Risen Devils Fallen Angel Season 4 Episode 2


It’s a lie Selorm! You won’t dictate to me this time! Joojo screamed.

You dare challenge me because of a woman? Joojo, you dare? Well, let’s see. Selorm angrily spoke and walked out on him.

Joojo sat in the couch with his head buried in his palms.

No, this is not happening! Selorm can’t do this to me. He thought almost in tears and grabbed his phone to call Theo.

He sadly narrated everything to him.

Joojo, please calm down, I believe things will be resolved with patience. You can’t argue with your brother, because in all things, he has the final say. Just go to bed, relax, and apologize to him tomorrow for raising your voice at him. When things are calm days after, you can revisit the issue. I will be right here supporting you in prayers. Theo advised.

I’ve heard you bro, but tell me, what’s your take on marrying a woman who has ever given birth? Joojo quizzed.

Joojo, no individual goes into a relationship with the intention of quitting, so in a case where a person enters into a relationship, gives in his or her all and go as far as giving birth, and later realizes the relationship is not worth it and quits, I don’t think we can judge the person with that. What do we expect? For an individual to enter into a relationship with a half heart? No! Genuine people love genuinely and make genuine mistakes of getting pregnant out of wedlock. Yes, genuine people love genuinely and build mansions as well as buy cars for their partners out of wedlock.

These are all possible when love is involved, but when due to one or two reasons the relationship doesn’t work, we don’t call them fools, we only call them disappointed pure hearted lovers. We call them bravery, because at least, they were not afraid to make mistakes.

I understand Selorm and how he is behaving. All because he loves you so much and hates to see you hurt, but truth be told, single parents must not be denied love and commitment. Theo advised.

Like I said Joojo, win your brother’s heart back by apologizing to him, and approach him once again with love. Theo added.

Before Joojo could utter a word, tears started spewing from his eyes.

Thanks Theo. Kindly don’t forget to help me in prayers. He responded and hanged up.

Early the next morning, he went to his brother’s room.

Immediately he was ushered in, he knelt down.

Selorm, I am sorry for last night. I didn’t mean to disrespect you, I was only carried away by emotions. He apologized.

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Get up Joojo, I hold nothing against you, but the woman who is forcefully coming between us. Now listen to me, I have always frowned at men and women who have children outside wedlock, and I don’t think I can ever change my mind. Selorm began.

Bro please, I am begging you in the name of God Almighty to accept her. Joojo pleaded in tears.

I can’t do that Joojo, it is either you choose me or her. Selorm responded.

Selorm, you are heartless! I never knew you could do this to me! You faked love all these while, claiming to have me at heart but you didn’t. Joojo spoke in tears and stood up.

Joojo, your tears can never, blackmail me! Never! And talk of being heartless, indeed I am, that is why I have been diagnosed of right sided heart failure. Joojo, thanks for reminding me of my condition this morning because I wanted the best for you. Selorm spoke in tears too.

Selorm, you can never blackmail me with a supposed diagnosis! I simply want to be happy! Joojo screamed.

Sure you deserve some happiness Joo, but not with a woman who has these numerous question marks. I don’t approve of her and I won’t. I don’t ever want to see her face! Selorm yelled.

So be it Selorm! It’s your world, against mine! Joojo screamed back and walked away.

To be continued..