Risen Devils Fallen Angel Season 5 Episode 3


The person kept knocking so hard on the door.

Joojo, if I hide, you owe me two rounds of sex tomorrow, agreed? She whispered.

Yes agreed! Joojo whispered back in fear and hurried to attend to the person.

He took a deep breath with a sign of cross on his forehead before opening the door.

Joojo, what took you this long to open the door? It was Theo.

Theo, I can’t believe you are here! Joojo screamed and hugged him in tears.

Wipe your tears Joojo, whatever it is, I am here to help you solve. He spoke.

Theo you don’t understand. You don’t understand my pain. The stress I am going through. The venomous cure I am giving my brother. Joojo whispered in tears.

Can we go inside and talk? Theo asked.

No bro, just stay in the sitting room whiles I clear my current mess. He sadly responded and walked back into the room.

Angela please get out. He instructed.

Why are you sounding this harsh? Who was at the door? She asked.

A friend of mine. Joojo responded.

Anyway, don’t forget you owe me two rounds of sex tomorrow. Thanks for today anyway. You will feel the impact of your hard work on your brother. You have again activated his weekly happiness. Angela teased and walked out of the room.

Joojo followed her out and joined Theo.

In few minutes, Angela dressed up and walked to them in the sitting room.

Hello Theo. She greeted.

Hey Angela! What’s up with you? Joojo didn’t tell me you are here! He happily spoke.

Yeah, that is because, I am not in this house because of him. And point of correction, my name is Emefa and not Angela. Old things are past. She smiley explained.

What is that supposed to mean? I am a bit lost. Theo confusedly asked whiles Joojo looked on.

Joojo will help you find your way. She responded happily.

Anyway Joojo, I am off to the shop, see you later in the evening. She informed and walked away.

Joojo what is happening? What is the meaning of this drama? Theo questioned.

Joojo took his time and narrated everything to Theo in tears.

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This is unbelievable! Two brothers married to one woman? Theo almost screamed.

Yes Theo, that is the kind of stress in which I find myself and she seem so happy about it. Joojo stated.

And what is her motive? He asked.

Just to pay Selorm back for causing her the pain of our separation. Joojo answered.

Whoa! I am thrown at balance. Joojo, this isn’t as simple as we see it. Theo began.

Right now, your brother’s health is at risk! And that is the major concern. He added.

So what do you suggest we do? Theo please help me for you are my last hope. Joojo pleaded.

Joojo, how many times have you slept with her? Theo asked.

Twice bro. Shamefully twice! He repeated in remorse.

Hmmm. This is bad! Innocently sleeping with your brother’s wife. Anyway Joojo, let’s test how bad your brother’s health condition is, by informing him Angela has a child. Theo suggested.

What if he doesn’t survive it? Joojo asked.

And what if he does? If he does, we can go ahead and reveal the entire truth to him. That way, he will break up with her and your family will have it’s peace. Theo suggested.

Theo I am scared. What if he doesn’t survive it? Joojo fearfully asked.

That is why it is called risk. Testing to see if it will work. He responded.

Risking my brother’s life? No Theo! Didn’t I tell you what the doctor said? He said his condition is just so bad and can cause his death with a slightest bad news. Joojo objected.

Joojo, that is the only option available or else, you will live your whole life, sleeping with your brother’s wife. Not only sleeping with her, but being married to her as well. I suggest you back this with faith and let it happen. Theo advised.

Alright Theo, will think about it and give you a feedback. Joojo responded.

Please do because I have few days to spend here. Mum hasn’t recovered yet, I came because I strongly felt you needed me. He explained.

Thanks a million times for this sacrifice Theo.

I promise to give you a feedback tomorrow. Joojo sadly spoke.

To be continued…




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