Road to Destiny – Wednesday (09/11/16)



In today’s episode, 
Pedro takes Amelia on a stroll into the plants and gardens and to the streets to have some ice creams and they look so happy together with Amelia helping Pedro with his plants at the nursery and they arrive home in the evening under an old cute umbrella and Amelia thanks Pedro for taking her out but she only asks one thing from him that he continues to protect their daughter and Pedro assures her on that and Amelia pecks him to wish him goodnight and Pedro becomes anxious.
Pedro sees that Maribel is in a sad mood and he wants to know what’s bothering her and Maribel says her problem is that she is having an unreturned love from someone as that man will never love her back as he is a Prince and she is a frog and the Prince will never kiss a frog and Pedro thinks she could be mistaken because when it comes to love, Havier is not a Prince and she is also not a frog and Maribel becomes surprised that Pedro actually mentioned the right name but wonders how he did it when she’s never even mentioned it to anyone and Pedro say love is something one can’t hide forever.
The court sits on the case again and Leopoldo even brings up the fact that Luis even cheated on his wife with his girlfriend Andrea and even abused her emotionally. Again, he presents documents which Andrea his girlfriend filed for him to the court proving that Luis even tried to kill his wife by switching pills until she becomes weak and then die so he can take over the presidency of her bank which Isabella was even his ally and so no one should think he is a victim and and this comes as a shock to everyone and Marissa looks so sad and tearful. Luis says it’s just a slander but Marissa asks Luis if he actually loves money so much to take the life of someone and she almost fainted but she was helped up. The judge then dismisses Carlos’ case and  Leopoldo detained and he’s going to stand trial whereas an investigation is set for Luis’ case and if there is enough evidence, Luis will be detained and soon begin trail. Marissa then thanks Leopoldo and Carlos looks so happy. On the other hand, Luis looks so furious and Solorzano bows his head in shame.
Amelia asks Henan to look for Camila because it may seem too late but all hope is not lost.
Isabella speak with Carlos not to believe all that Leopoldo said but he warns her not to ever get closer to her again because she now sees how wicked she can be.
Amelia tells Fernanda that Camila run away from the house and no one knows her where about but she tells her mum that they have to look for her.
Luis tells Solorzano to go see Leopoldo to convince him to accept huge amount of money to buy his silence and if he fails to accept, then he will leave them with no choice than to hire someone to kill him in prison. 
Pakito asks Carlos why he hasn’t bring his brother to him and Carlos promises to do just that for him.
Fernanda tells the good news to Maribel about the court dismissing Carlos’ case and she looks so happy for her and promises her that she is never going to steal the ring.
Marissa regrets marrying Luis and even though Carlos tries making her reason not to marry him but she was carried by her feelings and went ahead to marry him and Carlos says she is not to be so hard on herself because she only married out of love but it’s just that Luis was only interested in her money.
Amelia and Pedro are now ready to tell Fernanda the truth about her real father but she prefers Pedro do it instead and serious this was a great scare and torment for Pedro since he actually do not know if Fernanda will reject him or not and also now she is going to take it as he doesn’t want to hurt her but Amelia thinks it for the best. Pedro goes with great boldness but a bit sacred and he goes round the skirt and Fernanda doesn’t want to know anything about her real father but Pedro tells her straight that Luis Montero is her father and this hits her like an earthquake and unceasing tears becomes the order of the day.
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