Risen Devils Fallen Angel Season 4 Episode 8


Very early in the morning, Selorm call her

Hello Mina, I called to remind you, you have just a week to vacate that house. It belongs to the company and we have a new staff to occupy it. Selorm informed.

Selorm please, give me some more time. I’m begging you in God’s name. She pleaded.

Tell this plea to the guards when they come forcing you out. I am done with you. He responded and hanged up.

The next day was Saturday and Emefa honored Selorm’s invitation in a brightly colored dress. She looked so decent and beautiful.

Selorm was all over her. They talked, ate, joked and kissed over and over again.

Now talk to me dear, where are your parents and how can I meet them? Selorm inquired.

They are in the volta region, and I will personally take you there to see them when you are ready. She answered.

Well, tell them I can’t wait to meet them. We are going there at the end of this month. Selorm informed.

I sure will sir. Emefa teased.

Sir? That is an eeeeewwww! What an unromantic way of addressing your husband. Come on, you can do better. Selorm teased back.

Eeerrmm baby, I will inform them. Emefa happily corrected.

That is an A+. Don’t be stubborn next time. Selorm happily stated and placed a kiss on her cheeks.

Days quickly passed and the love between Emefa and Selorm grew from strength to strength. They did almost everything together. Emefa indeed was the woman of his dreams.

Selorm with his uncle and aunt went to see Emefa’s parents in the Volta Region oand arrangements were made for the marriage ceremony.

In a classy simple way, Selorm wedded Emefa.

It was a sight to behold. Various CEO’s from different African countries who knew Selorm and how dedicated he was to his job, graced the occasion.

They threw money and gifts on every step of theirs.

Flashy cars were parked outside the premises. Assorted foods and drinks were in abundance.

Selorm indeed made Emefa the happiest woman on earth.

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Soon, the occasion was over and Selorm happily took his wife home.

Selorm, thanks so much for making me enviable among other women. Emefa happily spoke.

On the eve of their wedding, Emefa thought Selorm how to make love to a woman. He was so naive about everything. For the first time, Selorm ejaculated.

He was so happy and thanked Emefa over and over again.

He entrusted the company into the hands of his deputy and traveled with his wife to Dubai for honeymoon.

Emy, I want to make a proposal. He said.

I’m all ears my husband. Emefa responded.

Emy, I want to establish a big boutique for you where you will come here every month to purchase goods. I think the office work is too stressful for you. Selorm proposed.

Wow! That’s thoughtful of you my husband. This has been my dream for years. She happily responded.

Months later as planned, Selorm established a classic big clothing boutique for his wife and invited few business partners of his at the opening ceremony.

People trooped in and out to have a glare and shop.

Emefa traveled to Dubai every now and then for her goods.

On one of her trips when Selorm was busy in the office, he had a call from his cook.

Hello sir, Joojo is back! She happily informed.

What? Joojo? My brother? Selorm screamed happily.

Yes sir, he is in his room unpacking his items as I speak to you. She happily answered.

I am right on my way! I can’t wait to see him. He happily spoke and dropped the call.

Selorm drove on top speed to the house to see his brother.

To be continued…