Mr Perfect Season 2 Episode 151


Well i was a bit surprised, to hear her say that.
Me: i’d have loved to stay a bit you know. But right now i need a real doctor. I said tactfully, avoiding any form of ungrateful words.
Ketsiyah: yeah you do.
Me: you have nothing to worry, am gonna pay you a visited after getting a proper treatment, i’ll…….
Ketsiyah: that wont be necessary, you don’t owe me anything, when are you leaving??
Me: my body hurts so bad, i have to go now, i said looking a bit sad.
Ketsiyah: ok, i guess you can walk?
Me: i’ll try i said as we walked out, to board a cab, i had no cash on me. I wasn’t gonna make her waste her’s too. When we found a cab, after giving him directions. He asked for 500 dollars..
Ketsuyah: what!! Are you crazy!!!
Driver: ma’am you know……he was about explaining when i interrupted.
Me: i’d give you a thousand bucks but am gonna have to go into my house and get it.
Ketsiyah: looking so dumbfounded as she stared at us.
Driver: deal!! He said as he alighted, holding the door open for me to go in.
Me: i turned to her, to say goodbye when she hugged me.
Ketsiyah: am glad i met you, and you don’t owe me anything.
Me: well i wasn’t really surprised, because i was getting used to the idea that she was full of surprises.
We waved goodbye as the driver zoomed off. He tried making me really comfortable, by asking the kind of music i wanted.
Me: i like it calm i said, i knew deep down he was just trying to make his service worth a thousand bucks.
The cloud outside was going dark, she walked down, to have a glass of water. Before sitting on the couch, she tried as much as possible to forget all her dad said. But it almost seemed like she’s really in need of someone to put the blame on, someone to take out her anger on. Just then she heard Lucas voice.
Me: mum??
Mirabel: she froze, as she turned slowly in the direction of the voice. Lucas!!!! She yelled as she hugged him really hard.
Me: oooouuch!!! I screamed unconsciously from the really hard squeeze she gave me.
Mirabel: she quickly pulled away, seeing the pained expression on my face. What’s wrong??
Me: first of all the cab man is outside you should give him a thousand bucks. I murmured holding my right arm, as i dragged my feet to the couch.
Mirabel: that wont be a problem, she said as she quickly ascended the stair to her room, and was back with the cash. She walked outside to see the cab man standing by the gate.
Driver: good evening ma’am
Mirabel: she handed the money over to him ignoring his greetings. She hurried back inside, sitting next to him.
Me: the pains on my right arm was moderate now. You look really pale i said with a smile.
Mirabel: wait until you see Sophia, you got us all worried you know!!
Me: am really sorry about that.
Mirabel: come here she said and was about hugging me again.
Me: i moved backward a bit, no mum!!
Mirabel: uhmm were you injured??
Me: nope but i think i broke my right arm.
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Mirabel: huuh i’ll have the doctors fix it right away. She said  before leaving perhaps to get her cell phone.
Just then Sophia walked down with really sleepy eyes.
Me: i watched her with smiles on my face, expecting a warm welcome.
Sophia: she wiped her eyes over again and then she ran away yelling ghost!!!!!!!
Me: huuuh! Do i look that weird?
Her screaming echoed almost everywhere in the house as an old lady rushed down to see what was wrong.
Harley: just then her eyes found Lucas. Who are you??
Me: the question sounded really funny, i wasn’t sure of what to say just then mum walked in.
Mirabel: the doctor is gonna be here soon, it’s getting late, first thing tomorrow we’re gonna be at the hospital.
Me; smiling thanks mum.
Mirabel: seeing the confused looks on Harley’s face. Lucas this is my mum she said with a smile.
Harley: did you just say Lucas? I thought Lucas was your…..
Mirabel: nodding in agreement.
Harley: she moved forward for a hug,as i quickly moved away.
Mirabel: he’s not fit for hugs now mum, i thought i heard Sophia screaming.
Me: she thinks am a ghost, i said chuckling.
To be continued……..