Road to Destiny – Friday (04/11/16)



In today’s episode, 
Amelia pays her dad a visit and encourages him to be strong and fight to come out of coma.
The doctors tell Mariana and Blanca that Don Fernanda’s situation is as a result of not being able to contain the truth pumping up in his face due to his memory loss and the fact is that, they should be ready and prepare because sooner or later the inevitable is likely to happen.
Fernanda visits Don Fernando and remembers all of the good moments she spent with him and wishes that he comes out of the coma so she can be closer to him because she now wants to meet him as her grandfather so he shouldn’t leave her alone because no other grandfather will love her like the way he did with her but in case he passes away too, she promises to be the best Perez Altamirano he always wanted and it was really a sad moment for her.
Marissa pleads with Luis to ask Solorzano to withdraw the lawsuit against Carlos so the hearing will be null and void but Luis tells her that if indeed Carlos is really guilty of this shooting, he wouldn’t hesitate to send him to prison for life.
Mariana confronts Amelia as to why she has to allow that bastard of a child to go see their father when she is outside waiting and Amelia tells her it’s because Fernanda has the right to be with him since she is the granddaughter and therefore she should stop shouting since the place is a hospital but Mariana wants to shout as much as she can because she can’t stand Fernanda. 
Luis says the Aldoniaz he knows will never keep those documents at the office but will take them home since he actually doesn’t trust anyone at the workplace and if they don’t get those documents, he is going to send them to jail with those files. Solorzano then orders some gang men to go after Aldoniaz to get his car together with the box containing the files from him and immediately, Aldoniaz detected that plot was from Luis. In the same vein, Luis and Solorzano look so happy since they have being told of a successful job done.
In the act, Luis overhears Mariana and Amelia still on their argument about Fernanda and Mariana telling Amelia that no matter what she does, Luis Montero will never acknowledge his daughter Fernanda and Luis upon hearing this, goes speechless.
Fernanda continues playing the violin for her grandfather and quickly, Don Fernando gave up his last breath and this falls on her in great pain. We then see Don Fernando’s soul walking on the railway saying to himself that he always knew that Fernanda was his granddaughter. Carlos and Marco arrive. Carlos consoles her and takes her out of the room while the other doctors take care of the body and they quickly go to bury him.
Luis looks so depressed and wishes to leave the ward to see Amelia so she tells him the truth about Fernanda but the doctor tells him that looks so risky because he isn’t fit at all.
Aldoniaz goes to see Lupe to tell her of the tragic incident concerning the files and Lupe thinks it’s serious because they have no proof again but Aldonaiz thinks he will do everything possible so that Luis won’t get his way.
Luis goes to Pedro’s house and tells him that he came there specifically to see his daughter and Pedro becomes so angry.
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