Risen Devils Fallen Angel Season 4 Episode 3


So be it Selorm! It’s your world, against mine! Joojo screamed back and walked away.

Selorm sat sadly on the bed with tears streaming down his face.

Joojo please understand me, you are too young for this. He thought.

Joojo left home and booked a hotel to stay for a while.

He stayed in there for two weeks without answering Selorm’s call nor calling him back.

He called Angela into the hotel for a discussion.

Joojo, I still don’t understand why you are here instead of being home. What is happening? She asked.

Angel, your fears have come to pass. My brother is against this marriage because you have a child. Joojo narrated.

I said it! Joojo I said it! You see the reason why I never liked your brother? From afar, I see him to be insensitive and selfish! Angela screamed almost in tears.

Angel please calm down. My father’s will says that, I can take portion of the property when I am done with my masters degree. What I am going to do now is that, I will pressure Selorm to speed up with the arrangements of me traveling outside the country to go and do my maters and when I come back, I will come for my portion of the property and get married to you. Angel, I will choose you over Selorm any day, anytime. Joojo explained.

Joojo, are you sure about this? Angela questioned in tears.

More than sure my Angel. Now wipe your tears and smile for me. Joojo consoled.

Days later, he went back home and discussed with his brother about furthering his education.

When admission forms are out, I will get you one. Selorm coldly answered.

What about Theo? When are you employing him? Joojo questioned as if he was talking to his mate.

Until you come back from your studies, I can’t employ him. I don’t want to have another hell of problem over my head. You recommended him, so you should be around to monitor him. Selorm responded.

Whatever Selorm! After all when I come back, I will own my portion of the company and wouldn’t need your approval to drink common water. Joojo harshly spoke.

Joojo, I can’t believe you are talking to me this way because of a woman. I also can’t believe you don’t care about my health condition and how I will feel when you talk to me like this. Selorm began to talk.

If saving you from trouble will warrant hatred, so be it! I made a vow of loving and protecting you, and I will forever stand by it. He added.

Whatever Selorm! Spare me the pretentious words. Joojo angrily spoke.

Joojo, if there is somebody to call pretentious, that should be you. After sleeping with Mina behind my back, you still have the strength to insult me? Joojo, if you care to know, that pain is the reason for my current condition. You owe me an apology and not rudeness. Selorm sadly talked.

Apology? Me? Selorm, if you are coward enough to harbor pain to the extent of developing a condition, how should that be my problem? Anyway, I don’t have your time. I won’t trade my courage with cowardice. Joojo insulted and walked out on him.

God, I can’t believe this. I can’t believe Joojo is insulting me because of a woman. Selorm sadly thought in tears.

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Days passed and the two blood brothers refused to talk to each other. They acted so cold in the house.

In few months, Joojo gained admission into Oxford university to read his masters program.

Selorm gave him money and wished him well.

Safe journey Joojo, I wish you the very best. Please stay out of trouble, and remember, your brother loves you so much. He spoke.

Joojo stared at him from head to toe and carried his bags into his car without uttering a word to him.

Selorm looked on with teary eyes.

Under Joojo’s instructions, the driver drove him off to the airport.

Angela was already waiting for him at the airport when he got there.

They hugged so tight without wanting to let go.

Angel, my promises still holds, please be safe for me and remember I am doing all these for you. Joojo assured.

Just when he was carrying his bags to the checkpoint, he saw Abigail spying various faces as if she has lost a person.

Abigail, is this you? Joojo smiley asked.

Yes sir. I know I wasn’t fair to you, your brother and the company but please forgive me. She humbly apologized.

It’s alright Abigail, you have your right to make decisions. Joojo responded.

Anyway what are you doing here? You seem a bit worried. He inquired.

To be continued…




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