Saved by Sin Episode 9


Now Queen understood the signal he had been giving her and she quickly complied.

“Yes, he is my cousin” she smiled as she made to hug the girl, Anita.

“Oh, please forgive me, you are welcome” Anita smiled so also did queen and John.

“You never told me you will be coming today” John turned to Queen,

“I wanted to surprise you bro, I wanted it to be a dramatic entrance” Queen laughed and John nodded.

“Queen meet Anita, my girlfriend” John introduced,

“We have met already” Anita said and they all busted into laughter. “Honey, don’t make me miss class, you know that lecturer always takes attendance on every class” Anita said as she stood up and carried her hand bag,

“Okay then, see you in the evening” John said as she pecked him slightly.

“What was the meaning of that?” John asked Queen immediately Anita was out of sight,

“Meaning of what?” Queen asked back.

“The hugging and the rest” he said and Queen smiled,

“I meant no harm, what is bad in hugging someone I know?” Queen asked him,

“Nothing actually, but remember, no one should hear of all what we did, no one talk less of Anita” John warned and Queen nodded. “And also remember, for now being, you are my cousin” John said and Queen laughed getting the attentions of others at the park.

“Okay sir” she said. “And don’t forget, we still gonna be having that every Friday night stuff” He whispered touching her buttocks secretly, she smiled and nodded.

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“Excuse me” a young girl probably in her twenties shouted across to the hall of over one thousand students, she was using a public address system but some section of the hall couldn’t still hear her. The hall was the lecture room for all 100 level life science students, no wonder Queen and Gabriel were in the same hall but at far apart different positions.

“My name is Ruth, I am a 400 level biochemistry student and I have come to tell you guys about the fresher’s night we the final year students are planning for you guys” the girl said and the hall immediately went calm.

“We the final year students have hosted a night party for you guys, it is free and it is on Saturday which is two days from now, we want you all to come and have fun, there will be dancing, singing, orientation and lots of fun” The girl said and the hall went wild with shouting, the students were obviously excited.

“Where is the Venue?” someone asked from the back, no other person than Queen.

“It will be holding at the sport complex, it starts by 11pm” the girl concluded and dropped the microphone. The students continued to shout as some girls started to showcase their dance steps.

Gabriel looked around and saw that he couldn’t concentrate in such environment so he also went out.

The most famous girls hostel, hall 2 is one of the biggest hostel the University of Benin has, it comprises of the most population of the girls of the University. In a room, there can be about four to eight girls trying to manage the space. In one of these numerous rooms of the hostel is Queen, there were about five other girls in the room, they were all doing what girls knows how to do best, gossiping.

“Cynthia, you will need to borrow me this your high heel for the fresher’s night” queen said to one of the girls who was holding a plate of corn flakes,

“No problem, I won’t be needing it” the girl told her and Queen smiled.

“Thank you” She appreciated as she stood up and took the shoe from its corner, she wore them and they fitted perfectly, perfect choice.

Gabriel laid on the bed as he watched Israel dress up for another night class, there had been no day since he came to the University that Israel had ever slept at home, he was always going to read in school at night, Night class.

“Is there going to be any day you will sleep at home?” Gabriel asked him,

“Gabriel, this is UNIBEN, man has to read” Israel smiled. “Are you going for thr fresher’s night tomorrow?” Israel asked him,

“No of course, why should I go?” Gabriel asked him,

“I need you to go, you will be well oriented about your stay in this University” Israel told him.

“Look at the time it is holding, 11pm at night” Gabriel said,

“I know, you won’t be the only one there, and some boys will be allocated to pick you guys from the main gate, it will be safe I promise you” Israel said.

“Okay then, let me give it a try” Gabriel said.

“And you can get a girl from there” Israel smiled, Gabriel hissed and closed his eyes.


The sport complex was booming with music, students could been seen dancing and drinking their selves away, the girls were dancing with the boys and vice versa. Among the girls on the dance floor happen to be Queen she was dancing with a guy who seem to be in his late twenties although he is in 100 level.

Gabriel was also present there that night, he sitting on a chair just adjacent where queen was dancing, he was drinking his favorites, Water. He would occasionally look around and hiss, he regretted ever coming. One time, his eyes caught Queen who was dancing with a guy, she was holding a bottle of beer, she drank as she danced.

“Look at how this one is wasting her life” Gabriel said and hissed but he never let go off his eyes from the beautiful girl who was wasting her life on the dance floor, Queen.

The dancing was the last thing, they were done with the party and some students were even going home. Some guys were taking the girls away to have a quick one with them. Gabriel still sat watching Queen as she staggered on the dance floor in the name of dancing, she was so drunk. The guy she was dancing with on seeing this smiled and made to lead her outside the sport complex, he also wants to have a quick one.

“No, it won’t happen” Gabriel said and stood up from his chair, he blocked the guy who was leading Queen away.

“Any problem?” the guy asked him, Gabriel stared from the guy to the drunk Queen, and he shook his head.

“No problem just that I want to take my sister home” he pointed at Queen who still had the bottle of beer in her hand.

to be continued