Passion and Power – Wednesday(23-11-16)



In today’s episode,
Erick comes to meet his mum and dad arguing about Julia and he tells his dad to warn Miguel to stay away from Consuelo and so Arturo goes to do so and asks Miguel to stay off but he refuses to stay off and Arturo says he has to think things over because he doesn’t want him to end up like him.  
Franco and Eladio think there was something strange with the way Erick was set free by the judge therefore he asks, Franco to do everything possible to investigate if Arturo did something to free his son.
Nina asks Daniela to stop dating Ashmo but she refuses and pleads with her mum to be secretive with her affair with Ashmo because she only told her because she trusts her but Nina still thinks, Ashmo isn’t right for her and he isn’t decent but Daniela says Ashmo isn’t bad at all then walks out on her mum.
Eladio continues to do everything possible to win Julia back and he sends her a rose flower to ask her for forgiveness but she calls Eladio to ask him not to send her any more gifts because she will never forgive him.
Arturo tells Ashmo that his family wants him to be the godson of their grandchild and he looks so pleased with the news and accepts it right away.
Consuelo calls Miguel to ask him not to see her again because Eric will want to do everything possible to take the child away from her because of his closeness with her. 
Erick prefers to put security guard in front of Consuelo’s house just to prevent Miguel from going closer to his son and Consuelo and Nina back him.
It’s Humberto’s birthday and right after Julia gave him a present, Eladio also arrives with a present to give but humberto doesn’t want anything from him so she takes the present rejected by Humberto to give it back to Eladio and asks him not bring presents to her father again. Humberto then asks Eladio to give Julia a divorce but Julia interrupts her dad asking him not to meddle because divorce can only be discussed just between the two of them.
Marintia is in labour and she gives birth but pre-mature and she fears the child will even die. 
David looks so worried that Regina distances herself from him but not Jorge and Regina says that is how it’s going to be because she doesn’t want anything to do with him.
Caridad goes to the foundation to bid farewell to the children and unfortunately, Julia arrives and she goes crazy at her and asks her not to step there again and Caridad looks so sad.
Eladio goes to see Arturo to ask him to stay away from Julia because she is still his wife so he should stop sending her flowers but Arturo thinks he is still with his divorce and very soon he will be free to have Julia back in his life again. Eladio then advises him to try putting his family together and stop thinking about that so called divorce if not he will end up alone.
Erick asks his father about what exactly he did to let the witness change his words and Arturo tells him the truth that he paid the witness for his silence and though he’s not that type who finds peace in bribing people but this time around, he wasn’t going to sit there to see his son rot in jail forever and Erick seems really grateful. Arturo then warns him to watch himself and not try doing anything stupid on an impulse because he is not going to help him again.
Franco tells Eladio that he wishes that Marintia’s child never survives as he was born premature as that will seem good for everyone.
Consuelo wants to have her child’s baptism in church but Nina insists that they do it home and she should never think of inviting Miguel over.
Daniela bumps into Julia in the same Salon and she rains all the insults in the world on her for destroying her family but Julia warns her to stop being disrespectful towards her but she continues to say, Julia is a husband snatcher and Julia becomes so anxious since all eyes were on her.
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