RESTLESS : The Hunt For Peace Episode 183


Daysman let out a sigh. He was totally confused. He didn’t know what to think. Hutton had warned him about something of such sometime ago but it didn’t know it would show up this way.

He knew that at this moment, it was possible Hutton would pull more dirt on his son and the rest of his family. But he didn’t know if Hutton had only done this only to warn him or if the Wolves were done with him and about to bring him and his family down.

“I think we need to get the arrest warrant for your son right away, since you chose to be loyal to the terrorist,” Evelyn threatened and picked her document to get up.

“His full name is Hutton Ryker,” Daysman blurted out.

Evelyn and Steve exchanged quick glances.

“Hutton Ryker, you say?” Evelyn asked for confirmation.

“Yeah, Hutton Ryker,” Daysman affirmed in a defeated tone.

Evelyn scribbled it down quickly. “So, tell us more about Hutton.”

Daysman stared fiercely for a moment and then shook his head. “I can’t,” he voiced breathlessly to the surprise of the Agents.

Evelyn stared at him narrowly, wondering how and why Daysman could have changed his mind quickly.

“He’s gonna rub more dirt on my family or ki*ll them if he finds out I tell you anything about him,” Daysman explained.

“We can keep your family safe,” Steve put in.

“If Hutton can’t hurt them, he’s gonna get them implicated for something real bad,” Daysman insisted.

“Tell us something, Mr Daysman,” Evelyn leaned forward. “Why did you give us those addresses?” She paused and looked at his face. “Was that what Hutton asked you to do?”

Daysman shook his head.

“But how did he know we were coming and prepared for us?”

“Hutton has been preparing for that several months ago,” Daysman replied.

“But you knew we were going to get into trouble for going there?” Evelyn asked.

“Yes, I did.” He answered. “Hutton was aware that I could only give you those seven addresses, so he knew what you would do if you got them.”

Steve and Evelyn exchanged glances again.

“And why the heck did you not warn us?” Steve questioned angrily.

“Because it was not my job to do so,” Daysman answered. “You asked me for addresses and I gave you the right ones.”

“But do you know you could get into trouble for assisting a terrorist organization?” Steve said.

Daysman looked unmoved by the threat and shrugged without saying anything.

Evelyn took in a deep breath as she laid back. She then folded her arms across her chest as she gave him a narrow gaze. After a few seconds, she leaned forward again and looked closely into his eyes.

“We can help you, Mr Daysman but you also have to help us,” Evelyn offered. She paused and glanced at the lawyer before she continued. She turned her face back to Daysman and looked thinly into his eyes. “You can walk, with all charges against you dropped. We can let you go have the life you want with your family. But you have to work with us.”

Daysman chuckled and shook his head. Then, he rested his back in the chair. “I’m not a kid, ma’am. Is that even possible?” He simpered. “I’ve got strong allegations against me and I’m so sure it can’t be easy to walk.”

“We can drop all allegations against you and make you leave as a clean man,” Evelyn insisted.

Daysman glanced at his lawyer as if to confirm if what she was saying could be true.

“What’s your offer?” the lawyer asked Evelyn. “And if we’re doing anything, it has to be signed officially.”

“The offer is simple, he helps us get Hutton Ryker and nab the Wolves and we’ll let him go,” Evelyn explained.

“Just like that, without any trial?” The lawyer questioned.

“Yeah, we hold nothing against him. Neither we nor the country will benefit anything from him going to jail. But if we get Hutton Ryker and the Wolves, everyone benefits,” Evelyn explained.

The lawyer took in a breath and then turned to Daysman with a convincing look. He turned back to the agents immediately. “I think I need sometime with my client.”

“That’s fine,” Evelyn replied after she exchanged a glance with Steve. “Let us know when you’re ready to talk to us.”

“Just give us a few minutes, please stay around,” the lawyer said as the agents made their way out of the interrogation room.

“That was good,” Mensah remarked as Steve and Evelyn got out.

“Thank you, sir,” Evelyn replied.

“But you never told me of that document with Daysman jnr’s name,” Steve accused Evelyn.

The executives also stared at her for an explanation.

“That’s because we didn’t have time to talk before going in,” Evelyn answered.

“But we had enough time to talk about it since we resumed,” he countered.

“I got it only a few minutes before we walked into the investigation room,” she answered, taking out the document from the file. “Here’s it,” she handed it to him.

He let out a breath calmly as he saw the date and time of print in the footer of the document.

“Alright,” he cleared his throat and turned to look through the transparent wall.

The lawyer and Daysman had moved into the next room to discuss and weren’t back yet.

“I think the lawyer is going to convince him to cooperate,” Mensah voiced his thoughts.

“He should better do,” the other executive Agent remarked.

“Do we really just let him walk like that?” Steve turned again and asked the executives. His eyes met with Evelyn’s and he could see that she was surprised at his question. “I mean he’s gotta pay for his sins too, right?”

At that moment, the lawyer and Daysman stepped back into the interrogation room. Steve noticed that Mensah and Evelyn staring at something behind him and he also turned to look.

“It doesn’t work that way,” Mensah continued with the discussion. “If you promise him totally freedom, you better let him have it.”

“Besides, we’re going to be signing an official document verified by his lawyer. If we promise to let him walk, he would walk when he delivers the Wolves to us,” Evelyn put in.

A junior officer stepped out of the interrogation room to inform them of the suspect’s return.

“We’ll be with them in a minute,” Steve replied the junior officer and he left immediately. He turned back to Mensah. “Do you think the executives will agree with this?”

“That’s not a problem,” Mensah answered. “As long as we get the Red Wolves, we’re ready to do anything.”

Steve nodded and heaved a sigh of relief.

“So, you guys get in and make him agree to work with you,” Mensah said as he watched them walk back into the interrogation room.

“So, are you taking the deal?” Evelyn asked immediately after they settled back into their seats. She stared at Daysman for a few seconds and then moved her gaze to the lawyer when he didn’t respond.

“Well, we need to make some things very clear,” Nathan sniffled.

“Yeah, go ahead, tell us what you want,” Steve allowed.

“I want you to let us know the terms of the deal you’re offering,” he added.

Evelyn leaned forward, staring straight at the lawyer. “He only needs to help us bring the Wolves down. Once we get the top members and bring down the organization, he can walk.”

“Naah,” the lawyer sneered. He leaned back in his chair and placed both palms on the table, locking his fingers. “That’s too vague and it gives us no assurance that my client would be free.”

“It’s going to be an official deal,” Steve put in.

“I know all that, Agent,” Nathan shook his head and leaned forward again. “What I’m saying is we need more. What if you never get to bring down the Wolves after my client helps you with enough details? He still goes to jail?”

There was silence for a few seconds as Nathan left the Agents to ponder on his question.

“So, if you want us to take a deal, you need to offer something better.”

“Uhmn… So, you want us to take out the condition of bringing down the Wolves?”

“Yeah, you have to take that out. Because it is possible my client gives you enough information to nab them but the FOX fails in doing so. It doesn’t make sense to keep my client in jail because of your own failure.”

“You’re right, but we’ll also have to include a condition that will cover your client’s provision of wrong or dangerous information…” Evelyn was saying when Steve interrupted.

“Just like he did the last time,” Steve put in, hitting his clenched fist gently on the table. “He bleeping led us to an ambush in guise of giving us information.”

“My client did not lead you to an ambush, Agent. He provided the information you requested from him.”

“But he knew what was going to happen to us,” Steve fired.

“How the hell do you believe I was sure of that? You didn’t ask for my advice, else, I would have told you not to go,” Daysman fired back. “I knew the Wolves would be prepared for you but it could have happened either ways. The FOX could have defeated them too. I didn’t ask you to fail woefully.”

“Hold on, Daysman. Let me handle this,” Nathan calmed him.

Steve wanted to talk again but Evelyn held him by the wrist as a sign to stop him. She then turned her gaze to Daysman.

“We understand all that already, but this time around, we’re not just asking for information. We’re asking that you join our team from here and help us get the Wolves. You’ve worked with them for a couple of years and know exactly what to do about them.”

“And he’s going to do that, provided that we sign the right deal,” Nathan answered her.

“We will prepare the deal and let you know when it’s ready,” Evelyn said conclusively and then packed her file on the table.

She glanced at Steve who was not looking ready to get up before she rose to her feet. Steve reluctantly got up with her and picked his file on the table.

“See you again soon,” Evelyn said before she turned to leave.


10 Minutes later

“I’m not so certain that guy is ready to work with us,” Steve remarked as he and Evelyn walked back to the office.

“Why are you sounding so negative, Steve?” Evelyn stopped and turned.

“Sounding negative?” Steve groaned. “I’m only trying to be careful here. That motherf***er almost killed all of us with the last information he gave to us.”

“Yeah, and we should have been more careful with the way we handled it.”

“Oh!” Steve widened his eyes at her in surprise. “So, you’re blaming us now?”

“No,” she heaved a sigh of frustration. “But it’s obvious that we played into their hands without thinking they could be expecting us.”

“F*** it, Evelyn! We had a good plan, a mole gave us out,” Steve barked angrily.

Evelyn stared at him for a while.

“I think you need some time to rest, Agent,” she said and continued to walk.

“What the heck do you mean by that?” He followed her immediately. “I’m talking to you,” he added in a commanding tone when she didn’t stop or answer him.

She finally stopped. “It obvious that you’re yet to recover from the loss in the last mission and you’re letting that affect your judgement.”

Steve stared at her with unbelieving eyes.

“I’m sorry but you’re sounding confused,” she continued. “You believe that Daysman knew the Red Wolves were ready for us but you’re still bringing in the mole to the picture. If the Red Wolves had planned a long time ago for our attack, they wouldn’t have needed a mole to inform them we were coming. They knew at the moment we arrested Daysman that it would happen.”

Steve let out a breath. Evelyn was making some sense but he wasn’t ready to agree with her.

“I think you need to rest, sir. If you can, take a break and clear off your mind. It will help you and help the case,” Evelyn said before walking away.

Steve paused to think as he watched her go. She had made some sense about the effect of the mole in the case. However, he still believed strongly that she was the mole. And it made more sense that way. She was a member of the Red Wolves just like Daysman and they knew each other. Both Daysman and Evelyn were working together, he concluded and made up his mind to prove it.

To be continued