Risen Devils Fallen Angel Season 5 Episode 4


I promise to give you a feedback tomorrow. Joojo sadly spoke.

Soon, it was evening and Selorm returned from work. He happily walked into Joojo’s room.

Where is my cute little bro? He talked.

Right here bro. Welcome back. Joojo responded in a fake happy mood.

Thanks Joojo, but guess what? He quizzed.

What bro? Joojo asked.

The company has won the biggest contract and we are both traveling to Benin next week Wednesday to sign the documents. Our company is the biggest in Africa now. Selorm gladly informed.

Yes! We made it! Joojo screamed.

Selorm, I’ve always trusted you to make this company the biggest in Africa someday. And indeed, you made it. I wish dad was here to see how his elder son is making him proud. Joojo happily spoke.

Wherever he is, he is proud.

Anyway get prepared to deliver a speech when we go. He informed and began walking away.

Where is my wife? Is she home yet? I called her lines but they were off. He inquired.

She isn’t home yet bro, I believe she will be back soon. Joojo answered.

Alright then, supper is served by the cook, join me in the dining hall in 5 minutes. He stated and walked away.

Oh Selorm, I wish you had a stronger heart to listen to me. Joojo sadly thought.

The next day, Theo called him for a feedback on what they discussed.

Joojo, what’s your take on the plan? He asked.

I am ready to be part of it. And hey, I hope we are only going to tell him Angela has a child and nothing else? Because if we go beyond that, he might not survive it. Joojo questioned.

Sure Joojo, we ain’t going beyond that for now. Let’s meet in his office at 11am. Theo stated and hanged up.

At exactly the scheduled time, the two friends met at the company premises.

Joojo stared at Theo’s face in fear.

Theo, I wish this works. He talked.

I wish same too Joo., please be strong. Theo bravery responded.

They both walked into Selorm’s office after a knock.

Hello Theo, what a pleasant surprise! When did you come back? Joojo told me your mum isn’t well. Selorm warmly welcomed them.

She’s doing better bro. I only came to visit Joojo. Theo answered.

That’s thoughtful of you. Thanks for being a good friend. Anyway, I pray she gets well soon so that you assume your position as the human resource manager in this company. Selorm informed.

Unbelievable! Bro, thank you so much! I didn’t know I’ve been employed already. Theo happily screamed.

What a surprise! Selorm, you didn’t tell me about this. Joojo cut in.

That is because, this is one of the biggest surprises I have for you. Selorm playfully responded.

Anyway what brings the two of you here? I hope it isn’t a lunch date, because if it is, I already have an appointment with my wife over that. He smiley spoke.

No bro, it is about something different. Joojo calmly responded.

What is it Joojo? Talk to me. Selorm nervously asked.

Selorm, I haven’t informed you what it is but you are sweating already. Joojo fearfully said.

Joojo what is it? Selorm almost screamed.

Selorm please calm down. You are overreacting. Joojo pleaded in fear.

Selorm sat back in his chair with his heart beating so fast and sweats all over his forehead. Theo got so scared and began signaling Joojo to divert the conversation but Joojo didn’t get the sign language well.

Selorm, Emefa has a child with another man. Joojo informed.

What! Joooooooo… Selorm tried to speak but went off. He fainted.

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Joojo run to him in his chair and began shaking death out of him.

Selorm wake up!!!!! Please wake up!!! He screamed.

Theo run out to call for help and soon, the company’s ambulance conveyed him to the hospital.

Theo and Joojo desperately waited outside the ward to hear a good news.

Theo I warned you! You see what you’ve caused? If my brother dies, his blood will be on your head! Joojo cursed.

Joojo please don’t curse me. I only wanted the best for you. Besides, I signaled you to stop, but you wouldn’t listen. Theo unhappily responded.

Joojo angrily turned to him and gave him an angry slap on the face.

How dare you lie! Theo how dare you! He screamed.

Joojo, when angry, watch what to say and what you do. Don’t let anger override you. I abandoned my sick mother to attend to your call, and here I am receiving slaps? Theo sadly spoke.

You will receive more if anything bad happens to my brother. Joojo yelled.

To be continued…




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