Risen Devils Fallen Angel Season 3 Episode 15


The question marks of having numerous lady friends, is what is preventing Angela from loving me genuinely. He further thought in smiles.

Why are you smiling this wide Joojo? What is funny? Angela questioned.

Nothing Angel, I’m just thinking of how simple it is for me to cut those ladies off because they don’t mean anything to me. Please worry not ok? I promise never to cheat on you. I will do anything you say. Joojo assured.

The relationship took the usual loving and fun route.

Joojo and Angela continued to win every lips on campus.

People talked about them as though, they were celebrities.

Soon, Joojo’s semester was over and he finally completed school.

Angel, I don’t know how my stay at home is going to be without you. I will miss this campus and you. Joojo sadly spoke on their evening outing.

And I don’t know how I am going to cope too Joo? Now tell me, what is the way forward? She asked.

Angel, I am finally done with school, so I will go straight ahead and discuss you with my brother. We will then schedule a day of your meeting, and we will take the marriage plans from there. Joojo responded.

That sounds nice but Joo, I don’t really like your brother. Even though I haven’t met him in person, I don’t like him. Angela spoke.

Please don’t talk like that. Selorm is my only brother and I can’t watch you hate him. Please, clear that hatred. Joojo unhappily answered.

I will try my best Joo. Anyway, let’s get going, it is already late. She suggested.

They drove back to campus and Joojo went to Theo’s room to have his last campus conversation with him.

Hey Theo, you are here. Didn’t go to see your girlfriend? Joojo asked.

I went to see her and she will be returning the seeing. Theo playfully answered.

Meaning? Joojo asked.

Meaning, she will be coming to sleep over. You know how it is, the last campus love making. Theo winked and informed.

You are silly Theo. Joojo playfully insulted.

Anyway Theo, thanks a million times for the advice and the love showered on me throughout our four years stay on this campus. Without you, life wouldn’t have been this easier. Joojo heartily spoke.

Thanks too Joojo, for the kindness. You are a brother like no other. Out of campus doesn’t mean out of your life, I will always be there for you anytime you need me, but hey, talk to your brother to employ me in your company. Theo requested.

If that is what will make you happy, why not? Consider yourself a worker from this moment. Joojo assured.

Thanks bro, thanks a lot. Theo hurriedly gave him a shoulder hug.

And hey, what’s going to happen to you and Angela, any marriage plans? Theo inquired.

Yes bro, I will talk to Selorm about her, and we will see the way forward, but one thing Theo, she says she doesn’t like Selorm. Joojo informed.

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Whoa! That’s bad, but before anything like this will happen, there are two things involved. It is either you’ve grouped your family and your partner in some sort of competition, or you are in for the wrong person. Theo began.

Competition in such that, you may have showed too much love for your brother, more than you show to her, and that, she might be feeling like, your brother is taking you away from her, hence, the hatred. She practically feels like she is competing with your brother for your love. If that is not the case, then I don’t think she is the right woman to join your cute family. He added.

If your partner dispute your family, you don’t have to convince her to stay. Love shouldn’t be forced, it should be natural. If a person loves you, he or she must love even your faeces. Theo advised.

Exactly Theo, but I think it is the former. Selorm takes too much of my time away from her. Joojo responded.

Then work on it. Kill the hatred between them. Theo stated.

Soon, Theo’s girlfriend came knocking, and Joojo had no option than to excuse them.

The next day, he packed out of the hostel and as always, drove Angela to her home and to his.

To be continued…