Risen Devils Fallen Angel Season 3 Final Episode


The next day, he packed out of the hostel and as always, drove Angela to her home and eventually, his.

Selorm couldn’t hide his joy when he saw his brother.

Congratulations my energetic man! You’ve made me proud. He said.

Joojo run into his brother’s arms in smiles.

Thanks for the guidance bro, you are indeed my brother. In fact, daddy’s substitute. Joojo responded happily.

I’m humbled Joojo, I indeed am. Selorm stated.

But wait a minute Selorm, is everything alright with you? Joojo paused and asked.

Why that question? He responded.

You look emaciated and exhausted. In fact Selorm, you look sick. Joojo complained.

I am very fine Joojo. It’s the work that is taking a toll on me. He responded.

You need to take a break then. Joojo unhappily suggested.

Come on Joo, I’m fine! Nothing is gonna happen to me. Selorm dismissed.

Anyway, now that you are back, we ought to plan quick quick on when to start with your masters degree. I don’t want you to waste so much time. Selorm happily informed.

Not so fast Selorm, I want to settle down first. In fact, I want to start my own family. Joojo calmly said.

Really? I can see this woman has taken over your brains. Selorm teased.

Anyway, that’s also important, I will find time so we discuss about her and eventually set a date to meet with her. Selorm added.

Yaaaaasss bro! I am the happiest man on earth this moment to hear these words from you! Joojo screamed and jumped in ecstasy.

Anything for you Joojo, you are of age now, and can get married. Selorm spoke.

Thanks Selorm, and one more favour I want to ask from you. Joojo calmed down and spoke.

I’m all ears my fresh graduate. Selorm responded.

Bro, I want you to employ my friend Theo into the company. He requested.

Theo? Hope he isn’t like that Chris of a demon? Selorm questioned.

Not at all bro, he is so different. God fearing and humble. Hardworking and determined. Dedicated and witty. Joojo spoke good of his friend.

All these good words for one person? Well Joojo, tell him I can’t wait to employ him when your certificates are ready. Selorm playfully responded.

Yaaaaaassss! Theo must hear this good news. It is indeed an afternoon of good news! Joojo screamed the more and run happily into his room to call Theo.

Few hours later when Selorm had driven out of the house, Joojo walked to Afia in the kitchen.

Welcome Sir. She happily greeted.

Thanks Afia, but tell me, is my brother sick Or you don’t feed him well? He inquired.

I feed him well sir, just that, Oga Selorm has gone through some emotions after you left this house for school. He absented himself from work for almost two weeks and was always indoors weeping. Not long after that, he fell sick and your family doctor kept visiting this house morning and evening. Afia narrated.

What! What did he say was wrong with him? Joojo screamed in pain.

He didn’t tell me sir. He only warned me not to tell you, but I’m doing so now because I feel you must know. Ever since that time, he has always looked sick and emaciated even though I feed him well. She continued.

Sir, I feel somebody so dear to him has caused him pain and he’s unable to voice it out. She concluded.

Thanks for this information Afia. I promise not to give you up, but will monitor him and find out what the problem is. Joojo sadly responded and walked into his room.

He buried his face in his palms in tears.

God please, whatever pain Selorm is going through, heal him. I can’t watch him suffer. He prayed in tears till sleep carried him away.

Days speedily passed and Joojo still got in touch with his girlfriend. Even though he was busy, he still made time in his busy schedules to meet with her.

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One day over lunch at an expensive restaurant, Angela began showing signs of worry.

Joojo, it’s been almost three months now since you guys completed school, and you have never spoken about the marriage plans again. Is it that you no more want me? Angela asked.

Angela please calm down, I am as desperate as you, but….

But what? But your brother right? She cut in.

Yes Angel, my brother told me he will fix a date to meet with you, but he hasn’t. He so busy lately. Joojo explained.

I knew it! I knew your brother is the one delaying all the processes! Angela angrily spoke.

Joojo, you see why I can never love your brother? He is so selfish! She added and walked out on Joojo in the restaurant.

He followed her out, but she had already stopped a taxi to take her back home.

Jeez! This is not happening! I must talk to Selorm before it is too late. He quickly thought and drove home.

Later in the evening when Selorm returned from work, he began a conversation him.

Bro please when do you intend meeting my girlfriend? She is desperate. Joojo stated.

Desperate? Joojo, did I hear you mention the word desperate? Listen carefully, desperation means frustration. Do not make a mistake of marrying a frustrated woman into your life, because she is practically going to frustrate you too. Selorm advised.

I didn’t mean it that way Selorm, what I meant to say was, she is eager to meet with you. Joojo turned around.

Just as we have human relations, so do we have word relations. Desperation and eagerness are no different. Selorm responded.

Anyway like I said, give me some time, I currently have a lot at hand. Even this weekend, I won’t be available, and next month, I will travel to Nigeria for a meeting. Selorm informed.

Travel next month? Selorm whom am I going to attend my graduation with? Joojo unhappily asked.

Please bear with me and go alone, I promise to buy you a brand new car on my return. Selorm assured.

That’s a good batter trade bro, well accepted. Joojo responded in smiles.


Written by Lincy Gyamfi,

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