Ridge Street 25 Episode 1


I dedicate this story to my family (i.e. my mother, father, siblings ( Elizabeth, Michael, Prudence and Godwill Akyeampong)
I wish to thank my editor and all who supported me towards the success of this story
Thank you.
The Bible says as part of the Ten Commandments that we should not kill. Yet some choose to murder others. The same way others too try to keep the community in order, prevent murders, kidnaps and other vices.
WATCH as a group of people with one aim, goal and one cherished leader struggle to unfold the covers of a case of a lifetime whilst fighting for their lives at the same time.
“A heart of forgiveness for a day”
“A lifetime in prison and even death”
A Story By Mercy Aba Otuwa Akyeampong
Episode 1
“Don’t take him away, he is innocent”. You could hear the cries of Mrs.  Zomelo trying to persuade the law from taking John away.
It all start after she investigates the murder of some people with John as a prime suspect. All evidence points to John making it difficult for Keisha to go on.
After his death, further investigations prove that John is innocent of all charges. She swore to investigate deeper next time there is a case.
She moved from the window to the table. Just then her phone begins to ring.
“ Miss Zomelo on the line, how may I help you”.
Paddy “Sorry to disturb you madam. This is Paddy on the line. There is another case”
“What type of case Paddy?” Murder,
“Madam, a lady is stabbed in a bath. ”
“OK give me five minutes, I’ll be there. But for the mean time get the rest at the conference room, no word till I come. ”
“Yes madam, whatever you say.”
Being part of the criminal Investigation Department, particularly being the lead officer has proved a little difficult. She reflects on all that had happened since she took up the Job. Remembering John’s case, she reflected on how her parents had suffered the same fate in her own sight and she had done nothing about it
(She goes to the office and meets Phoebe, the secretary at her desk).
“Madam, Good morning and you are welcome”
“Good morning Phoebe and thank you.”(all laugh)
“All the others are in madam. I will join you when am done getting coffee upstairs.”
“Well, thank you Phoebe. You are a great help to me.”
“Don’t mention it Madam, it’s my duty to help you with your job.”
“Oh and after this meeting, please cancel all of my appointments.”
“Any special reason madam?
“No. am just taking a break. I think I will go to the beach or maybe a tourist site.”
Oh well, consider it done madam.”
“Thanks a lot and we shall be waiting or should we begin?
“Yes Madam. Please begin and I would join you later”
” Ok then, see you later.” (she enters the room to anxious faces waiting for her)
“Good morning gentlemen and sorry for the delay”
” Don’t worry Madam”
“If you are ready, may I?
” Umm… Sure, go on with the details.”
“Paddy, This happened at Ridge Street 25 at the daughter of the late Hackman, Valerie’s’ house.
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“How was the murder done?
” She was stabbed and was found in a cold bath at the master bedroom”
“Great! Isn’t it possible that this is like our last case that we were not able to settle well?
“You mean, the one that got the Innocent killed?
“Yes I mean John’s case.
“Yes Jason, it could be but as we promised earlier on, we would solve this one by hook or crook. Is that ok?
(all) Yes Madam.
“Can I go on madam?
“Of course Paddy, go on with the rest of the details.
“No witnesses yet and only one fingerprint found.
“Any other information for us to know about (Phoebe enters with coffee).
“The body is yet to be cross checked for any marks. I will call you with any developments about the fingerprints and the crosschecks.
“Ok, thanks Paddy. Anything else from any of you?
“Umm… Madam, there is a call for you on line 5, should I put it through?
” Pick get the information from the person, will return the call later next week.
“Yes Madam.
“Ok. Nice day and good morning. Call me if anything.
“Madam, we heard from Phoebe that you are going to the beach.
” Not really, possibly I would go to a tourist site. Am I invited Madam? (asked Jason) You all are invited but none is welcomed. (all laugh)
To be continue soon
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