a folder and heading towards the basement complex, where she would print and photocopy some of her documents for clearance purposes.

She located a shop of her choice and entered into it. About an hour later, she was done with what she was to do and she could be seen coming out happily from the Shop. She walked out of the complex and stopped, she stood staring at a guy who was approaching the Basement, he look very familiar.

“Is that not Gabriel Eugene?” She asked herself as she walked towards the guy, “Gabriel!!” She shouted happily and ran towards him, without warning, she threw herself on him. Gabriel was obviously surprised to see Nkechi that day, he never knew she was also in Benin.

“Nkechi, how are you doing now? See you, you are now a big girl o” he said holding her hands tight and pulling her towards himself.

“See who is talking, See how big and muscular you have grown, see the beards, and look at the chest” she took a good look at him.

“Hmm, all this one are just packaging my dear. What department are you?” Gabriel asked her,

“Fishery” she answered and stared at him like to say what about you.

“Biochemistry o, 100 level” he told her,

“ myself also, I am hundred level” she said and hugged him again, “Am surprised o, you have changed in all aspects” Nkechi smiled staring at his face and then his broad chest, “Am really happy to see you” she added and Gabi smiled,

“Am the happiest here” Gabriel said and they laughed again. “Nkechi, we will be seeing now, let me not stop you from where you were going to” Gabriel said and released her,

“That’s true, sorry I don’t have your number again” she said, and Gabriel immediately gave it to her. “Okay now, goodbye” Nkechi said and hugged him again,

“Goodbye dear” Gabriel answered and they departed.

Nkechi couldn’t believe it, in just three years, he has grown drastically, he is now more handsome, he has finely cut beards and he is muscular. To crown it all, he now knows how to talk to a girl, just look at the way he interacted with her, he was so free and full of smiles, he was now the guy she wanted him to be about three years ago.

She hit herself for forgetting about him all these while, he had tried calling her on many occasions after their breakup but she had ignored him. Now, she wish she was still dating him, she wish she can still date him, he was the perfect description of every Girl guy. She occasionally would turn back to steal a glance at him, just look at his walking steps, they were whoa.

“Eugene, I will get you again” she smiled and took a last glance at him.

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Monday, Monday, Monday. A very hectic day for both workers and students, the most dreaded day of the week. Gabriel woke up at exactly 6am, he rushed to the bathroom and had his bath, he prepared his food and soon, he was on the road to school. He was not to have class that morning till 12pm but he decided to visit the library so as to read. He got to school before 10am and rushed to the library. He spent about an hour in the library and he was soon seen coming out of it and looking satisfied.

Just in front of the library was a UBA bank ATM machine, there was a long queue waiting to withdraw, at the end of the queue was Queen, she also came to withdraw. Since she was at the end of the queue, she was opportune to have a better view of the surrounding and no surprise she saw Gabriel walking out of the library. She took a long look at him just to confirm if it was him. She made sure she was sure it was him before leaving her position on the queue to go after him, by now Gabriel was already some distance from the library.

“Hey” she called out as she ran to meet up with him, Gabriel turned back and immediately recognized the girl who had exhorted 5 thousand naira from him.

“This witch” he said as he also began to run away from her, he didn’t want her to get to him so that she wouldn’t lay another allegation on him.

“Hey you wait” Queen shouted, Gabriel was increasing the distance between them. “Hey wait!!!” she shouted continuously as she ran after him. The male students around got attracted by her shout, they saw she was running after a guy who was also running, the guy she was running after was holding tight to a bag, they immediately concluded that he was a thief and he had stolen the girl’s bag. They immediately charged towards Gabriel and without wasting time, began to beat him mercilessly with their hands and planks around them.

“Am not a thief” Gabriel shouted but they continue to beat him.

“Stop, he is not a thief” Queen barked at them as she got closer to them, they stopped beating him immediately and some just murmured and went away. Now some people had gathered to have a clear view of what was happening. Gabriel got up slowly and sat up, he had been injured all over, and he was also bleeding from his mouth.

“Am sorry” Queen apologized trying to touch him,

“leave me alone” he shouted angrily as he picked one of the nearby planks and threw it towards her, she was fast enough to weave it.

“Am really sorry…”She was saying but Gabriel shouted her down again,

“get out, unfortunate being” he shouted cleaning the blood stain in his mouth. Queen didn’t move an inch, she stood there thinking of what to do, and then out of the crowd, Nkechi Chris walked out and came towards him,

“Gabriel” she called him and he looked up, “Sorry, let me help you” she said as she tried to lift Gabriel up. Gabriel got up and placed his hand around her shoulder. “Stay away from him” Nkechi whispered to Queen as they walked pass her.