Risen Devils Fallen Angel Season 4 Episode 5


Slowly, she sat down on the floor.

As if she has buried her face in a pool of water, tears began running down.

Mina you’ve killed me! Yaaaaaayyyyy you’ve killed me! She wailed.

So all this while with the CEO was a set up? Oh Mina! Oh Chris! She lamented.

Abigail, calling it a set up is a big insult, kindly call it pay back. Chris began to speak.

What were you thinking? That you could get away with all the nonsense games? That you could still be married to a man of God after numerous times of sleeping with a man on his matrimonial bed while he’s gone to the mountains to pray? Abigail, your cup isn’t full, rather, overflowing! Chris added in an angry voice.

What? Abigail, you brought a man into this room? Oh God! God heeeellllllppp me! Pastor Asamoah screamed the more.

His church elders took him out of the house to go and stay with one of them till he was calm. Mina stared happily at Abigail on the floor.

Abi my sister, now let’s see who has won, You got me sacked from my job, I lost Selorm and Joojo at a go. You practically took away my happiness out of selfishness. Now, our level 200 student CEO fucked you on several occasions, paid you only Ghc200 with the assurance of waiting to clear his container from the port so he could give you more.

He then coerced you to resign from your job and disappeared into thin air. Mina spoke.

And the most interesting part was, he stood you up at the airport while he laid on his bed on campus. Wow, what an interesting revenge! She added.

What were you thinking? That you could go away with all these and still be married? Never! I’ve stripped you off your hope, and if your husband dare forgive you, I will leak this video on the Internet and your church WhatsApp platforms. She threatened.

Mina please! Please don’t do this to me! I am begging you in the name of God. Joojo forced me to do all these. Abigail pleaded.

Talk of the devil! Joojo? Don’t you worry, the least said about him, the better. Mina responded.

They both stood up to leave, but Abigail held Chris’ leg in apology.

Chris stared at her on the floor and spat on her. He then kicked her so hard against the center table and walked away.

Abigail wept uncontrollably throughout the night.

Early the next morning, she went to the deacon’s house to plead with her husband for forgiveness, but unfortunately, she wasn’t allowed inn.

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Days later, Pastor Asamoah summoned her before his and her family members.

He officially divorced her as customs demanded.

Before I leave Abigail, I want you to know that, my debtor, Manu, has paid the money to me.

That was what I was about telling you that afternoon when I was screaming happily. Unfortunately, my presence was so much disgusting you so you couldn’t even wait a minute to complete my statement. Thanks be to God Almighty, I am the Asamoah I used to be, more rich and God fearing. Pastor Asamoah calmly informed.

Abigail broke into uncontrollable tears and began rolling on the floor while the family members looked on sadly.

My elders, please permit me to advise my ex wife. He began.

Abigail, I want you to know that, love should be unconditional. The next time you enter into a marriage, look into the future with prayers rather looking into the past and present with your strength. You will fail. Again, whether or not a person is rich, he or she deserves respect and love. Never look down on people because of what they are, respect them because you don’t know what they may be.

When angry, learn to control your hands and words. Never raise your voice against your partner. Be humble. And one last thing, a person who has money, is capable of making heaven, so does a person who do not. What is more important is your connection with God, and not your connection with big men.

Love is not love, when you so much consider appearance than character. Heed to these words, and let’s make it together to heaven someday. He concluded.

To be continued…