RESTLESS : The Hunt For Peace Episode 172



“You guys really do have a great place here,” Maxwell remarked after walking around with Emily for about fifteen minutes.

She turned and stopped to face him with a smile. “Yea, we truly have the best facility on this side of town. It’s left for you to make the right choice.”

They were both holding a cup of wine each.

He smiled back at her. “That decision does not depend on me alone.”

“But I believe you’re in the best position to influence the minds of those who make the decisions,” she responded.

“You’re right and I will try to do that,” he replied. He was about to ask something else when a lady stopped behind Emily and whispered something to her.

“It’s a pity, Oliver. I have to leave you for a moment,” she politely said as she handed her cup to the lady who whispered to her. “Please enjoy for the meantime,” she added quickly before walking away.

“Oh! Sure,” Oliver replied and then gulped down the remaining content. He looked around for the nearest barmaid and walked towards her to drop his cup on her tray. He fixed an earpiece on as he turned back. “Henry, I’m alone now. It’s time to reach Dave.”


“It’s time to go now, Sam,” Henry said as he got up from the table where they sat. “Make sure you stay connected to Jennifer.”

“I’ll be here until it’s time to move,” she replied without taking a look at him. Her focus was kept on the device.

Henry buttoned his jacket as he walked elegantly towards another section of the building. He took out his phone and unlocked it. After that, he navigated to the messaging app and opened the drafts. Then he clicked on the first message and sent it to Dave.



Step 4>>

“At some point in time, Emily will need to meet with her employees. Once we have our tracker on her, she will give us the exact spot where Hutton Ryker or Elvis Kahn will be. When we locate that spot, we will also be able to tell how Hutton and Elvis may try to escape if there is trouble. At the same time, Dave will come in with the weapons we need to use.”

Dave squinted at Henry. “How do I come in with weapons even with the tight security?”

“That’s so easy. We’re going to be using what the enemy considers as their strength against them,” Henry answered. “Due to the importance of the event, the club will require external security agents to join them. Not all the security agents are familiar with each other, but they will have to make use of something as an identity.”

Henry paused for a second and stepped back. “That identity will be their uniform. Both the externals and internals will be in the same uniform. And that is what makes it easy for us. Dave will be putting on their uniform.”

“Even at that, I believe the security agents will not only need a uniform. They will also require tags to permit them to be in the hall, just like the other workers. And even if I have a tag, the security men at the entrance would recognize each other. Walking past them won’t be easy,” Dave countered.

“Yes,” Henry agreed. “And that is why you won’t be walking through the main entrance but going through the back.”

There was complete silence for a moment.

“The security won’t be so tight at the back entrance because they won’t be expecting anyone. After bringing in the weapons, Maxwell will meet you to take the explosives he needs to complete his task, or you keep them in a restroom for him to pick up,” Henry explained further.

“But I’m still not sure how I will get to the backspace without being spotted,” Dave put in.

Henry paused and moved closer to the table. He pointed to a spot on the map with the ball pen in his hand. You will be passing through this route and no one is likely to see you there.”

“What about the backspace itself? There would be security men positioned at the place. And I’m sure they would be internal security officers who would recognize themselves. How are they going to let me in without a tag?”

“They won’t let you in,” Henry answered. “You let yourself in.”

“You want me to beat them all up or ki*ll them?” Dave raised a brow.

“Are you certain you’ll be able to beat them all up?” Henry laughed.

“Hell no!” Dave widened his eyes. “These are not kids but most likely trained security experts.”

“Yeah, you’re right. But the good thing is that you won’t have to face them all. Before you make your move, you must start by causing a distraction at the front of the club. How do you think they would respond when there’s a distraction at the front?” Henry stopped and began to glance at each one’s face, expecting an answer.

“How else would they react?” Maxwell stated hypothetically. “A distraction will definitely distract them and the guys at the front may leave their posts for a while to check what it is.”

“No,” Henry shook his head and turned his face to someone else. “That’s not it.”

“If we cause a distraction in front,” Dave began thoughtfully. “For regular people, the guys at the front could get distracted. But as security operatives, they would maintain their post. It is a common strategy for enemies to try and distract before attacking. So, the guys would be more prepared for an attack when they see the distraction.”

“Perfect!” Henry remarked. “The guys at the posts will try not to be distracted. Those who will want to check the problem are the free ones. In this case, the free ones would be the ones at the back. Once we cause the distraction, signals will be sent to the free officials. This will give you less problem to deal with before getting in.”

“Sounds cool,” Dave chuckled. “So, what exactly is the distraction?”

Henry took a glance at his face and also looked at the other team member’s faces. He could see they were all waiting to hear how the distraction would be done.



Dave sat alone in a black Jeep in the parking lot of the club. He picked up his phone immediately he noticed the vibration. Two new SMSes had come in, carrying the same message. They were from Maxwell and Henry.

Get in now,” the messages read.

He quickly stretched his hand towards the backseat and picked up a backpack. Then he picked the officer cap on the passenger’s seat and put it on. He opened the backpack and took out a small device that looked like the trigger for an explosive. He also took out one of the pistols with a silencer in the backpack and put it in the inner pocket of his jacket.

After observing the environment for half a minute, he opened the door and stepped out with the backpack. He stared at the entrance of the club hall for a while. Many of the guests had already arrived, so there were fewer people at the entrance. However, all the security officials were still there.

Instead of walking towards the club hall, he turned in the opposite direction. He walked slowly and confidently, holding the backpack in one hand and the explosive trigger in the other hand.

After walking for close to a minute, he tapped the button on the trigger and one of the cars parked in the lot went up in flames, with the fire spreading to the other vehicles.

Like many others around the place, Dave also turned back to look at the explosion scene in surprise. He stared at it for a moment and then began to walk there hurriedly like he was going to render some help.

As he moved closer, he could see that the security officials were already distracted. Instead of walking towards the scene, he turned and took another route, which would take him to the back of the club hall. It was a dark route and he was not noticed. Some security officers at the back were rushing out to see what happened. He also did not go close to the building until the backyard was in sight.

He observed for some seconds until he could no longer see anyone in the backyard. Then he stepped out and proceeded towards the place quickly. As he approached the entrance, he could hear footsteps of someone coming towards the place. He hastened his steps in order to get to the entrance at the same time as the person.

He tried to walk past, ignoring the security man who just stepped out but the man noticed him.

“Hey! Not all security men are allowed through this place,” the man stepped back and blocked Dave from entering. He scrutinized Dave well and noticed he had no tag attached. “And where is your tag?”

Without wasting any time, Dave grabbed the man by the neck and pushed him to the wall. He tried to reach his back pocket to take out something but the man kicked him on his knee before he could. He staggered back. The man tried to take out a gun but Dave launched a blow to his jaw quickly. He followed up with an uppercut and a knee kick on his chest.

The man tried to fight back but Dave dodged his punch and grabbed his hand. He delivered two punches to his belly before pushing him to the wall again. He reached for his pocket again and was able to bring out a handkerchief with which he covered the man’s nose until he passed out.

Dave then held the man’s body and dragged it to the other side of the yard. Quickly, he searched his body and took the tag before proceeding into the place.


Henry took note of everything around as he tried to locate the restroom. The closer he got to the place, the fewer the people he met on the way. He finally located the restroom from the passage and turned towards the place.

Henry observed that only one security man was standing close to the restroom. Luckily for him, the security man was also huge but not as tall as Henry. He proceeded to the restroom and took a quick look around. There were three toilets in the hall, five urinaries, and five washbasins.

After observing the place well enough, Henry walked to one of the washbasins and turned on the tap. He waited for about a minute and then turned back. He rushed outside to meet the security man he saw.

“Hey! I think someone needs help. I saw him sprawling on the floor. We need to help him,” Henry said in a panicky tone to the man, also keeping an expression on his face to support his words.

The security man squinted at Henry for a second and then reluctantly followed. He was still yet to believe Henry completely until they got closer and he began to hear the sound of the rushing tap and saw water at the door.

He walked past Henry quickly to rush into the place. Henry followed closely and pushed the door close as soon as they entered. He pulled out a handkerchief from his back pocket and covered the man’s nostrils from the back.

The big man struggled for a moment but couldn’t beat Henry’s strength. His body fell weak from the effect of the inhalation and he dropped unconscious in Henry’s hands. Henry dragged him quickly into one of the toilets and positioned him on the water closest. He looked for the man’s tag and took it, after which he also took off his shirt. Then he stepped out and turned off the tap before walking into the next toilet.

He took out a folded bag from his inner pocket and quickly took off the suit jacket and long-sleeved shirt. He put on the man’s shirt that looked okay on him but not a perfect fit like it was n the owner.

Another man had stepped into the place when he stepped out. The new man was looking at the water on the floor and wondering what happened.

“I met it like that when I walked in,” Henry said to help the man’s confusion. “Someone left it open.”

The man smiled and shook his head before proceeding towards the toilet. He could see someone’s leg from under the door in the first toilet, so he just proceeded to the next.

Henry walked out of the place dressed as a security man. He had folded his suit and shirt neatly into the bag in his hand. With the shirt and the tag on it, he could now walk into some places restricted to guests.

The first place he proceeded to was the storeroom for all staff. He got into the store without being disturbed by any of the workers there. Since the bag in his hand was somewhat big, he could not place it in one of the lockers, so he had just to keep it aside somewhere.

He looked around quickly and located his particular kind of bag and then walked towards the place. The bag contained Jennifer’s cloth which meant she was doing fine with her task. He managed to squeeze his bag into Jennifer’s before turning back.

“I’m in, Henry. Maxwell has his weapons already,” Dave’s voice sounded in Henry’s earphone.

“Great, Sam has also gotten the exact spot Elvis and Hutton are. I’ve got the directions on my device,” Henry replied.

“Send it to me, so we meet up straight away.”

“Will do in a minute,” Henry said and took out his phone. He tapped some buttons and then clicked on send. “Done, Dave.”


Henry ended the connection with Dave and dialed Maxwell immediately after.

“Max, where are you now?”

“Walking close to the VIP lounge,” Maxwell replied. “I’ve told Sam to send Jennifer my location.”

“Great, let’s get it done, guys!” Henry smiled and then walked on confidently.

— —

FLASHBACK to the plan

“Jennifer is taking one of the most crucial roles,” Henry continued. “Once she turns into one of the ladies working in the queers’ section, she would steal a VIP ticket and bring it to Maxwell. With that, Maxwell will gain access to the VIP center and complete his own part of the task.”

“So, you can all see that the success of each person’s role depends on another. Everyone has to function excellently to get the task done.”

“So, I really have to go watch those lesbians there?” Jennifer questioned.

“Yes,” Henry answered her in a strong tone.

She sighed and rolled her eyes.

“You’ve got to pretend as one to get the tag,” Henry added.


Flashback — After Jennifer left for the Queer Section

It was easy for Jennifer to locate the queers’ section. And she did not even need to see a label to know that it was the place. From the activity of the girls there, it was obvious.  It took her only a few minutes to select one of the girls and book one of the rooms for an hour.

Still dressed in her gown, Jennifer laid in the bed and watched as the chosen girl danced seductively to entertain her. After a while, the girl took off her bra and dropped it on the floor. She climbed on the bed and moved closer to Jennifer slowly.

Jennifer played along, even though she was feeling somewhat irritated. She smiled as the girl moved closer to her and then paused to take off her pants. The girl slowly leaned over and took her lips closer to Jennifer.

Instead of kissing her, Jennifer grabbed her neck and turned her over. The girl smiled, thinking the client was interested in being on top. Meanwhile, Jennifer reached for the handkerchief in her purse and covered the girl’s nose. She slept off calmly without any form of struggle.

Jennifer stepped off the bed quickly and stripped off her gown, leaving only her underpants. She returned the handkerchief into her purse and then took out the folded fabric bag.

After neatly folding her gown into the fabric bag, she reached for the girl’s bra and picked the tag that was stapled to it.

Fifteen minutes later

It was easy for Jennifer to locate the VIP section meant for those who wanted to indulge in straight sex. Her goal was to pose as one of the girls and get a client, from which she would steal the VIP pass tag which was only given to few people for that day’s event.

She lineup like other girls at the poles, waiting for the clients to pick them. It was almost close to her turn when she saw someone from afar. Her demeanor changed as she recognized him instantly.



It took Henry only a few minutes to get to the special section. This place was a VVIP section meant for special guests who paid higher. It was the location where Samantha recorded as the last location of Elvis Kahn. Henry stood opposite the entrance of the section. Dave was also close but he was standing somewhere else. They were both waiting for Maxwell’s task to be completed. However, something was holding Maxwell back.

Henry felt his phone ringing and then tapped his earpiece to answer the call.

“Hey!” He answered in low tones.

“Henry, we haven’t heard from Jennifer yet?”

“What? What the bleep is she doing?”

“I can see her location in the facility and I suspect something is wrong,” Samantha added.

“What? Why?”

“She’s in the section for VIP satisfaction but has not moved for over fifteen minutes. This could either mean she has been knocked out or she dropped her device in that place. Whatever it is, it doesn’t look good for us. Her device is supposed to be with her and she’s supposed to put on the earphone from time to time.”

“Is her mouthpiece on? Was anything recorded?”

“Yeah, I heard some sounds of struggles. I think she was caught by someone and has been knocked out,” Samantha replied in a sad tone.