Risen Devils Fallen Angel Season 4 Episode 4


Anyway what are you doing here? You seem a bit worried. He inquired.

Yes sir, I am looking for a friend of mine, he told me to meet him here this morning, that, he is traveling to the states. I’ve been here since dawn but he hasn’t showed up. She narrated.

I think you have to wait a while. Joojo responded.

I have to get going, but before then, meet my girlfriend, Angela. He quickly introduced.

Your woman is beautiful sir. Nice meeting you madam. Abigail stated and shook hands with her.

They parted ways and Joojo’s flight took off in few minutes while Abigail waited for her supposed CEO, She tried his lines several times, but was switched off.

What is happening? Where is CEO? She thought almost in tears.

She waited till late in the evening before going back home.

She entered the house in anger, and straight into the bedroom.

Pastor Asamoah humbly walked to her.

Abi, what is bothering you? You seem too sad. He inquired.

Asamoah, dare open your stinking mouth at me again, and you are doomed for life! Look at you, so useless and incapable! You dare call yourself a husband? Stupid impotent man!

Asamoah, you have only two months to be rich, or else, this marriage is over! She screamed the entire mission house down.

I have heard you Abigail, but may I ask what exactly you need money for? haven’t I been providing food in this house? Don’t I give you money to buy clothes and make your hair? Don’t the church pay me at the end of every month? So what is this poverty you are tagging me with?

I can see you expect me to be exceedingly rich like I used to, but know that, times are always not equal. If being famously rich is what will make you love me, then sorry, you might have to leave me. Asamoah continued.

What happened Abigail? What happened to the woman I married? So all that while, you were loving my money and not me huh?

Well, you’ve given me two months to get rich, and I am also giving you that same number of months to decide whether to leave or stay. Pastor Asamoah unhappily added.

And wait Abigail, did you call me impotent? Have I ever complained to you about we not having a child apart from praying to our God to make a way, Whiles praying day and night, you were in this room taking contraceptives. Yes, contraceptives. I found them in your bag. He added.

Abigail angrily stood up and slapped him so hard.

You useless man! Thief! You stole my happiness and still went into my bag to steal money? Well, you’ve given yourself up, and that is enough evidence to divorce you! She yelled.

Pastor Asamoah stared at her and shook his head.

Abigail, may God forgive you for this day. For laying your hands on me. He stated and walked back to the sitting room.

Abigail laid in the room without cooking for her husband. She continuously tried calling CEO, but to no avail.

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At exactly 7pm, there was a knock on their door.

Pastor Asamoah attended to it and it was his church elders, Mina and Chris.

Hello, welcome. Mina it’s been a while. I didn’t know you knew my elders. Pastor Asamoah smiley stated and offered them seats.

What is this unhappy looks on your faces? Is everything alright? He inquired.

Hmm Pastor, this lady here has something to tell us all. One of the elders spoke.

Mina? Mina please what is it? He asked.

Hmmm Pastor, I wish I came here without anybody’s company, but I didn’t know how things will go, so I decided to come with your church elders to console you. She responded.

Please what is it? You are getting me nervous. He asked.

Before I start, where is your wife? Mina asked.

You mean your friend? She is in the bedroom. He answered.

Well Pastor, sorry to say she is no longer my friend. I can’t befriend an adulterous woman. Mina spoke.

What are you saying Mina? Calling my wife names without any evidence? What is that supposed to mean? He questioned whiles Chris and the elders looked on.

Well Pastor, your wife is adulterous and I have enough evidence against her. She’s been sleeping with a level 200 university student all because of money and I decided to get an evidence and show it to you. Mina spoke.

She quickly took the bag from Chris and began showing a video of the supposed CEO and Abigail making love in the Club’s washroom and the hotel.

Tears speedily run on Pastor’s Asamoah’s face as he watched the videos in turns.

Somebody help meeeeeeeeeee! God help meeeeeeeeeee! He screamed in pain.

Abigail run out from the bedroom to inquire what was going on whiles the elders held him in consolation.

Asamoah what is happening here? Why are you screaming this loud? Is someone dead? She fearfully asked.

Hello Abigail, I don’t think anyone is dead, it is your marriage rather that has committed suicide. Mina spoke.

Abigail quickly turned around and saw Mina and Chris seated comfortably.

She stared deep on their faces and the video showing on the camera.

Slowly, she sat down on the floor.

To be continued