Road to Destiny – Thursday (03/11/16)



In today’s episode, 
Carlos mentions Isabella’s name and Fernanda says it is high time he stops mentioning that name because it makes her jealous and hurts her that Isabella is now his life and she is not and Carlos clears everything to her that Isabella is just a friend. Carlos then states that he also looks jealous of Havier since she is now married to him and she also clears things to him that Havier is only but a good friend and therefore he can come home anytime to see his son. 
Fernanda arrives home and Pedro asks her how things went with Carlos. She tells him that though very difficult but everything is cleared and Carlos will be coming over to see his son tomorrow and Pedro blames himself within that it’s really his fault that there has been a great distance between them since he never even told Fernanda that Carlos came looking for her.
The next day Pedro tried telling Fernanda about it and unfortunately, Carlos arrives earlier to interrupt them and so he couldn’t spill the truth out.
Amelia sits at the dining table with her dad and through their conversation, he tells Amelia about how stubborn he looked during her childhood and Amelia alerts him to know that he is now remembering things of the past and that means there is a bit of improvement. 
Carlos starts playing with his son but from the way Pedro was just staring at him, he refuses to have him watch him closely like that and therefore wants to take the boy away to play with him which Pedro thinks won’t be possible since he hardly knows the boy and Fernanda thinks that is the truth because in case he starts crying, it will seem impossible for him to calm the boy down. This brings up a great argument and Carlos questions Pedro how he wants him to win the love of his son when he even lied to him that Fernanda left to Spain with Havier when he came looking for her when actually she was in jail and Fernanda becomes angry at her dad for not telling her about Carlos’ visit. Carlos then asks her to let the three of them leave to have fun together without having Pedro watch them and Pedro looks so sad.
Mariana asks her father if he indeed remembers everything as Amelia said and he tells her that he doesn’t even know what he forgot so how could she ask him such a question. Suddenly, Blanca runs to tell them that, Camila has left the house with her belongings and Henan becomes so worried but he thinks he is now fed up with her. Don Fernando thinks he has to look for Camila but Henan isn’t interested. 
In the same vein, Camila has also reached the ghetto where her boyfriend lives to be with him but he also tells Camila that he doesn’t love her again and therefore she should leave because they are two different people.
Don Fernando meanwhile thinks they have to do something to help Camila and Blanca suggests to him that the only person who can help them look for her is Fernanda and therefore they have to let her know.
Carlos and Fernanda together with Pedro Jnr enjoy the moment and through that they rekindle their love again and he kisses her. Carlos proposes marriage to Fernanda and she accepts it.
Don Fernando and Blanca arrive in Pedro’s house and upon seeing him, he remembers Pedro as the boyfriend of Amelia and in great anger, attacks Pedro to give him his granddaughter and Blanca has to explain things to him but still he wouldn’t listen saying that he now knows that Pedro was the one who destroyed Amelia’s life. Don Fernando goes crazy upon remembering so many things in the past and the situation gets out of hands that Havier calls Carlos to let him know and together they go to the hospital to check on him but at this point, Don Fernando is in Coma.
Pedro asks Fernanda for forgiveness and she forgives him but asks him not to do that again.
Camila returns home and Mariana tries to be sarcastic towards her and tells her that since they are both fed up seeing each other in this house she should leave  and kicks her out on the street. Camila goes to be with her friends at the Ghetto and they accept her.
Fernanda tells Havier that she is back with Carlos and this breaks his heart so much.
Amelia also pays her dad a visit and  encourages him to be strong and fight to come out of this coma.
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