RESTLESS : The Hunt For Peace Episode 202



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Michael stepped closer to the unconscious lady to see her face. He instantly recognized her.

“F***!” he cursed and hit his fists together in anger. His greatest fears had finally come to pass. Carl Winston had come after him.

He recognized Samantha as the lady on Carl Winston’s team whom Hutton Ryker had captured several months ago. Carl Winston had been able to miraculously save her and also prevent people from dying at the planned explosion.

“Do you know her?” the junior agent asked on seeing Michael’s reaction.

“Yes, I do,” Michael tightened his jaw and then pointed his gun at Samantha. He cocked the gun.

He was about to pull the trigger when his wife’s scream distracted him.

“No, honey. Please,” she grabbed him with her scream terrifying everyone. They all stared at her in surprise.

Michael sighed and uncocked his gun. He remembered how much she hated seeing people being shot or killed. It had been a trauma for her the last time she experienced such.

“My wife won’t like to see this,” he muttered to the guard. “Once we get out of sight, pull the trigger.”

“Understood sir,” the guard nodded.

Michael pulled his wife by the arm and proceeded towards the exit. The FOX officer looked around for a second before following them.

The guard kept his eyes on them as they walked out of sight.

“Who is she and why are they attacking us?” Michael’s wife asked him as they got into a different room.

“They’re just some criminals whose organization I brought down. I guess they must have traced our place somehow to attack me,” he lied and then dragged her closer for a tight side hug. “You don’t have to worry about them, honey. We’ll handle it.”

The FOX officer moved in front of them and hurried towards the left corner. He quickly began to move some wooden materials which were at the corner.

A gunshot sounded.

“She’s dead,” the woman shook, looking visibly terrified.

“Yeah, she is,” Michael stared at her face. “Don’t worry about her, she’s a criminal and she’s got what she deserved.”


Henry quickly entered through the hole after he was finally able to destroy the lock. He was still on the stairs when a gunshot sounded and stopped him in his tracks. He was frozen to the ground for a couple of seconds but shook his head and proceeded further. But before he could get to the exit, another gunshot sounded. He froze again.

His body felt too weak at the thought of what could have happened to Samantha. The last time he was speaking to her, she had gone off with the only reasonable explanation being that she had been captured. If anyone was being shot at in that building apart from him, then it was Samantha.

He gulped as he proceeded further. In less than five seconds, he got to the exit door and stepped out. He froze again as he saw the body. There was a bullet hole in the belly through which blood oozed out, taking with it life.


Unspecified location, Bethanna

Holding his arms at both sides, Dave and Maxwell dragged Seedorf through the passage towards the empty room. They got in to meet Jennifer who had placed two chairs there. They dropped his body on the floor beside the chair.

“Can we get a bowl of water?” Dave asked as he squatted to peer at Seedorf’s face, holding his pistol in his right hand. He then stepped back and took off the bag strapped to his back.

Seedorf was laid with his back to the floor. The handcuffs which were previously used to fasten his hands behind him had been moved to the front after he was made unconscious.

“Here’s it,” Evelyn asked as she joined them in the room holding a long rope.

Dave and Maxwell dragged Seedorf up at once and positioned him on the chair.

Jennifer arrived to see them tying Seedorf to the chair. She dropped the bowl of water aside until they were done.

“I need to catch some sleep now,” Evelyn stated after glancing at her wristwatch.

“Sleep? Won’t you join the interrogation?” Maxwell asked her.

“No, I’ve got to be at work this morning,” she replied and headed out through the door already.

“We can handle this ourselves, Max,” Dave assured.

After Dave confirmed that the ropes were firm enough, he turned to Jennifer and gave her a signal. She nodded knowingly and stepped out of the room. Then, he took the bowl of water and splashed it on Seerdorf’s face.

Seedorf woke back into consciousness with a loud gulp. He took in a deep breath and shone his eyes at those in front of him.

Dave was peering at his face directly with a wide grin. This angered Seedorf and he tried to move but was held back by the rope.

Dave chuckled and stood upright.

“You should relax, man. That’s not gonna get you anywhere,” Dave folded his arms, staring into Seedorf’s eyes.

“Damn you! You will pay for this,” Seedorf cursed.

Dave chuckled again. “Tell me, dude. How will you get me to pay? Nobody knows where you are. Your life is in my hands.”

Seedorf kicked angrily and Dave laughed at him hysterically.

“You’re wasting your time, man. I’m not saying a word to you,” Seedorf threatened.

“Of course, you will, Seedorf,” Dave stepped closer to him and squatted to look him in the face.

“You can’t stop the move, it’s already on and can’t be closed,” he threatened.

“We will stop it because you will tell us exactly how to do so,” Dave replied confidently. He turned sideways towards Maxwell who handed him a tablet device. Dave turned the picture to him. “Do you know them?”

Seedorf widened his eyes as he stared at the screen. It was showing a picture of his baby mama and his son.

“You definitely not going to lay your hands on them,” he glared at Dave.

“We won’t just lay hands on them, Seedorf. We will bring you pieces of their bodies to you daily,” Dave threatened.

Seedorf stared for a while and then laughed. “You don’t even know where they are.”

“Off course, I do,” Dave replied and swiped to the next photo. “This was taken today at St. John’s High School in Hillious. We know where your Baby mama stays in Heathenway.”

Seedorf shot a furious look at him and struggled to free himself but the ropes tying him were too strong.

“Don’t you dare lay your filthy hands on them,” he cursed.

“I won’t if you agree to answer my questions,” Dave replied and then stood upright. He handed the device back to Maxwell. He pulled the second chair closer and sat in front of Seedorf. “Tell us what you know about G63.”

Seedorf raised his eyes at the mention of G63. He squinted at Dave for a while before he looked down again. “I know nothing about it.”

“Off course, you do, Seedorf. There’s no need for Hanky Panky nigga, just tell me what you know.”

“I don’t know anything,” Seedorf replied.

Dave shook his head. “Do I have to remind you of Alicia and your little kid, Desmond before you start talking?”

“They have nothing to do with this,” Seedorf replied, his voice was a little calmer now. “I know nothing about them.”

Dave chuckled and got up instantly. He reached for his bag and took out a purse. In that purse was an ampoule and syringe.

Seedorf watched as Dave began to draw the liquid from the ampoule into the syringe.

“What the f*** is that?”

“Just something little to make you powerless and also help you sleep,” Dave replied.

“You gotta believe me man. I know nothing about G63,” he said and then looked at Maxwell when he noticed Dave wasn’t paying attention to him. “Dude, I know nothing about this f***ing G63.”

Maxwell stared blankly at him and then stepped closer to Dave. “What part of Alicia’s body do we start with?”

Dave paused and glanced at Maxwell. “It’ll be nice to wake him up with her fingers tomorrow.”

Maxwell let out a crooked smile and then stepped back. He took out his phone to make a call and placed it on loud speakers.

The call was answered in few seconds. “Hey! When last did you set eyes on the target?”

“Seven hours ago,” the receiver replied. It was Jenny’s voice. “She returned from the shopping mall with her son. They’ve not stepped out of the apartment since then.”

“It’s time to get her. Chop off her right fingers and make a video of you doing it. Then, let the fingers get to us by morning tomorrow. Her Baby Papa needs it for breakfast.”

Seedorf eyes widened in shock listening to the conversation. He began to struggle harder to set himself free but his efforts were futile. He was still struggling when Dave got up with the syringe and moved closer.

Dave stood beside him and held his head to inject him in the neck.

“Stop please! I’ll tell you what you want to know,” Seedorf screamed.

Dave paused and stared at Maxwell’s face for a brief moment.

“Our men are on their way into Alicia’s apartment, you need to talk fast if you want her to keep the fingers on her right hand.”

Seedorf took in a deep breath before he started to speak. “G63 is a group of mercenaries set aside by the Red Wolves. They’re highly dangerous and skilled. It’s made up of two teams, one is assigned to protect something while the other team are assassins.”

“What are they protecting? And who are the assassins going to ki*ll?” Dave stepped in front of him.

“I swear, I don’t have an idea,” Seedorf cursed.

Dave chuckled. “It doesn’t seem like you want Alicia to keep her fingers.”

“I’m telling you the truth man,” Seedorf voiced desperately. “Hutton Ryker hides information about the G63 men from us. I’ve only heard when he talked about it with some of the Red Wolves executives.”

Dave stared at him for some seconds and then turned to Maxwell. “Call it off,” he said and turned back to Seedorf.

Maxwell picked his phone to make the call immediately. “Abort the task,” he said briefly into the phone and ended the call.

Seedorf heaved a sigh of relief.

Dave dragged the chair closer and sat in front of the captive again. “I suggest that you keep answering our questions smoothly henceforth. If you delay next time, we might have to chop off her fingers for real.”

Seedorf stared at him silently without replying.

Dave covered the syringe needle in his hand and placed it carefully on the floor. Then he collected the tablet device from Maxwell again.

“I’ll read out some names now,” Dave continued. “You have to tell me which name you’ve heard before.”


“I’m sorry, he was going to ki*ll me,” Samantha apologized on seeing how Henry stared at the body in horror. She was sitting on the floor with her back resting against the wall. The pistol was on the floor on her left side. She was panting heavily as a result of the struggle.

Henry looked up slowly to Sam’s face in disbelief. He glanced at the body lying on the floor again. The guard was still alive but it was obvious he couldn’t survive as he got no help with the bullet in his belly.

“It’s okay, Sam,” Henry heaved a sigh of relief as he closed in and squatted before her. He touched her cheeks softly. “I was scared that you got shot.

“No,” she replied breathlessly and touched the back of her head. She brought her palm to the front to see blood stains.

“Let me check that,” Henry offered.

“No,” she stopped him. “Michael is getting away, please go after them now. I’ll get the car to the take off point”

She could see in Henry’s eyes that he was reluctant to leave her but she urged. “Go, Henry. Go get him.”

He rose up sluggishly and gave her a final look before dashing towards the exit.

Samantha continued to take slow deep breaths, trying to gather some strength. She glanced at the body of the guard on the floor. He had died with his eyes opened.

His assault on her had only taken her out for a few minutes. She was still unconscious when Michael tried to sh00t her but the scream of the woman had woken her. She had woken up with a forced deep breath but fortunately for her, the eyes of the three men were on the woman who screamed.

Unfortunately for the guard, he had taken his eyes off Samantha and was staring at three others walking away. He turned back immediately they were out of sight but was shocked to see her getting up already. He still managed to fire the first shot but she was fast enough to grab his wrist and redirect the bullet into the floor.

Then, she pushed him to the wall and served him a kick with the knee to his groin. She followed with a punch in the face while still holding on to his wrist with her right hand.

He tried to push her away but she managed to remain firm. After a few seconds of struggle, the gun went off again. The bullet had gotten into the guard’s body luckily.

She heaved a sigh of relief as she saw him going down weakly. His palms were finally too weak to hold the gun and he released it. She stepped back tiredly to the corner and dropped to the floor. It was at that moment Henry got in.

To be continued

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