RESTLESS : The Hunt For Peace Episode 83


Suntan Farms, Bexford

“Hey Jake!” Tracy hailed as she trotted happily towards him.

“Hi Tracy,” Jacob looked from where he was sitting on the plastic chair. “Where have you been?”

“I went for lunch,” Evelyn replied, after settling into the plastic chair beside him.

“I see,” Jacob leaned forward and stared at her face. “You must have eaten something very delicious.”

“Well, nothing special, just noodles.” she replied.



He shrugged and then rested his back.

“So, even if there’s no work to do, we can’t leave the premises at all?” Evelyn asked,

“You can’t leave since you were employed as a full time staff, we can be called at anytime to do some extra cleaning.” Jacob replied her. “Only the part time staffs are allowed to leave after the morning general cleaning.”

“And it appears the part time cleaners are more than the full time.”

“Yeah, you’re right but not just cleaners, most of the workers around too are also not full time.”

She squinted at his face.

“Yeah,” he continued explaining. “You see the labourers especially, they are paid wages based on how much they work, they can decide to stop working at anytime of the day and they can also be laid off and called upon again at any time.”

“Why are they being laid off and called back?”

“It depends on the harvest season,” he answered. “It’s not everytime the harvest is large or excess, when the harvest is very little, only few men are needed for work. And sometimes, especially during the planting season, a different set of men are employed for the season.”

“I see,” she nodded and leaned her back against the backrest again.

“Only those in the administrative section have their jobs secured and are paid salaries like us,” Jacob continued. “But as expected most of them are paid far higher than us.”

“Where’s the admin section?” Evelyn asked.

“Oh! The block is somewhere at the back,” Jacobs replied, demonstrating with his hands.

“Can’t we take a stroll there since we are not doing anything there now?” she asked.

He squinted for a while, obviously in hesitation. He stared at her and the look on her face made him not want to disappoint her.

“Okay, I’ll show you there,” he said and got up. “But you need to know that walking around during working periods is restricted.”

“Okay, I understand.” She got up with him.

They walked out after telling another cleaner resting in the room with them they’d be back in a short while.

“Does the administrative block have security guards separately from the main ones?” Evelyn asked as they walked side by side.

“Yeah, I think one or two security guards are assigned solely to the block.”

They walked silently for about ten minutes until they came in view of their destination.

“That’s the administrative block,” Jacobs said, stopping behind the barb wire fence which separated the area.

Evelyn stopped beside him and stared at the place from afar. The building, a storey building – was large enough to contain more than ten large offices and stores. It looked silent and less crowded like the other areas of the farm. Of course, she expected it to be so because the staffs there would be working in their offices and not on the fields on doing menial jobs.

“So, this is where everything is directed from?” she asked, glancing at his face.

“Yeah,” Jacob answered, his eyes still focused on the building.

“That means Mr Daysman’s office is also one of these offices,” she said, more to herself than to Jacob.

There was a silence of close to one minute before Jacob looked at her face, wondering if she had seen enough for them to turn back.

“Have you met Mr Daysman before?” She asked, now covering her eyes with her palm placed above her eyelids as the sun which had hidden itself under the clouds before had come out again.

“No, I haven’t met him personally but I see him almost everyday when he passes.” Jacobs answered, now staring at her and wondering why she was asking so much questions.

“I’ve read so much about Mr Daysman and his entrepreneurship and I admire him so much,” she stated after sensing he was already having questions in his mind. “I would like to meet him someday and speak with him.”

Jacobs smiled. “You want to become an entrepreneur?”

She glanced at his face. “Yeah, that’s the best thing to do.”

“And you’re…” Jacob was saying when his phone rang. He took it out and checked the caller. “I think we’ve got to return now,” he said and turned immediately.


FOX Coporation Headquarters,
EPA Hill, Bexford.

Steve and Sandra were sitting silently in the investigation room when Dan entered. Steve was sitting on a stool at the investigation table while Sandra was sitting at the corner of the entrance wall using the computer system.

“Someone needs to go to Anthanna,” Dan said as the two other Agents looked at him. “Good afternoon,” he added quickly, remembering that he had not seen them that day.

“What’s happening in Anthanna?” Steve asked, his eyes following Dan as he got to the table.

Dan got to the table beside Steve and dropped the files he had brought with him on the table. He opened it and took out two paper documents.

“My investigation revealed that Antonio Carlos and Vincent Shawn had been to Anthanna together four times this year,” Dan began to explain. “Details of their dealings in Anthanna is not yet known but these documents contains every location they visited in Anthanna.”

“You do not have an idea at all of what their dealings there could be?”

“No,I’ve not been able to access any of their personal effects, I’ve got these informations through the travel records,” Dan answered. “There’s nothing else that binds Antonio and Vincent together apart from their work for the Invisible terrorists, so if they travelled together to Anthanna, it has to be something concerning the Invisible terrorists.”

“And as it is, the only way we can find out what they do there is going to Anthanna,” Steve said thoughtfully.

“That’s what I’m saying.”

“No one else is fit enough to go apart from you,” Steve said. “Start preparing right away, i’ll go see the chairman and request for his permit and the funds.”

Steve took some minutes to go through the documents placed on the table by Dan. After being satisfied with what he read, he got down from the stool and picked his phone from the table. He arranged the documents back into the file and took it with him as he proceeded out of the room.

Forty Minutes Later

Steve returned to find Dan now sitting with a laptop at the investigation table.

“Dan, the trip has been approved. When are you leaving?” He said and took his seat beside Dan.

“The morning flight from Bexford to El Deols have been fully booked already,” Dan said to him.

“No other flights?”

“No one going to El Deols, there are some going to other parts of the country.”

“So, what do we do?”

“There’s a flight coming from Zimbabwe, it would stop at Bexford by noon and proceed to El Deols. I should be able to join that,” Dan said, making a loud tap with his middle finger on the enter key of the laptop.

“Alright, safe trip man.” Steve said and got up from his seat. He took out his car keys from his pocket.

“Thanks, but I’ll leave from here tomorrow.”

“See you tomorrow then,” Steve smiled. “Today is Sunday, I gotta rest, I’ll be on my way home now.”


April 4, 2016

Bexford International Airport, Bexford

“Good morning,” Cole greeted with a smile and settled in his assigned seat at the centre.

“Good morning,” Florence Brown answered, she was sitting close to the glass.

“I’m Cole,” he added quickly, noticing how beautiful she was.

“I’m Florence,” she replied with no smiles.

“Nice to meet you,” he smiled.

She responded with a nod and looked away. He shrugged and took in a breath, wondering why she was sounding hostile. Soon, an older man joined them and sat on the third seat close to the aisle and the commencement of the flight was announced.

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Kebba, South Husan.

“Do I remain with them at Vincil or go back to join Jenny?” Samantha asked Henry.

She was in the men’s hotel room, already dressed in white leather jacket and trousers. Her face was heavily made up to change her look and she had a different wig on. Wilson was also dressed, he was putting on a white shirt and black trousers with a black face cap. Henry was on a black jacket with an inner white top and black trousers. He was sitting on the chair and using the laptop on the table.

They had their small traveling bags already arranged on the floor, they were ready to leave the place but seemed to be waiting for something.

“You stay with Dave at Vincil,” Henry finally answered her question. “We’d release any hostage we have anywhere, I’ll call Dave for the release of Tanko and Jenny would be ordered to meet you at Vincil tomorrow morning.”

“What about Carlos and Antonio?” Samantha asked.

Henry turned and gave her a stare, there was some coldness in his eyes that made her feel that she had said something wrong.

“Just follow my instructions and stop questioning me,” Henry sounded in a cold voice.

“Okay boss,” she answered, wondering why he suddenly began to act cold. It took her few seconds to realize that she had goofed, forgetting that Wilson was not a part of their team yet and wasn’t supposed to know about their kidnap of Antonio and Carlos.

She looked at his face and found him busy with his phone and not looking like he had heard anything.

After few more minutes, Henry got up and arranged the laptop into one of the bags. They stayed for about ten more minutes before Ern who they had been waiting for finally arrived.

“Sorry, do something at home.” He apologized after entering into the room.

“Let’s go,” Henry got up from the seat and picked one of the bags, Wilson picked the other, leaving Samantha with nothing to carry. They proceeded out of the hotel building.

Henry glanced at Samantha and Wilson as they stepped out of the building, then he looked at the points where the cameras were again.

“Someone has been watching us,” he whispered to Samantha as they got to the vehicle.

Samantha felt the urge to look around to see who was watching them but she resisted herself. She assumed it was someone around and believed that she looking around would give the person watching a clue of what Henry whispered to her.

She proceeded to the driver’s side and entered. Wilson got into the front seat with her while Henry and Ern got into the back seat.

Through Ern’s help, they were able to take a fast route. They dropped him off when they got to vendor stand and Henry tipped him off. Samantha drove through the route described by Ern and in less than one hour got to the border.

“I’ll drop before the roundabout,” Henry reminded Samantha.

She turned on the car indicator and gradually pulled it to a halt by the curb. Henry stepped out of the car carrying with him a hand purse only.

“I’ll see you guys soon,” he said and watched them drive off.


On Air

Twenty five minutes after the flight took off, the older man at the third seat slept off. Cole took out his device and opened a gaming app.

He played the game silently for more than twenty minutes but his mind was somewhere else, he kept glancing at the face of the lady beside him. She wasn’t doing anything and wasn’t sleeping either, she just had her head resting backwards and her eyes staring blankly. She also didn’t look like someone who was troubled or distressed.

“Hey Florence,” Cole called softly.

She lowered her head and looked at him.

“Sorry, I was just wondering why you are so quiet. Ain’t you bored or is there something bothering you?” Cole asked.

She stared at him with questioning eyes without giving a verbal response and Cole began to feel bad for asking her, her look made him feel like he was getting into something that didn’t concern him.

“I’m so sorry for disturbing,” he apologized and tried to fake a smile, feeling embarrassed. “I’m really sorry, I’ll just stay on my own.”

A surprising smile formed on her face but he refused to consider it and looked away still, he adjusted himself on the seat and faced front.

“I’m sorry for acting so rude when you are just trying to be friendly,” she apologized. The embarrassed look on his face had made her want to laugh but she suppressed it and reconsidered her cold responses to him.

He glanced at her and faced front again immediately.

“I’m going for something very important in El Deols and it seems to be taking control of my whole thoughts and actions,” she explained further.

“Oh! I see,” he smiled lightly and nodded before facing front again.

“So, where in El Deols are you going to?” she asked after some few seconds of seeing that he wasn’t willing to continue the conversation due to her previous responses.

“Central El Deols,” Cole replied. “What about you?”

“Well, I’m not sure yet. A friend would be waiting for me,” Florence replied.

“A friend?” Cole squinted at her.

“Yea,” she smiled. “My boyfriend actually.”

“I thought as much,” he let out a wry smile. He concluded that her boyfriend was the possible reason she was acting hostile.

The flight continued and they discussed about several other general things for about an hour, the rest of the four hours flight was spent in silence, except for the occasional comments about the flight and the service of the flight attendants which were made.

“It was nice meeting you Cole,” Florence said as she got her bags.

“My pleasure Florence,” Cole smiled back at her and watched her walk away while he waited to get his own small box.

He thought there was no need to get her contact since she had already made it clear she was taken with her words and her actions at the beginning of the flight.

He took out his phone to call Henry after getting his box.

“i just got there boss,” he said as he proceeded out.


“I’m walking out of the airport right now,” Florence said as she proceeded towards the gate. She had a wireless earpiece lugged in her left ear.

“A blue Camry is outside for you, call me when you into it.” Aaron replied from the other end.

She ended the call and proceeded out through the gate. There was no car parked outside the gate. She looked towards the left where vehicles were coming from and spotted the Camry coming towards the place. She stepped forward quickly and got to the roadside at the same time with the car, it stopped right in front of her. She opened the backdoor and stepped in.

The driver drove off instantly. He made no effort to exchange pleasantries with her and she also did not bother. Their eyes met through the rearview mirror as Florence dialed Aaron again.

“I’m in the car,” she said.

“Pick up the car key beside you at the backseat,” Aaron ordered.

She immediately reached for the car keys.

“Done,” she said.

“He would drive you for fifteen minutes and drop you off at a restaurant, the key is for the black Chevrolet you’ll find parked at the left hand side. Everything you need is in the vehicle,” Aaron said.

Just as was said, she was dropped in ten minutes and found the vehicle where she was told. She opened the boot of the car first to check what was there. She closed it back immediately as she saw the well packaged guns and bullet packs after opening a bag.

She stepped into the driver’s side of the car and found a leather file at the passenger’s side.

“I just got into the car,” she said after calling Aaron.

“The file at the driver’s side contains a debit card and a credit card, it covers your payment for any hotel of your choice and additional materials you need as far as you can account for the additional.”

She picked the paper file and dipped her hand in to take out two cards.

“What’s the pin for these cards?”

“9999,” Aaron replied.

“Okay,” she answered and put the cards back into the file and dropped it on the passenger’s seat.

She started the car engine and made her way out of the place.


14:32 PM

Adrian smiled as Sheila personally served him on the dining table, the maid holding the tray containing the plates beside her. Sheila also placed her own dish where she was meant to sit before pulling out the seat.

“I made this fried rice myself this afternoon,” she said as she settled to eat.

“It smells nice, I’m sure it’ll be delicious as usual.” Adrian smiled.

She smiled back. “Please bless the food for us.”

Adrian said a prayer of twenty seconds before they began to eat.

“How come you did not go to work today?”

“I’m on leave, I thought I told you.”

“No, I actually thought you would be coming to pick me from work.” Adrian replied.

“I’m on a short leave of three days, I’ll be resuming to work on Thursday.”

“I see, I hope I’ll be fit enough to return to work next week too.”

Sheila stopped eating and quickly looked at his face. “You want to return to work this month?” she sounded surprised.

“Yes,” he raised his brows. “Is there anything wrong with it?”

“Yes, you should rest well. I don’t think you should return this months.”

Adrian chuckled. “Come on, I’m very fine already.”

“Let’s eat now, we’ll talk about it later.” she said as she took a sip of water. “I want us to watch a movie together after the meal, it’s in two parts, almost five hours altogether.”


Unknown Hotel, El Deols.

Henry answered the call on his ringing phone as he stepped out of the staircase to the hallway.

“Hey Cole, I’m in the hotel already and will be at your room door in seconds.” he said into the mouthpiece as he proceeded forward.

He walked past the doors slowly, looking at the labels at the top until he found Cole’s room. he knocked twice and waited for a response.

“Henry, is that you?” he heard few seconds after knocking.

“Yeah, open the door man.”

“Hey! What’s the plan?” he asked immediately as he walked in after the door was opened. He saw a laptop on the table close to the wall and proceeded straight to the place.

Cole locked the door and followed him. Henry sat in his seat and he stood behind and held the external mouse to open an image on the laptop.

“This is the man whose ID I’m tracking, his name is Francis.” Cole said to him.

“How did you get his details?” Henry asked.

“I got the unique codes and searched for other products that have been made and labelled with the codes,” Cole began to explain. “It took me some days as you know, but I eventually found four other products which are totally different.”

“What organization does he work for?”

“He works on his own, like a freelancer.” Cole answered. “All four products he did were done under different organizations and with their licenses.”

“And are those items legal products?”

“Yes, all four except for the current one that hasn’t been fully produced.”

“So, how do you intend to get him?”

“He would be at the club tonight, it’s his regular pattern to play Monday games.” Cole replied.

There was silence for some seconds.

“You said all previous four products were done under different four organizations?”


“It gives the idea that he doesn’t finish the work on his own, he gets external help.”

“Yes, he does.”

“It means we are not only after him tonight, we need to find out those he got external help from in making this particular sensor.”

“You’re right boss,” Cole replied. “I’ll get him to mention those he worked with.”

“Can you do this alone?”

“Yeah, sure boss.”

“Well, I should be available to be your backup.” Henry said and got up from the seat. “What time are you going to the night club?”

“Ten o’clock,” Cole replied.

“Send me the details and I’ll look into it,” Henry said, walking to the door. “For now, I have another pressing matter to attend to.”


El Deols Airport, Anthanna.

“I understand all you’ve said boss, I’ll follow the steps.” Dan said as he walked out through the airport gate with a backpack strapped behind him.


Unknown Hotel, El Deols.

Florence Brown was sitting at the center of the bed, her knees slightly raised and her feet crossed over each other. Her shirt was off and only her bra covered the breasts but she still had her trousers worn. By her sides were two revolvers, one at each side and in front of her was an opened laptop and a phone by it side.

She dialed the number from the screen of the laptop on the phone in her hand and dropped the phone beside her, her headset was still plugged to her ear.

“Hello,” a gruff voice sounded from the receiver’s end.

“Hi, I’m Florence from Elvis Kahn. Am I speaking with Francis?”

“Yes you are, I’ve been expecting your call.”

“So, where do we meet?”

“Do you have my package from Elvis Kahn?”

“Yes, I do.”

“I have a game tonight at the Lion’s Club. I can meet with you before the game,” the voice replied.

“What time is the game?”

“It starts nine o’clock.”

“What time does it end?”

“It could end at anytime but it does around eleven o’clock usually,” Francis answered.

“We should meet after the game, I’ll be busy around nine o’clock.”

“Okay, see you then.” Francis replied and the call ended.

Florence licked her lips softly. She picked the pistol by her left side and raised it up, it was a beretta. She concluded in her mind she was not going to need guns to kill Francis but a knife.

She got up and walked to open the wardrobe where she kept the bags she had picked up from the boot of the Chevrolet to pick a knife. She had chosen to kill him after he was done with his game, it will reduce the possibility of his dead body being discovered quickly.