Passion and Power – Thursday (03.11.12)



In today’s episode,
Arturo asks Miguel to understand that Consuelo is still married to Erick so he should respect that and Miguel thinks he is certainly going to respect that but respecting them can’t prevent him from loving Consuelo.
Justino goes to inform Caridad about Franco’s wedding to Gabby and though Caridad looks so happy, she is so hurt hearing that since she is his mother but was not invited and in the mood, Marintia arrives to hear that and she becomes so surprised and hurt. In all Caridad calms her down and asks her if she’s agreed to keep the pregnancy and she says of course she will have the child no matter what and Caridad looks so happy.
In the same vein, everything is set in Eladio’s house for the wedding and all love ones are present to back them but Humberto looks so absurd with the wedding and Julia asks him to stop if not he will have her to contend with. Quickly, the judge arrive and Eladio welcomes him and then goes to meet Gabby with his father and they all meet to sign the papers and the Judge declares them husband and wife and everyone congratulates them. Franco raises a toast to Gabby for being such a wonderful woman who he’s always loved.
Marintia asks Caridad to help her with her pregnancy because she doesn’t want Franco or anyone to know about it and so she will ask for leave to go to Argentina to be with her family and then give birth there and with that Franco can’t make her undergo abortion anymore and Caridad agrees to be discreet about it.
Arturo asks Consuelo if it’s indeed true that she told Erick that she loves Miguel and she confesses to the truth but Arturo thinks that is really appalling since she is still married to Erick and expecting a child alongside but Consuelo says that is the truth because she tried avoiding Miguel to love Erick but she couldn’t because she loves him so much and Arturo says he perfectly understands her falling in love with another man due to the way Erick maltreated her but setting her eyes on Erick’s bother is really serious because that will cause pain and so she is to understand that this move will be impossible.
Marintia arrives at the wedding unannounced and she presents some documents to Eladio to sign them and Eladio goes with Franco to see to the signing of the documents. As fast as possible, Humberto states that if he were Franco he wouldn’t overlook that secretary one bit because she looks so pretty and Gabby goes nervous but Julia warns her father not to dare say awful things.
Consuelo tells Miguel to look for someone else and never come visiting her again because she can’t continue coming between him and his brother as he is a good person and Miguel looks so worried.
After Eladio signs the documents, he tells Marintia to stay away from Franco as he is now a married person and she assures him she will. Franco then asks Marintia if she’s gotten rid of the pregnancy and she says she is yet to do so but wishes that Franco will go with her but he asks her to go do it herself as he wouldn’t stand his wife Gabby up during this wonderful celebration.
Agustin tells Arturo that Consuelo has resigned from the company and Arturo thinks it’s for the best because loving two brothers at the same time is horrible and besides she can do a lot of things with the shares he gave her without having to work but Augustin asks Arturo to calm down because he can see he is not thinking straight as he also is in love with Julia so he is not to judge Consuelo and Miguel but Arturo thinks he can’t compare his to theirs and therefore he asks him to keep an eye on Miguel for him since he stays with him but Augustin says Miguel isn’t a kid anymore. The main point is, they need to have a replacement for Consuelo’s position and Arturo asks him to handle that.
Arturo tells Augustin to postpone the divorce for the moment because he can’t leave Nina during this critical moment in their son’s life.
Eladio and Julia come to the agreement that it will be best for Humberto to go back to the nursing home to receive treatment since he continues to absurd everyone in the house and he finds it difficult to contain but Eladio’s words are final.
Gabby overhears Eladio telling Franco to always remember that he bears his blood though he hasn’t given him his last name he actually does love him and he is also grateful for his silence because thanks to that Julia hasn’t found out the truth and she goes nervous and tearful.
The detective from the insurance company comes to inform Arturo that Erick’s accident was due to the fact that someone cut off the breaks of his car and Arturo becomes speechless.
Gabby goes to wait in the room and immediately Franco enters, she questions him that until when did he plan on telling her that Eladio is his father and Franco becomes anxious.   
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