RESTLESS : The Hunt For Peace Episode 84


18: 32PM
El Deols, Anthanna.

“Wow! I’ve not seen such a movie in a long while,” Sheila commented after the end of the four hours movie.

Adrian let out a deep breath, his eyes watery and his face full of satisfaction from the movie they had just seen.

“I haven’t either, but I expected it to be this beautiful since it’s a Pobsonline production.” Adrian said, cleaning his face gently with his palm.

“Yeah, their works are always perfect.” she said as she got up from the seat. She picked the empty container of banana chips and the pack of juice they had both eaten from while they saw the movie. “I have to check the maid now, she should be preparing dinner already, I’ll be back in some minutes.”

“Alright Sheila,” he said as he watched her walk away.

He let in a breath after she walked out of sight. He wished there could be a happy love story between him and Sheila just like what they had seen in the movie. A love story of so many challenges but ending up with victories.

He was ready to love Sheila with all of his life but he didn’t know about her. He couldn’t tell yet why she was being so kind to him, it could be probably because of the accident or she could just be trying to make him not feel so bad after rejecting him. Whatever it was, he hoped she made it clear enough for him to see soon. He was already falling deeper for her and he was afraid he was about to go crazy.

He however felt the present night was going to make him know if his love for Sheila was going to yield any fruits or if he had to forget everything about it.


Henry’s eyes scanned around for the flowers section as he got in through the entrance of the grocery store. It had taken him time to decide how to appear to Sheila, since it had been a long time they saw each other. He thought of what to take to her as gift and found it difficult to make a choice because he realized that the gift he could impress Sheila was not necessarily something expensive for she had enough money to buy expensive things herself. He finally decided to buy her a flower, but he wasn’t sure of which type to get and if it was appropriate to present flowers at evenings.

“Hi,” he said to the woman behind the counter at the flowers shop.

“Hello,” she sang in reply. “You want some flowers?”

He nodded.

“So, what’s the occasion?” she asked as she stepped down from the stool she was sitting on. “Is it your wedding anniversary or your wife’s birthday or what special occasion is it?”

Henry smiled, looking at the flowers arranged in the shelves. He found it funny to think of Sheila as his wife and for that moment, his late wife Sarah did not cross his mind.

“Ermm, I’ve been away for a long time and she has not really been happy with me.” Henry replied. “I need something that…”

“Oh! I know what you need,” the woman sang and danced round in a circle before moving to the shelf. “You need something so romantic and something that can appease her as well.”

Henry smiled.

It took her close to two minutes to make a choice and she brought it to the counter.

“Here, this has a card in it.” she said as she removed the card attached.

To my love,

It’s been a long time and I know I have not been the best of myself

But I want you to know that you never left my heart for a single day

I sleep dreaming and wake up thinking about you,

My heart yearning and my soul longing for you in every way

For the imaginations of you to me is better than the greatest piece of art,

The thoughts of you and our memories is the best thing I keep in my heart,

I hope these words provides some warmth in your heart for me

And make you overlook all the days that I’ve kept you lonely

Yours truly.

The woman smiled sheepishly after reading the content of the card and she placed it back. Henry smiled back, not knowing what to say. He felt somehow that the content of the card was not appropriate since he and Sheila weren’t lovers but for some reasons unexplainable to himself, he did not reject it. He took the flowers with him and paid her before walking out of the store happily.


“Dinner is almost ready,” Sheila announced as she walked back into the living room. “It should be done in fifteen minutes time.”

Adrian smiled without saying anything. His eyes followed Sheila as she walked back to where she was sitting previously, the one-seater which was close but adjacent to the three seater where he sat.

“So, are you staying over or do you still want to go home?” Sheila asked him, hoping he would pick the first option.

“No Sheila, you’ve done enough for me already, I have to go home.” He replied.

“Why do you insist on going home?” she said with a sad face and got up to join him on the three seater sofa. She sat close to him with less than ten centimetres space between them.

“I have to Sheila, I can’t stay here. You need to understand that,” he insisted.

He saw her twisting her face in a disappointing tone and held her by the wrist as she tried to get up. He pulled her down gently and she sat. He squeezed her palm in his and reached for the second hand, she let him take it.

He stared her straight in the eyes but she looked away.

“Sheila, my feelings for you have continued to grow even though I try to suppress it.” He began to pour out his heart. “I don’t know but it seems staying close to you may lead to a great heartache for me since you don’t feel the same way. I have to stay far away from you for a while, maybe until I get myself back and I’m able to stare at you without my heart beating and wanting you.”

“Stay away from me?” She raised a brow and turned her face to him, staring him back in the eyes.

“Yeah, for a short while, it could help me bring myself out of this insanity and make me see you just as a friend instead of wanting more.’ Adrian said, shaking his head.

Sheila was quiet.

Their faces were so close and their lips were few centimetres apart, from a kiss. Adrian felt it was his opportunity for him to make a further move but he was scared, he didn’t want to spoil what was left of what they had together. His heart began to beat faster than usual and his eyes blinked.

He brought his lips closer slowly to hers and took the bold move, touching her soft lips with his gently. She responded for the first few seconds but broke away quickly.

Henry stopped at the entrance of the house and took in a deep breath, he made a sign of the cross before proceeding in. He had a smile on his lips. He had rehearsed everything he was going to say to her and prayed it went as planned.

Adrian breathed so hard after the break, feeling so embarrassed. “I’m sorry Sheila, I need to…”

He tried to get up from the chair but she pulled him closer this time and planted her lips on his, leaning her body against his chest as he leaned back against the armrest. Her hands curved around his neck while his hands wrapped her waist gently.

Henry could hear faint sounds of the television from the living room as he moved closer. He made his way in and took only few steps when he saw the couple on the sofa. The flower placed behind him dropped as his jaw. He watched for few seconds as Sheila leaning over the guy kissed so fiercely while he pressed her body softly against his, both so consumed in the passion that they didn’t notice he had entered silently.

He took in a deep breath and turned. He picked the floor and walked back out of the house, unknowingly leaving the small card on the floor where the flower dropped.

He proceeded quickly towards the gate, feeling somewhat awkward, disappointed and broken at the same time.

“Sir, didn’t you meet her inside?” the guard at the gate who had seen him enter asked.

“No, I didn’t go in yet.” Henry lied, faking a smile. “I forgot something I’m supposed to give to her and I need to go get it first.”

“Oh! I see,” the man said as he opened the smaller entrance of the gate for him. “Are you returning soon?”

“Ermm… Maybe not, probably tomorrow.” Henry replied.


“Please, don’t tell her I was here. I want it to be a surprise,” he said to the gateman, faking another smile.

“Oh! Sure, I won’t let her know.” the guard said as he watched Henry walk to the road side. He felt something was amiss as he stepped back in and locked the gate. He shrugged and walked back into his office.

The kiss was so intense and slow, Adrian’s palms advanced to her bum and pressed it softly. It lasted for some more seconds before she drew back. She pecked him lightly on the lips again before detaching from him.

She got up and straightened her gown. “I have to check what’s happening in the kitchen now.”

Adrian nodded gently and watched as she walked away. He felt on top of the world. He found it hard to believe what had just happened. He closed his eyes and pinched himself in a bid to wake up from sleep but he opened them to find himself in the same place. He took in a deep breath and leaned his back against the back rest.

“Dinner is ready,” Sheila announced, walking back into the living room. “Are you ready to eat?” she asked him.

“Ermmm. I’m ready anytime you are.” he answered.

“The food would be served soon by the maid.” she said as she settled into her previous seat.

“Okay,” he smiled and only glanced at her briefly.

An awkward silence took over and for some unknown reasons, the two avoided meeting each other’s gaze. The silence remained until they saw the maid walk towards the dining table with a tray in her hand.

“Shall we?” Sheila got up from her seat slowly.

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Suntan Road, Bexford

Evelyn turned off the car engine and the lights after parking at the curb. She took out a small backpack from the passenger’s side and stepped out of the car with it. She locked the car and then picked out her phone from her pocket to dial a number.

She looked towards the Suntan Farms main gate located at a walking distance from where she parked. According to her findings, the gate was usually not locked till ten o’clock because some casual works worked till very late in the night sometimes.

She was dressed in all black and had a black head warmer covering her head. Her choice of the outfit colour made to enable her hide well in the shadows after she got into the facility.

“Hey! You can locate the vehicle with the tracker in it, I’ll drop the key by the front tyre of the driver’s side. You wait until I give you instructions,” She said briefly and ended the call. She returned the phone into her pocket first and then scanned around the area with her eyes before bending slowly and dropping the car keys.

She stepped forward and placed the backpack on the bonnet. She opened it quickly and closed in back in less than five seconds. She strapped it to her back and proceeded forward.


Lion’s Club,
El Deols, Anthanna.

As expected, hip-hop music was blurring out through the club speakers. There were only few people in it as it was a Monday, but the strippers and night workers could still be seen looking for clients and competing for the attention of the few ones around.

Cole was sitting at the bar, he had a bottle of alcoholic wine and a glass cup in front of him. The glass cup was half filled and the bottle was almost empty. His neck was turned back and his attention was at the floor where the half naked girls were displaying their assets through their seductive dances for clients to see. He felt the urge to go for one but the thought of the work ahead of him restrained him. He needed to get a view of his client.

He remained seated silently until the device he placed in front of him beeped. He turned forward quickly and unlocked the device. He swiped down the notification bar and clicked on the message from the tracking app. The app had just notified him that his target was close.

He adjusted the face cap on his head and looked back towards the main entrance of the place for signs of Francis, there was none yet. He looked at the two other entrances and saw nothing. He turned to his device again and opened the instant messaging app to check if Henry had read the messages showing the details he sent to him. He saw that the messages had delivered but they were unread yet. He switched to the dial pad and dialed Henry’s number quickly.

“Hello boss,” he said into the phone.

“Hey Cole!” Henry sounded somewhat startled, like Cole’s call came as a surprise to him.

“Where are you boss?” Cole noticed the tone of his response.

“Well, I’m somewhere.” Henry replied. “You, where are you?”

“I’m at the club already,” Cole replied.

“What club is it, have you sent me the details?”

“It’s the Lion’s club, but you don’t need to worry boss. It sounds like you are busy, you can continue whatever you’re doing, I’ll handle this alone.”

“No, no, please send me the details.”

“I sent it a long ago,” Cole replied.

“Oh! Sorry, I haven’t checked my messages.”

“It’s okay boss, you don’t have to be here, I’ll call you later.”


Unknown location

Henry jammed his fists on the table after receiving the call. He was in a bar and there were other men and very few ladies around drinking. It was a local bar, built with wood. The tables and chairs were also made with wood

“Sorry,” he apologized to the other men whose attention he had drawn to himself with the gesture.

He poured some more beer into the cup and gulped it down immediately.

He looked around and hated the environment he was in. He was not a man of such but he had found no other place to go after leaving Sheila’s place. He only asked the cab driver to take him somewhere he could relax for a while and the cab driver had brought him there, where he also stopped to drink.

He forced himself up from the seat and paid the attendant in charge before walking out. As he walked the few metres to the road, he kept wondering what had happened to him and why the sight of seeing Sheila with someone else had troubled him so much.

He regretted his actions. He should have just waited for them to detach or give them a sign he was around and ask to see Sheila. He got to the roadside and stood to wait for a cab, still wondering what the reason was for his displeasure at the sight.

He soon found a cab and waved it down, he got in without talking to the cab man.

“Where are you going to?” the cab man asked without moving the vehicle yet.

“Just drive, I’ll direct you.” the cab man stared at him for a moment, not sure of what to do but finally drove on.


Lion’s Club

Soon enough, Cole spotted Francis walking into the hall flanged by four other men. They were all dressed in shirts and jeans. They proceeded to the floor where some of the girls were for a moment and they happily pressed their butts as the girls brought themselves to them. Francis and his men then proceeded further into the inner game room. Cole turned back and took another sip of his drink, he waited for some more minutes before he got up and proceeded to the direction of the game section.

“Your ticket for Monday games?” the bouncer at the entrance asked him.

He smiled. “I’m not coming in, I’m just here to see someone.”

“Then step aside,” the bouncer ordered.

“Yeah, sure.”

He took out his device and checked the time. It was already ten o’clock. He knew that it was time for the game to begin and Francis would be busy, he had his plan to lure Francis to his trap but it would have to wait till after the game.

He walked towards the floor where the girls were, hoping to pass some minutes there before getting ready for the main job. His gaze incidentally moved to the entrance and he saw someone familiar walking in. He stopped and hid behind a column, not believing his eyes. He looked again to confirm, she was the one. She was dressed in black skinny trousers like the one she wore in the morning. Her hands were in the pocket of the black knee length jacket and a black hat was on her head. Her shoes were somewhat thick leather hip-hop boots. Her pattern of dress gave her the look of a gangstar.

She stopped after taking few steps and looked around the place. She then took out her phone and checked the time.


“Lion’s Club,” Daniel read out from his phone, confirming the name on the signboard hung at the top of the building to what he had.

He took out his phone as he looked left and right again. He dialed a number on his phone as he moved closer to the entrance of the club.

“Hey! I just found one of the locations usually visited by Antonio Carlos and Vincent Shawn,” he said into his phone.

“That’s good Daniel,” Agent Steve’s voice sounded from the other end. “So, haven’t you read the news today?”

“Yes, I haven’t.”

“You won’t believe what’s trending.”

“What’s that boss?”

“The dead bodies of Antonio Carlos and Vincent Shawn have been found,” Steve said to him.


“What the hell is this?” Henry cursed under his breath at the back seat of the cab where he was sitting alone. He had wasted his time at the bar and now he was held in traffic, the vehicle had not moved in fifteen minutes and there were no signs that there would be movement soon.

He had gone through the details Cole sent to him and had confirmed Cole’s plan to get the man is a good one, so he wasn’t in a hurry to get to the club. What kept him uncomfortable was remembering the reason he had wasted so much time, it annoyed him that he could spend so much time thinking about a lady he was not supposed to have feelings for.

He was however sure everything he felt would soon disappear, he chose to believe he only felt that way since he had not seen Sheila for a long time and had hurt her the last time they spoke to each other.

His phone rang and distracted him from his thoughts. He took it out and checked the caller, it was Dave.

“Hey boss!”

“Dave, what’s the news?”

“When last did you speak with Samantha and the guy?”

Henry frowned, wondering why Dave was asking.

“After I landed in El Deols,” he answered. “Why do you ask?”

“They haven’t gotten here, I tried to trace them and found their vehicle dumped on the Bexford-Kala road. There are no signs of them around there,” Dave reported.

“Are you serious?” Henry exclaimed under his breath.

To be continued….