Presidential Villa Episode 19

Mr Adewale could see his hands shaking, he never thought he could have the mind to do what he did. But for some reason he didn’t blame himself. Part of the things you do for family. He had told himself. That made him calm as he kept repeating it in his head and thinking of the bigger picture.
They had gotten the information they needed from the man. They got ready to go, bullet proof vests on, mics, loaded guns and many officers to go with. The president had requested that he go with them, even though Jack tried to persuade him not to. Police cars sped on the road with their emergency lights flashing, their sirens piercing through the quiet night. It looks more beautiful at night.
“I have to be honest, I’m grateful for what you did the other day,” the president broke the silence as they rode together with the other police vehicles. “And I also owe you an apology__”
“There’s no need__”
“Let me finish,” the president interrupted back. “You’ve done so much for me and my family,” his voice was calm. “You even did things above your payroll, all in the name of serving me. So thank you and I’m sorry for yelling at you.”
“You’re welcome sir.” Jack said and they shared an understanding gaze.

The president then sat quietly, looking outside the window. “Do you think I’m taking this personal?” He turned to Jack.

“No sir, I don’t.” Jack answered with a glance at his side mirror and the president scoffed.
“Come on, you know you can always say your mind, right.”

“Yes sir I do.”

“So__” the president shrugged.

“Some men don’t deserve to be walking the earth. So whichever decision you make sir, I’m with you.” Gauging his expression, the president softened thoughtfully. His jaw tightened and then he looked away to the window as they passed the streets.

They got information that the general was being guarded by military personnel. Even though they knew what he was doing to the country, they were still ready to protect and die for him. Truly, the world has degenerated into chaos.
“What is it?” The president asked after minutes of sitting quietly in the passengers seat.

“What about the vp sir?”

“What about him?” The president returned.

“What do you plan to do with him when all of this is over. I mean, he was behind some of the things that happened, and that makes him an accomplice.” Jack said with seriousness.

“I know what you’re driving at Jack. But I’ve given it a lot of thoughts and decide not to implicate him in any way. Nor am I going to have him removed from his office.”
“Because Henrietta is married to his son.”

Jack said and the president nodded. “Yes Jack. And they’re expecting a child. I don’t want anything that’ll disturb or break her heart.”

“I understand sir.” Jack sighed quietly.

“Let’s see this through first Jack, then we can have time to talk of what to do about some individuals in the villa,” he added. “Maybe I can close my eyes at nights without feeling haunted by anyone named Tukur or his counterparts.”

“Brace yourself Mr president, we are here.” Jack said, parking beside the road.

Bullets flew around at them as they bursted a door open. “What’s happening there, I heard gunshots.” The president said to his mic.

“We’re taking heavy fire sir, these guys are using automatic weapons.”

The president hit the dashboard hard with his palm. “What’s the situation?”

“We’ve lost six officers Mr president. Unfortunately, our weapons are no match for theirs. This is a suicide mission sir.” Jack reported and the president looked at the soldier man he was sitting across with in the van.

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Meanwhile, Mahmoud was discharged from the hospital that evening and the welcome home celebration came as a surprise to him. He was taken to the villa, his parents were also there. “Welcome back, man.” Jake shook his hand with a tap on his shoulder.
“Why didn’t you tell me about this?” Mahmoud whispered to his wife who was walking side by side with him.

“That would have ruined the surprise.” She whispered back with a chuckle.

The First Lady had gone round the villa in search of her husband but he was nowhere to be found. He wasn’t answering his phone either and it made her worry. “Andrew, where’s my husband?” She asked, walking towards the guard.
“I don’t know ma’am. Last time I saw him, he was with Jack__”
“Did you say Jack?” She quickly interrupted and he said yes. “And where is Jack now?” She asked again.

“I haven’t seen him either, I’m guessing__”
She ran back to the sitting room, and busted into the family that were busy gisting and laughing in celebration of Mahmoud’s successful recovery. “What is it mum?” Henrietta jumped.

“Oh it’s nothing,” she lied. “We are so happy you’re back. We give God all the glory.” She briefly hugged Mahmoud and then signaled to his father and he quickly followed her. “Keep enjoying yourselves,” she said with a fake smile and turned back at sola. He could see the smile was gone in an instant. “I can’t find my husband.”
“What do you mean you can’t find him, I thought he was inside his office with Jack.” Sola said bewildered.
“I thought so too, and now they’re both nowhere to be found.”
Sola sighed loudly with a hand on his waist. “Have you tried calling him?” He asked.

“He left his phone in the room.”
“Okay, what about Jack?”

“He’s not picking up.” She said and they shared a suspicious gaze. “I hope he didn’t sneak out the back and followed Jack.” She thought out loud.
“Followed Jack? To where?”
“He didn’t tell you?” She asked and he shook his head, gesturing no. “They have found General Tukur’s whereabout and they’re going to take him down tonight. Wale had told me everything and I told him to leave the work to those who are trained for it. But it’s obvious now that he didn’t take heed, now I fear the worst.” She placed both hands on her head.
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At the scene, the president was tired of sitting in the van while his men where taken out without even having to step into the building. It wasn’t going as he had planned. “Where are you going sir?” The soldier held him by his hand.

“I’m going out there!” He blurted.
“No sir you can’t. You’re not wearing a vest__”

“Give me one then!”
“There’s none left.”

The man said and the president groaned angrily. “I’m sorry sir but my instruction is to get you back home safely Incase things don’t turn out well.” The man said and they could hear several gunshots with his men shouting.
“He’s not going to to get away with this, not this time.”

“We can send in an air strike__”
“Are you out of your mind! Your brothers are in there, and most of all Jack.”

“I apologize sir, but this is war. And there are casualties, sometimes beyond one’s imagination.”
This touched the president’s heart as he sat quietly, looking at the soldier, he looked calm. “How many of you are left?”

“Just the five squad in the black suv__”
“They’re the best right?”

“Affirmative sir.”
“Good, they’re going in with me.” The president went to the five men who he found nothing in their eyes as he looked into them.
“I can’t let you go in there sir.” The soldier said and the president looked him in the eyes and saw he was being serious.
“Alright, alright.” He surrendered and gave the five men an order to help Jack in taking down the general’s guards.

He then went back into the van with the soldier and sat there feeling helpless. “We have breached the door sir, we’re going in now.” Jack reported and they heard another series of gunfire deep inside the building this time.

To be continued