Road to Destiny – Monday(21-11-16)



In today’s episode, 
Diego goes to give some food to Lucero and discovers that she’s escaped and so he decides to look for her and bring her back and in that same vein, Lucero continues to run for her life but she limps as she feels so tired.
Carlos encourages his mum not to give up because no matter what he is going to help have the bank on its feet again.
Mariana tries begging Henan to forgive her but he tells her that for her to be so wicked as to deny him of children he has always longed for, there is no point in forgiving her and staying with her again because their marriage is nothing but a disaster. 
Mariana thinks if Camila is Henan’s happiness, then she will do everything to go look for Camila and bring her back and with that she knows she will win Henan’s love back and Blanca looks so surprised. On her way, Lucero runs to her to save her but quickly Diego arrives and he does everything possible with words to get Lucero back from her stating that she is a psychiatric patient and he’s out looking for her.
Pedro goes to surprise Amelia with some flowers and Henan looks so pleased with his great gesture towards Amelia. In the same vein, Amelia was with the workers directing them some works and suddenly, Pedro arrives to surprise her and she looks so happy.
Luis and his two accomplices; Solorzano and Isabella toast to his success for being able to set up a great law firm for himself but he thinks his happiness will be complete by only having his grandson and daughter by his side. After Isabella left, Solorzano suggests to Luis to intentionally tell some of his friends at the bank about the location of his new law firm and with that, they will definitely tell Carlos about it and that won’t take him more time to even try coming there to look for him and when that happens, he will kill him and that will leave them without any trace from the police about the documents and Luis finds it so interesting.
Fernanda tells her family that she’s decided to go back to school to the best musical school where she was rejected and they all look so happy for her. In the act, Aldoniaz calls Carlos to inform him that one of the board directors at the bank called him to tell him the location of Luis’ bank and Carlos decides to go there to get the documents. In the same vein, Solorzano tells Luis to leave the office so Carlos never suspects anything since he can sense that Carlos has already gotten the news and will be coming over.
Diego takes Lucero to the cage again and she begs him to let her leave but he refuses stating that “until death do us part” because he loves her so much.
Carlos arrives and he plays smart on Solorzano whiles on the phone with Luis and he hits him and bringing out his gun to shoot Carlos but he struggles with him and Solorzano at the sound of the gun shot, he goes unconscious. In the same vein, Luis thinks he has to return to the office since he doesn’t trust that Solorzano can do the work for him. Carlos then sees the documents and he says to himself this is what they will use to ruin Luis for good. 
Lupe tells Marissa about Carlos going over to Luis’ law firm to get the documents and seriously she becomes so frightened and almost gets a breakdown but Fernanda calls Dr. Marco to come over to examine her.
Luis meets Carlos on the way and he goes after him to get the documents but has in his mind to have him dead without mercy and this ends up in a drastic car race.
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