Road to Destiny – Wednesday (23/11/16)



In today’s episode, 
Leopoldo tells Luis he even doesn’t deserve to be there and Luis says he deserves it because he took away the love of his life Andrea and that is why he incriminated him of fraud to end him there but Leopoldo thinks he only did the right thing and he never approved of it because he has always loved playing the victim as he is a coward and Luis says he doesn’t regret anything he’s done.
Amelia tells Pedro that now she regrets not falling in love with him before and Pedro wants them to forget about the past and move on thinking about the good moments they are sharing together now.
Fernanda still has her dream of pursuing her career as a musician and therefore wants to go for audition ones again and this time she hopes that she will be accepted and wouldn’t be rejected as they did at first and Pedro surprises her with an inscription on a paper wishing her well. On the other hand, he encourages her that she is not to give up no matter the outcome of the audition because he wants her to know that rejection is also part of life but in all destiny takes its course but in all we fight and never give up because the “NO, NO, NO” we get in life gives us the strength to press on to get “A YES” that proves that we are conquerors. Fernanda loves her dad so much that he always tells her the truth in life and his encouragement and so when she goes and even get a NO she will press on to get a YES one day.
Mariana steps on the street to look for Camila with her picture and unfortunately robbers attack her and rob her of everything she had and jewelries but she never gave up and went ahead to look for her. 
Fernanda arrives in the school and speaking with the principal she tells her that there is no point worrying herself to have an exams because her tuition and everything has already being paid for by Luis Montero her father but she rejects it stating that that man isn’t her father and asks the principal to allow her to do the exams herself and let destiny take her course and she is sure she actually pass to have that scholarship. So she accepts to let her take the exams and the authorities become so pleased with the play that, she has the scholarship. Upon arriving home she gives the good news to Pedro and he looks so proud of her daughter and he gives her flowers to congratulate her but after, she tells him about Luis’ payment and how she rejected it.
A leader of some of the prison gang approaches Luis to let him know that he can’t be wandering there like that without joining any gang if not he is doom to death so it’s either he makes up his mind to join them or not and in the act, Solorzano and Leopoldo come out of their hide out to prove to him that they are part of that group. 
The inspector tells Lucero’s mother that two other women also reported this kind of case to them and they also gave a description of Diego and that proves that he is a criminal and the inspector introduces the women to her and they tell her their story and it seems their daughters are in the same soup.
Olivia asks Diego to allow her leave the house but he refuses and she tells him that means all of the police insinuations are true but he says married woman has to stay in the house and not out to do unnecessary things but she says her mum sent her an email that she misses her and wants to see her but Diego says she is not going because she chose to marry him and so that is the life she is doom to have.
The gang leader thinks Luis should give him his necklace but he challenges them it’s for his daughter and therefore wouldn’t but they beat him up mercilessly to take the necklace from him. After taking it, he tells him that, he only thought him a lesson so he will know that without being part of a gang, one cannot survive in prison and he says no matter what he will get the necklace to win Fernanda’s love and Solorzano and Leopoldo welcome him into the group.
Fernanda looks so sad and she tells her father that she seems not to be happy about the imprisonment of Luis and Pedro makes her understand that it’s because she is not a bad person like him.
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