RESTLESS : The Hunt For Peace Episode 184



02:01 PM

Henry was sitting patiently in front of the computer system, tapping a finger on the table playfully as he waited for the software to finish processing. It had been hours of trying to deduce what Hutton and Kahn’s mission in Venux could be, but there had been no success on it.

His phone which was just beside the mouse rang, breaking a silence of over one hour. He leaned forward to check the screen which displayed ‘Maxwell’ as the caller’s ID.

A breath escaped his lips as he pulled his swivel closer and picked the phone. He glanced at the computer screen again before answering the call.

“Hey, Max. Got any good news for me?” He said in a sharp tone.

“Well, nothing for now. I couldn’t find anything so different from what you sent to me,” the reply came.

“Okay, we keep working then.”

“Yeah,” Maxwell cleared his throat. “I learned Kahn would be leaving for Venux in the next hour at most. I don’t know if this info could be helpful.”

“Do you have an idea of how many people he’s traveling with?” Henry asked.

“No idea.”

“That means we can’t take a step or plan an ambush right now. Doing that could be fatal for us and even other road users,” Henry replied.

“You’re right,” Maxwell couldn’t but agree, even though he sounded somewhat disappointed. “We should just keep working on tracking him.”

“Yeah, for now. What about Emily? Has she called you today?” Henry questioned.

“But I did call her this morning,” Maxwell replied. “We’ve been talking via a messenger since then. I got to know through her that her boss was leaving in the next hour. She also told me the club would be opening tonight.”

“So, there are no plans to meet today?”

“Not for now, she seems quite busy.”

“Then you should go to the club later tonight,” Henry suggested.

“Oh!” Maxwell exclaimed. “Yeah, I really should.”

“Good, also make efforts to locate where Kahn’s office is. There might be some valuable information for us there,” Henry instructed further.

“I would do that and get back to you as soon as it’s done.”

Henry ended the call and was about to drop the phone when a text message entered. He swiped down the notification bar quickly and clicked to read the full message. It was from Evelyn.

It worked. Daysman told us the name and he’s going to take the deal. 

Henry took in a breath after reading the text and paused for a second to think. He then clicked on reply and typed in: Good but you’ve got to be careful. Let me know before you take action on any of his information.

He texted her back and then locked his phone. He closed his eyes and laid back with a deep breath.

Different thoughts began to run through his mind. He knew that more work had to be done on Daysman if they really wanted him to cooperate with the FOX like he should.

After some more minutes of thinking, he unlocked his phone to text Evelyn again.

You need to invite Daysman Jnr for questioning. If you put some pressure on his son, Daysman’s gonna feel the pressure himself.


05:35 PM

“I’m sorry for keeping you waiting, Nathan,” Chanda apologized to the lawyer as he walked into the living room.

“It’s no problem, Mr. Chanda. I understand how busy you can be,” Nathan replied as he stood up to greet his host.

They exchanged handshakes with smiles and then settled back on the seat.

“You’ve not been updating me as you should,” Chanda alleged barely a second after they sat.

“Well, you didn’t call me. I tried your number and I couldn’t reach you,” Nathan answered.

“You know you can always check me here,” Chanda replied. “This place isn’t far from your office.”

Nathan raised a brow and smirked. “Come on, you know I can be seen coming here every time. I’m not supposed to be talking about my client to an external party…”

“I’m not an external party, I’m Daysman’s friend,” Chanda cut in.

“But you didn’t employ me,” Nathan retorted. Chanda was quiet. “I could lose my license if I’m caught doing this and could even go to jail if it backfires.”

“Do you still care about losing your license?” Chanda scoffed. “I’m f***ing paying you more than your license does.”

“It’s not all about money, it’s what I love to do,” Nathan retorted.

“Damn what you love to do, Nathan. You need to tell me what’s going on now,” Chanda said in a commanding tone.

“I think you should be the one to let me know what’s going on,” Nathan fired back. “Maybe if you and Daysman tells me the truth, I will know how to help you.”

Chanda stared at him for a moment and then picked up a cigar to light. He rested his back and took in a drag calmly before he looked at Daysman to respond. “What truth are you talking about?”

“What mess have you both gotten into? Do you work with the Wolves or you are just victims? And who the hell is Hutton Ryker?” Nathan blew hot.

Chanda paused for a while at the sound of Hutton’s name. Then he took in another drag slowly and let out the smoke.

“I told you initially, we got into a mess with the Red Wolves and had to work with them to save our heads. But if we mess up, they’re coming for us and our family.”

“The FOX is going to protect the Daysman’s family. They offered him a deal to work with them to nab the Wolves and they’d let him walk.”

“He’s not going to take it, is he?” Chanda asked.

“He is yet to make up his mind to do so, but I’m going to convince him,” Nathan replied.

“Why? You know you’re going to be putting my family and his in danger right?”

“His family is going to be safe,” Nathan replied, stressing the word ‘safe’. “If you think your family is in danger, you should turn yourself in too. If you can help the FOX get the Wolves, they would let you and Daysman walk,” he added and then picked up his suit jacket to leave.

“Why are you so sure that they would keep to their word?” Chanda questioned.

“They would have no choice,” Nathan explained. “It’s going to be signed, they have to let him go.”

Chanda seemed a bit distraught. He dropped his cigar and got up to stare at Nathan directly in the eyes.

Nathan continued to talk before he could speak. “If you have anything to do with the Wolves, I think you should turn yourself in too. Agree to help the FOX against the Wolves and I can help you walk.”

Chanda was dumbfounded. He could no longer say anything but just watched as Nathan walked away.

Bethannan Max Security Correctional Centre,

FOX Office, EPA Hill

Daysman was taking a nap in his cell when someone’s voice woke him. He got up to see one of the Marshalls standing at the door.

“You have a visitor,” the Marshall said to him in a gruff voice.

“Who?” He replied in a sleepy voice.

“Your son,” the Marshall replied. “Your first son.”

Daysman’s heart skipped a beat. His heartbeat increased as he wondered why his son was there at that moment.

“Are you coming or not?” the impatient Marshall asked.

“I am,” Daysman replied and quickly got out of the bed. He put on his slippers and headed for the door. The Marshall unlocked it and opened the door for him to step out.  His hands were cuffed before the Marshall led him to the visitors’ room.

He paused at the entrance on seeing his son. The young man also looked up at the same time and their eyes met.

Daysman let out a sigh of frustration. It was always difficult for him to discuss with his son while on cuffs. Reluctantly, he proceeded to the seat and sat opposite his son.

“How are you doing, Dad?” Daysman’s son began in a calm voice.

“I’m fine, son. How about you?”

“I’m okay.”

“How about your business and your mother?”

“She’s fine and business is fine,” he replied.

There was a minute of awkward silence between them before the son continued.

“Dad, I need you to tell me what’s going on?”

Daysman let out a deep breath and rested his back in the chair. He paused for a while and then leaned forward again.

“It’s a long story, son. We can’t discuss it here.”

“Why?” The son raised a brow. “Where then are we going to discuss it?”

“I can’t tell you now, someone might listen to our conversation,” Daysman replied.

The son looked around to check if anyone who looking at them or listening.

He shook his head as he placed a narrow gaze on his Dad’s face. “No one is listening to us.”

“Yea, but our conversation could be recorded,” Daysman argued. “I need to be careful.”

The son groaned tiredly. “Why

“They want to bring me down,” Daysman replied, cautiously looking around. Then he leaned forward closer to his son and said in whispers. “I got into some big mess but I’m going to get out soon because I’m making a deal with the FOX. I’m going to walk for free but help them get the Red Wolves.”

“Are you sure?” The son seemed unconvinced.

“Yes, I will walk free,” Daysman reassured.

“But the Agents seem to believe that the whole of our family works with the Wolves,” Daysman Jnr. replied, still doubting.

“Why do you say so?” Daysman frowned.

“They pulled me in for questioning today, asking me how my name was used to purchase properties for the Red Wolves.”

Daysman let out a tired sigh and then leaned closer to his son again. “They’re just carrying their investigations and trying to make us say the truth with tricks. You can ignore them, nothing’s going to happen to you or the rest of the family.”

“But what about…”

“Time’s up, return to your cells,” the loud voice of a Marshall interrupted them. The two looked around and realized that the warning bells had sounded before but they were carried away. Many of the prisons and their visitors had already gotten up to leave.

“Son. Don’t worry about this. I have it in control,” Daysman said as he got up to his feet, one of the Marshalls was already coming to get him.


Kahn tapped the button to unlock the door to the backseat as he spotted Chanda walking towards the car from behind. Hutton was sitting quietly by his side. They were both dressed in thick leather jackets and they had face caps on their heads. It seemed like a sort of dress for disguise.

Chanda who was approaching them was also dressed the same way. He soon got to the car and stepped in.

“Daysman has been offered a deal,” he announced, immediately he got in.

“What deal?” Kahn asked, staring at his face through the rearview mirror.

“A deal to sell us out and walk,” Chanda replied.

“He’s not going to do that,” Kahn chuckled mischievously. “He knows we can reach his family easily.”

“The FOX is going to protect the family,” Chanda replied.

“The FOX wouldn’t even be able to protect themselves soon,” Hutton cut in a mean tone.

Kahn and Chanda stared at him, expecting an explanation for his words. But he turned to the side mirror and stared at it for a while.

“We should allow Daysman to take the deal and walk,” Hutton continued. “That’s the best way we can get him out of there without stress.”

“And he’s going to walk after going against us?” Chanda questioned.

“He can’t go against us,” Hutton replied boldly. “We know everything he knows, so he’s still going to lead the FOX to their destruction. Even he knows this.”

Kahn and Chanda exchanged glances, they had no choice but to believe in Hutton.

“Let’s go now,” Kahn said as he started the car engine.


10:21 AM, the next morning

The FOX Office, 

EPA Hill, Bexford

“Good morning Agent Evelyn,” Steve greeted as he walked into the office where Evelyn and Daniel were waiting for him. He glanced at his wristwatch as he approached the table hurriedly. “I’m a minute late, please accept my apologies.”

“Are you guys with your files?” He said as he dropped his file on the table. He didn’t need to get a verbal reply as the two others placed their files on the table.

“I want us to do a proper discussion before we go in for questioning today,” Steve stated the mission for their meeting which they already knew. He opened the file and was about to start talking when his phone rang.

He took out the phone from his suit jacket and checked the caller.

“It’s from Agent Mensah, please excuse me,” he said as he answered the call. “Good morning sir.”

After a few seconds of listening, a frown formed on his face. “We will be right there sir,” he said before dropping the phone call.

He stared at the two other’s faces with a kind of frustrated look. Evelyn and Daniel were already thinking he was frowning because they wouldn’t be able to go on with the meeting, but then Steve broke the news.

“An explosion just happened in Venux.”

To be continued