Mr Perfect Season 2 Episode 96


​Me: i turned to see sophia close to me.
Sophia: whats wrong luke, why are you sitting on the floor she asked looking so worried.
Me: i waited a while trying to make my voice sound normal, am fine just thinking about a few things.
Sophia: perhaps those have to do with dera’s injured arm she asked trying to figure out what it was.
Me: nodding.
Sophia: come on luke i know you love her alot but i saw her in the girls dorm, she’s alright now, so you have nothing to worry about.
Me: i hope so i thought as i smiled a bit at her.
Sophia: thats more like it, she said smiling. Aint you going to the gym today??
Me: let me guess you need an update on how leo loves sophia gist right i said smiling at her.
Sophia: hahhaa kinda, well here’s the thing, we are gonna be having dinner tomorrow. I want you to find out what he wants to say to me i really dont want any surprises she said smiling.
Me: hahaha seriously why dont you wait for tomorrow, atleast that way you can hear it all yourself and i think it better that way you know cos its gonna be fun.
Sophia: hmmm well i think you’ve got a point luke there’s really no need for that she said smiling.
Me: have you had lunch?
Sophia: yup, how about a little stroll??
Me: uhmmm i think that would be nice but where exactly are we going.
Sophia: have heard alot about psychic’s i wanna see perhaps they could tell me my grades she said smiling
Me: hahaha can they do that??
Sophia: if all i heard is true then yes.
Me: i really dont believe in those lie, they are just there to extort money from people, ignorant people precisely.
Sophia: hahahha really well there’s only one way to find out then,
Me: which is??
Sophia: lets go see one right away she said as we both walked out my room when we bumped into ricky and mira.
Ricky: hello guys
Me: smiling hey ricky where are you guys going to.
Mira: just strolling she said smiling and you.
Me: sophia here wants to take me to a psychic
Sophia: yeah its fun, perhaps you might wanna know who your life partner would be she said smiling.
Mira: ok then lets go she said pulling ricky along.
She got into her room, tossing the bag on her bed as she got out the box imediately. Taking a close look at it, it seem to be sealed with a few screws, she tried opening it but it just wont open.
She tossed it into her bag as she searched every part of it for her car keys, luckily she found it in a small opening on the top part. She got to her car tossing the bag at the back, got in and drove of to her house. When her eyes found her phone on the floor, she reach for it to see a few messages sent by schwartz and then she decided to call him.
Dera: hello schwartz
Schwartz: is that you??
Dera: hahha yes of course
Schwartz: exhaling in relieve shutting he’s eyes, and the box??
Dera: right here with me, have got to go now she said as she hunged up
she drove for a while and soon she was in front of her house, she parked the car in the garrage, quickly moving the weapons in her trunk to the basement. She got into the leaving room with her bag, placed the box on the table. She rushed backed into the basement, to get the tool box, and then she screwed and hit it open.
Dera: she was so excited when the box was finally opened revealing its content, a black flash drive.
She took out her laptop, turned it on, leaving it to boot as she inserted the flash. Soon the system was set, she rubbed her palms together when she realized it had a very strong password. After hours of trial and error she finally cracked the password.
Dera: bingo!!! She yelled in relief as she quickly got herself a chilled water. She looked through the content of the flash drive which seem to contain a whole lot about black spiders. And then she got to a folder with FOUNDING FAMILIES boldly written on it.
Dera: this should be it she thought as she clicked it open.

And now dera is about to get more than she bargained for, the big question is after opening that file, will she ever have her revenge or let it go considering how far she has come