Risen Devils Fallen Angel Season 5 Episode 1


Angela quickly got up from the chair and followed Joojo happily without seeing Doc Ansu.

They both got into their individual cars and drove off to the house.

Angela went inside her room, freshened up and wore a skimpy dress into Joojo’s room.

Wow, I can’t believe I have finally been invited into my matrimonial room. She exhaled happily and sat on the bed.

Angela please undress. Joojo sadly spoke.

Did I hear you say that? Undress? Joojo, are you alright? She questioned angrily.

Well, no one is forcing you to do this so don’t sound as such. Call me when you are ready. She added and began walking out.

Joojo pulled her back and threw her on the bed.

He jumped up on her and forcefully penetrated her.

He made an angry love to her and soon, he ejaculated.

Joojo, I call this rape! For sleeping with me like a prostitute. Angela angrily spoke.

Angela, what else do you want me to do? What? He yelled.

Nothing Joojo! Continue yelling at me, whiles I do what I do best. As usual, Selorm will perish for this bullshit! She threatened.

Quickly, Joojo went down on his knees.

Angela please, don’t do this. My brother is almost dying. He pleaded in tears.

Then get your sorry ass from the floor and make love to me. Remember, love, and not sex! She commanded.

Joojo slowly stood up and began kissing her in tears.

He kissed her so deep and began reminiscing the promise he made to his brother when they were young.

“Selorm, I love you so much, you know why? Because you are my sister” As silly as it sounded, Selorm gave him a knock on his head.

How dare you? Am I a woman? Selorm quizzed.

“No Selorm, you are not, but you have the heart of a woman and that makes me love you the more” He answered.

“I love you too Joojo, I wish I had your heart to be strong. Selorm responded.”

“No Selrom, it is ok. I love you this way, and I promise to give you all my meat when mum serves supper.” He promised.

Selorm held Joojo’s hand and they both walked back home from the football park.

With these memories running through his mind, he wept like a baby whiles forcefully making love to Angela.

Angela looked unperturbed but rather, went ahead to suck Joojo’s unerected dick till he erected.

Slowly, she sat on it and began fucking him. Soon, it was over, and Angela dressed up.

Thanks Joojo, you’ve bought some happiness for your brother this week. Watch him smile once again. She stated.

And hey, don’t you think you will have to renew your brother’s happiness subscription every week by making love to me?

Yes, I think that will be best. See you God willing next week, same time, same day. She added and walked away.

Joojo continuously wept till late in the evening when Selorm returned from work.

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Joojo where are you? He called him out.

Joojo sadly walked out to meet his brother.

Guess what? I got you a brand new car since you will be starting work as the General manager on Monday. Selorm happily spoke.

Wow my husband, this is great! Congratulations Joojo. Angela joined them in conversation.

Selorm turned to look at her in shock.

Is this Emefa talking? The Emefa who has been maltreating me at every slightest opportunity? He thought.

Baby, why this stare? Please hand over the car key to your brother and come inside to freshen up. She spoke calmly.

Joojo looked on in pain. Slowly and sadly, he took the key from his brother.

Joojo what is it? You don’t look too happy. Selorm questioned.

I’m fine bro, just a little headache. He lied.

Should I call Doctor Ansu? Selorm asked.

No bro, you worry too much. This is a minor headache. He lied.

Why won’t I worry Joojo? Your headache is mine too. Selorm unhappily spoke.

I know, but please, get inside and freshen up. You need to eat. Joojo spoke.

I need to eat? What about you? Joojo don’t tell me you’ve eaten already without waiting for me. Selorm asked.

Sorry bro, but I was hungry. He answered.

How do I get the appetite to eat then? Selorm asked.

My husband, I will sit by you. In fact, I will feed you. Angela cut in.

Yes bro, she will. Just freshen up. Joojo faked happiness.

To be continued…