Risen Devils Fallen Angel Season 4 Episode 9


Selorm drove on top speed into the house to see his brother.

Joojo where are you!!!! Big bro misses you so much! Selorm screamed immediately he entered the house.

Joojo coldly walked out when he heard Selorm’s voice.

Good afternoon Selorm. He coldly greeted.

Joojo you are welcome back. I know you still haven’t forgiven me that is why you never bothered to call me, but I have a good news for you. Selorm calmly responded.

And that is? He asked.

And that is, I have accepted your marriage request between you and your fiancee Angela. He happily informed.

Selorm, tell me you didn’t say that! Joojo happily screamed.

Yes I just said that. I have given you my blessings in spite of the fear, and I promise to support you in every way I can. Selorm spoke.

It’s unfortunate, I have never heard from her since I traveled. Anytime I try reaching her, it doesn’t go through, but I know, she is patiently waiting for me. Joojo narrated.

One more thing Selorm, forgive my stubbornness. Angela and I had a secret wedding in court before I traveled. We are left with the traditional ceremony. Joojo confessed.

From the way you love yourselves, I’ve pardoned you. I understand how it feels like to be in love. Selorm responded.

Thanks for understanding Selorm. You are indeed a brother. Joojo humbly spoke.

One more thing Joojo, I have spoken to the lawyer about your share of the company, and we are waiting for your signature to make it official. Selorm added.

No Selorm, I no more want my share. I have entrusted everything in your hands and I know you will manage it well as always. Joojo responded.

Glad to hear this coming from you Joojo, finally, I have my brother back. Selorm stated and hugged Joojo so tight.

Glad to have you back too bro. Now tell me, how is your condition? Joojo inquired while he was still in his brother’s arms.

I’m doing better Joo. I’m still on my medications and my wife is also doing her best for me. Selorm calmly responded.

Wife? Bro are you married? Joojo smiley asked.

You see the smile on your face right now? That is exactly why I got married. Just to see you smile. Selorm happily stated.

Wow! This is a mega surprise! Selorm, my mind is blown away! Congratulations! I really missed a lot! Joojo screamed so loud.

Anyway where is she? He screamed happily and entered his brother’s room in search of his wife.

Come out Joojo, she has traveled to Dubai for goods. Selorm smiley called.

Dubai? Is she a business woman? Joojo asked.

She was an office woman until I decided to make her a business woman. She now runs a big boutique in this city. Selorm narrated.

Wow! I knew my brother wouldn’t disappoint me! You are the best bro! Can’t wait to meet her. Anyway, this calls for a celebration. Joojo happily spoke.

Sure it does! You and I have our Family doctor’s party to attend this evening. Get prepared. Selorm informed and drove back to the office.

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Later in the evening, he returned and the two brothers got prepared for the party.

Anyway bro, when is your wife coming back? Joojo inquired.

She will be here early tomorrow morning. She’s been wishing to meet you. Selorm answered.

That’s alright, tomorrow is just around the corner. Will soon see her. He responded.

They drove happily in conversation to the party. Food and drinks were in abundance.

Doctor Ansu was so happy to see the two brothers back together.

Joojo, this is the biggest birthday gift I ever wished for. To see you love your brother once again. Doc Ansu spoke.

I am happy to have him back too Doc, Selorm means a lot to me. Joojo responded.

Anyway Selorm, my wife is back from the States, and she’s been wishing to meet you. The best CEO alive. There she is in the couch, talk to her whiles I have few words with Joojo. Doc Ansu gently sacked.

Selorm happily walked away to talk to Mrs Ansu.

To be continued…