RESTLESS : The Hunt For Peace Episode 201



Bexford City Hotel

12: 05 AM

“Welcome to Bexford City Hotel,” the receptionist greeted on sighting the guests walking towards the counter.

“We are from the FOX, I need information on someone lodged in your hotel,” Evelyn introduced herself, displaying her badge. She had a face cap on and her hair scattered.

Beside her were Dave and Jennifer, they also displayed fake badges but from a distance.

“I’m sorry, I may…” the receptionist tried to speak but Evelyn interrupted.

“His name is Bram Seedorf, he’s a Belgian. He checked in two days ago. I need to know his room, what time he checked in, and those with him when he checked in.”

“Excuse me, Agent. I’m not allowed to provide such information to you except with orders from above,” the receptionist retorted.

“This is an important investigation, Miss. You could help us bring down a criminal organization if you provide me with the details.”

“I’m sorry, I can’t,” she insisted.

Evelyn sighed. “Okay, why not call the manager and let him know there are FOX agents here? I believe your hotel should have received a message from the office.”

The receptionist stared at Evelyn for a while as if considering whether or not to make the call. Then she picked up the hotel landline and dialled the number. Evelyn stared at her in silence, hoping Maxwell would succeed in intercepting the call as they planned.

“Good morning, sir,” the receptionist greeted and a sleepy gruff voice replied from the other end. “There’s a FOX agent here who needs information concerning one of our guests.”

“Yes. Please, let the FOX agent have the information required. We’ve been contacted earlier by the FOX office. Please, obey all their instructions.”

The receptionist stared at Evelyn’s face for a while before she dropped the receiver. “What’s the guest’s name?”

“Seedorf Bram, he checked in two days ago,” Evelyn answered.

The receptionist typed in the name into her laptop quickly. She looked up after a minute. “You’re right. He checked in two days ago and he’s lodged in room B5.”

“On what floor is room B5?” Dave asked.

“The first floor,” the receptionist answered.

“We need an extra keycard to the room,” Evelyn requested.

The receptionist frowned and it was obvious she was ready to argue.

“If you need to call your manager again, do so right now and stop wasting our time,” Evelyn snapped at her.

She suddenly remembered that the sleepy manager had asked her to obey whatever the FOX men said. Without wasting any more time, she searched for an extra keycard and handed it to them.

“Thank you,” Evelyn received it and then turned to give a signal to Dave. “You stay here,” she said to Jennifer.

Dave and Evelyn walked up the stairs quickly and got to the first floor. It wasn’t difficult for them to locate the room.

They both pulled out their guns. Evelyn used the keycard to unlock the door and then opened it. Dave moved swiftly into the room, pointing his gun at the occupant.

“Freeze!” he shouted as he got in. Evelyn followed after and closed the door.

Seedorf who had jumped off immediately the door opened raised his hands in surrender.

“We’re from the FOX and you’re under arrest for collaboration with the Wolves terrorist organization,” Evelyn displayed her badge.

“What?” Seedorf gasped in surprise.

“You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in the court of law,” Dave recited the Miranda right.

“Your game is over, Seedorf. We’ve got Daysman and we have you too,” Evelyn added, mentioning Daysman to make the arrest look real to Seedorf.

It worked. Seedorf believed instantly that the FOX had been able to trace him through Daysman who was in their custody.

“Step down slowly with your hands in the air,” Dave instructed. “And don’t try anything stupid, our agents have surrounded this building and there’s no way for you to escape.”

Seedorf stepped down with his hands in the air as he was instructed.

Evelyn unlocked the handcuff from her belt hole. She then moved slowly beside him and made him put both hands behind before handcuffing him.

“Who else is with you in this hotel?” Dave questioned.

Seedorf remained silent.

“Talk to me, Man. Your game is over,” Dave insisted, even though he was sure Seedorf wasn’t going to speak. It was all an act to make the arrest look real.

“I ain’t talking until I get my lawyer, man,” Seedorf scoffed.

“Move,” Evelyn opened the door and ordered him out.

They walked him out of the room and slowly down the stairs to the reception where Jennifer was waiting. She had her gun pointed at him as he approached.

Seedorf looked around the reception and it seemed strange. He had expected to see more FOX agents on the ground floor. Apart from the lady pointing a gun at him, only two of the hotel staff and a security man at the door was seen.

However, he continued moving towards the door but suddenly stopped as something flashed in his mind. He remembered Dave’s face. He was there that afternoon when the Red Wolves had captured Carl Winston and his men through the Trip Jones’ trap, on the same day Hannah and Cole were killed. Dave was one of the men captured that afternoon.

He turned sharply and stared at Dave. “You?” he screamed and tried to attack.

Using the advantage of his two free hands, Dave was able to dodge him and then knock him unconscious by hitting his head with the butt of his gun.

“What the f***!” Evelyn cursed, staring at Dave and wondering what had happened.

“Let’s get him out of here,” Dave said and then began to drag the body out. Evelyn and Jennifer followed.


12:15 AM

Agent Michael’s Apartment

After Samantha had confirmed her entry into the building, Henry drove the vehicle to the other side and parked by the fence of the apartment, just before the gate entrance.

He turned on the music and raised the volume very high. Then he looked out a bottle of beer and began to nod his head to the music like a drunken man.

Just as he expected, one of the security guards soon came out of the building and turned towards his car.

“Get ready, Sam,” he said to her and continued to nod his head nonchalantly.

“Hey, what the f*** you doing here?” the security guard snapped angrily.

Henry only glanced at him and continued to nod and snap his fingers.

“Lower that sound now,” the guard commanded, pointing his gun at Henry.

“Hey man, not that serious,” Henry lowered the volume immediately. “I was just trying to enjoy myself after working so hard today on the road.”

“Now, start the car and get the f*** away from here.”

“Just want to pass the night here in my car, man,” Henry replied boldly. “I drove someone down here and it’s too late to get back to my apartment by this time.”

“That’s none of my business,” the guard replied. “You can park your taxi and continue your nonsense somewhere else, not here.”

“Hey man, stop being unnecessarily harsh,” Henry scoffed. “Or you angry because I didn’t offer you a drink?”

The guard was already getting angry and was about to threaten him with the gun again when another man stepped out of the gate.

“What’s happening here?”

That moment of distraction was exactly what Henry was waiting for. Immediately the man looked towards his colleague, Henry opened the door violently, making the guard lose control and crash to the ground. The other man tried to pull out his gun but Henry stepped out of the car and fired his gun at him before he could.

He turned towards the guard who crashed to the ground and fired a bullet into his belly. He then closed the door of the vehicle.

Henry looked around for a second and then dragged the unconscious body of the first guard to the other side, where it could be hidden in the little space between his car and the fence. He dragged the other body to the same place and then proceeded in through the opened gate. The tranquillizing bullets in their bodies would keep them unconscious for at least six hours.

He looked around carefully as he walked in, conscious that there could be one other guard he had to deal with at the entrance. He closed the gate on seeing no one else. His entrance had been easier than and not as loud as he thought.

“Sam, did you see any guard at the back?” he spoke in low tones into his mouthpiece.

“No,” Samantha replied him.

“I haven’t seen the third guard too. Be careful, Sam. He could be around you,” Henry warned.

But just as he finished speaking to her, he began to hear footsteps approaching. He quickly hid behind the flowers surrounding the security room close to the gate. He looked through the leaves and saw another guard approaching from the left side of the building.

The man stopped as he got a clear view of the gate. He was alarmed as he didn’t see the two guards that were supposed to be on duty. He called out the names of the other two as he walked slowly towards the gate but stopped even before he got halfway.

Henry saw him taking out something from his pocket and knew it was the guard’s communicator device.

“Sh*t!” Henry cursed. The other guards and the FOX agent would be woken up if the third guard used the device to call out the missing two.

Henry had to stop it but he wasn’t close enough to do so. He decided to shake the flowers to distract the man.

The distraction worked but for a couple of seconds only. Instead of the man proceeding to check what was behind the flowers first, he decided to continue with the communicator.

“Amos, Vincent, where are you guys?” He spoke into his communicator and waited for a reply but got none. “Attention everyone, Amos and Vincent are not in sight. I suspect something is wrong but I’m going to check it out now.”

Henry stepped out of the dark spot immediately as there was no reason to hide anymore. The third guard noticed him but couldn’t make any move as Henry shot on his lap first.

He fell to the floor weakly but still conscious as the tranquillizing bullet couldn’t have any immediate effect where it entered from. Henry got close to him and pointed a gun at him as the voice came out loud from the communicator.

“What’s wrong with Amos and Vincent? Found them?”

Henry dragged the man by the collar, forcing him to sit up. “Tell him you haven’t found them and ask them to come outside,” he whispered, pointing the gun to the man’s head.

The guard picked up the communicator and tapped on the speak button. “I can’t find them yet, I think there’s something wrong. Can you join me outside now?” he said and released the button

“Coming out right away,” the voice from the other side said.

“Sorry man,” Henry made an apology before knocking the guard unconscious. He then proceeded quickly towards the door of the main building.

The house was a huge one with several rooms. The guards and the FOX agents assigned to keep the man safe lived on the ground floor. Henry was certain about the procedure the security agents will take. While the security guards would come out to see what was wrong, the two FOX agents’ main concern will be to protect their boss, which in this case was the main target.

Just as Henry expected, another guard soon came rushing out through the door with a gun, oblivious that someone was hiding there. He turned quickly as he noticed but Henry was fast enough to hit his head with his gun.

The guard fell to the floor heavily but remained conscious. He tried to get up immediately but the blow was so huge that he was already so dizzy. Henry finished the job by dishing him another blow on the face.

He turned just in time to see another guard stepping out. The guard managed to fire a shot but Henry was able to dodge and divert the bullet by pushing the man. He followed up with an uppercut to the man’s chin. The man fell back into the house through the opened door but managed to maintain his grip on the gun.

He tried to get up but Henry was on top of him before he could. Henry ensured his arm was held down to the ground and the bullet went wide even as he pulled the trigger the second time. He followed up with two punches to the man’s face and then shook off the gun from his hand. Then he fired from his gun into the man’s belly.

Henry raised his head to look around the living room. It was just like he envisaged. He spotted the staircase which led to the master’s room upstairs. He knew him that the two FOX agents would be at the Master’s room already, attempting to get the man and his wife to safety.

After looking carefully for some seconds, it seemed clear for him to proceed upstairs to get the man. But then he remembered that there were supposed to be six of the regular security guards. He had only taken five down.

He hid behind the sofa for a second, looking around for signs of movement to spot where the sixth man could be hiding. There was nothing around that showed signs of the sixth man.

He began to wonder where the sixth man could be. Had he joined the FOX men to protect Agent Michael, he thought. A thought struck him and he suddenly remembered where the sixth man could be. On his way towards Samantha’s direction.

“Sam,” he called her name softly to warn her.

“I’m there, Henry. Waiting as instructed,” Samantha replied from the other end.

“Listen carefully, Sam. A man may have gone out through the second main door and maybe coming towards your direction now, you have to be…” he stopped abruptly as he heard a thud.

“Sam…Sam,” he called but got no response. What he heard was a man’s voice in the background.


“F*** you bi**h,” the security guard cursed after knocking Samantha down with the butt of his gun. He stared down at her thinly and then took out a walkie-talkie from his pocket. “I’ve got a bi**h here, officers.”


“What the heck is happening? Is it a robbery,” Agent Michael barked at the junior FOX agents as another gunshot sounded. Michael was in his night robe and was standing at the entrance of the room while both agents stood before him.

“I’m not so sure what it is sir, but we need to get you and Madam to safety right away,” one of the junior officers replied.

“I’ll be out in a minute,” Michael replied and closed the door. He turned to his wife who had just taken off her night robe to put on something else. “You need to be faster.”


At the same time, outside the room

“You go check what’s happening while I lead them out,” one of the FOX agents said to his colleague.

“Sure,” the other agreed and cocked his gun as he turned. He was yet to move when the security guard’s voice sounded in the walkie-talkie.

“I’ve got a bi**h here officers.”

The two FOX officers exchanged glances.

“Are you sure there’s no other intruder around?” the agent who was supposed to wait for Michael and his wife asked.

“Yeah, didn’t see anyone else, just this bi**h. She was talking to someone via a wireless communicator. I can’t tell what she was doing here but this doesn’t look like an armed robbery.”

“Ensure you keep her in the control room and watch out for anything else.”

“Knocked her out already,” the man from the other end replied.

“Be careful,” the FOX officer ended the conversation and turned to his partner. “We might need to call for backup, we don’t know how many intruders we’re up against.”

“You’re right,” the second one took out a phone. “You go ahead with Agent Michael while I check out the living room,” he said, dialling a number as he walked towards the stairs.

The agent held up his gun in one hand and the phone with the other as he climbed down slowly. His eyes scanning down by the side of the stairs as he got closer to the ground floor.

“Calling from Agent Michael’s apartment,” he paused to make the phone report. “There are some armed men in the building right now and we need assistance in getting the executive out.”

He returned the phone into his pocket after the call. He was three more steps closer to the ground floor but he could see the bodies on the floor from there. A body was inside, just after the entrance while the other was outside. But there were no signs of intruders.

He pointed his gun firmly as he took the remaining steps down, ready to sh00t at the slightest movement he noticed. His eyes danced around the sofas as he believed those were the easiest hiding spots.

But then, a thought struck his mind and he realized that someone could be hiding under the staircase. He turned sharply but only in time to receive a bullet into his belly. Luckily for him, it was just a tranquillizing bullet.

He crashed to the floor instantly and felt his whole body weak. A face appeared above him but his vision was blurred and he couldn’t see clearly. He tried to use the gun which was still in his palm but was too weak to make any movement.

Henry snatched the gun from his hands and moved up the stairs quickly.

“Do you know what’s happening yet?” Michael stepped out of the room after his wife. He had also taken out his 9mm pistol loaded with a fifteen-round magazine.

“No, sir,” the junior agent shook his head. “But it doesn’t look like an armed robbery. We’ve lost connection with five of our men already and the guess is that the attackers have brought them down. That’s why we need to get you to safety quickly.”

“Okay, we’re good to.”

The agent took a glance towards the main staircase before turning in the other direction. “Let’s proceed,” he led while Michael followed, holding his wife’s hand.

They got to the end of the corridor and entered a room that looked like a store. The junior agent walked quickly to move some arranged paint buckets from the left corner of the room. He then rolled up the rug covering the floor to reveal a metallic door covering a hole in the floor.

He got up quickly to take a key from his pocket and then used the key in opening the door to the hole. It led to a staircase leading down to another room.

“Come,” Michael drew his wife closer and made her go in front of him.

The woman looked around for a while as if debating whether or not to go. She had always known there was an escape route in the building but never thought a day would come where they needed to use it.

“What about your partner?” Michael suddenly stopped and asked.

“He went to check out what was happening.”

“Has he reported anything to you?”

“Nothing yet,” the junior answered. He squinted as Michael kept staring at him until he realized what the look meant. He quickly took out his walkie-talkie and tapped on the button.

“Agent Sadiq,” he called and waited for a response. He repeated it twice in a space of five seconds before he realized that something must have gone wrong with his partner. “We need to get out of here, sir,” he turned to Michael as he realized that whatever was happening was serious than he thought.

Michael hesitated for a while before he turned forward. “Let’s go, Honey,” he said to his wife and they both proceeded down the stairs.

Henry was on the second floor in no time. He had noticed the direction from where the FOX agent he took then came and he went straight there.

The corridor was empty, making him doubt that he had come to the right place. He turned for a moment and considered walking back to check other places but he heard a sound that confirmed he was in the right direction. He proceeded quickly down the corridor and soon got to the entrance of the store.

There were so many items in the store which could serve as shields to hide, so he moved in carefully, his eyes moving from one direction to another. He continued carefully until he got to the spot where the hole was.

He took another look around before he knelt to pull it open but failed. Pulling the handle did not work as it had been locked from the other side.

After walking about a minute through their escape route, they got to the exit door. The junior agent stepped in front again and opened the door with his key. He stepped back for the Agent and his wife to step out before following them.

There they met the security guard standing waiting pointing a gun at an unconscious body on the floor.

“What do I do with her?” the security guard asked Michael.

Michael stepped closer to the unconscious lady to see her face. He instantly recognized her.

“F***!” he cursed and hit his fists together in anger. His greatest fears had finally come to pass. Carl Winston had come after him.

He recognized Samantha as the lady on Carl Winston’s team whom Hutton Ryker had captured several months ago. Carl Winston had been able to miraculously save her and also prevent people from dying at the planned explosion.

“Do you know her?” the junior agent asked on seeing Michael’s reaction.

“Yes, I do,” Michael tightened his jaw and then pointed his gun at Samantha. He cocked the gun.

To be continued