RESTLESS : The Hunt For Peace Episode 171



Tuesday, August 2

Benuit, Bethanna


Hutton was in the lounge alone, sitting on the sofa with both legs resting on a footstool. He had a cigar in his hand and was taking in puffs slowly from time to time. He had so many things in his mind. However, all his thoughts were centered around his mission and how everything was working perfectly. If all his plans continued to go smoothly, then it would all end in a short while.

He looked up to see Kahn and Chanda walk into the lounge.

“How’s the plan for the party?” he asked as he placed his feet down.

“The club director has got it all under control,” Kahn replied. He settled on the sofa to Hutton’s right while Chanda sat at the left.

“You said we had something else to do today,” Chanda stated, staring at Hutton.

“Yeah, we have an important meeting with someone today,” Hutton said and then paused take a drag. He released the smoke into the air and turned to Chanda again. “He would be arriving Bethanna this evening and would be coming to Benuit.”

“Who are you talking about?” Chanda asked inquisitively.

Hutton stared at his face but did not answer. Instead, he put the cigar in his mouth and took in a very long drag.

“Who else would it be?” Kahn answered for Hutton. He leaned forward to take a cigar from the table in front of him and then took the lighter on Hutton’s footstool. “The one who’s going to help us take Carl Winston down,” he added before placing the cigar in between his lips.

“Oh!” Chanda exclaimed.

“We’ll have a meeting with him in the club while the party is going on tonight,” Hutton added.

“Are we setting the plan in motion right away?” Chanda asked.

“No, I don’t think we should. Do you?” Hutton replied, glancing in both directions to get their responses.

“I don’t think we should too,” Kahn put in. “We finish up the explosions lined up first and then deal with Carl while fixing up Dexter and Abraham.”

“Those are my exact thoughts too,” Hutton agreed with Kahn.

“And how long will it take to execute all these?” Chanda asked.

“A couple of days or maybe a few weeks,” Hutton shrugged.

“But tonight meeting is crucial,” Kahn chipped in. “It will determine if Carl’s going to mess us up or we mess him up.”

Hutton chuckled confidently, without the slightest suspicion that Carl could be so close to getting him already.

____ ____ ___

DIA Club


The night came so quickly and the party began at the club. Due to the large number of dignitaries expected at the party, there was also a high level of security. The entrance alone was manned by about eight men. Six of the men, stood three each on opposite sides, forming a short aisle by which every guest would pass through to meet another two at the entrance. One of the men at the entrance would confirm the ticket held by the guest while the other one would scan the guests quickly with a metal detector before allowing them into the venue.

Henry and Samantha arrived at the place in a black jeep. Henry had a blue tuxedo on with a cream-colored hat while Samantha had on a sleeveless gown which stopped just above her knees. Both stepped out of the car and proceeded towards the event hall, holding hands like a couple.

They got to the entrance and submitted their tickets to the man. Their tickets were confirmed and no metal was detected on their bodies by the detector. They were allowed to proceed into the club hall.

A female singer was on the stage singing a R n B song when they entered the hall while the guest cheered on. Samantha and Henry quickly located an empty table and settled there. A lady dressed in a skimpy dress approached them with a tray containing cups of wine. They both picked a cup each and thank the lady.

Henry was the first to take a sip from the cup. He dropped it a bit roughly and then stared at Samantha.

“Here she comes,” he said, looking at a lady who was walking past with the side eye.

Samantha also turned her neck slightly and glanced at the lady walking towards the entrance. It was Emily, the club director. Samantha opened her small purse and brought out her phone. She took off the back case and took out a micro chip. She also took out a small tube from the bag and opened the cap. From the tube, she applied a small drop of sticky substance to the back of the chip.

Flashback to the plan

“After I and Samantha gets in as a couple. Maxwell will come to the entrance with his colleague from the office, Jennifer,” Henry points to each one gently as he explains. They all watched him attentively. “His colleague, Cassandra does not have a ticket. The security would not let them in. Then, Oliver would have to call the club director and explain that he needs to come in with a colleague from the office.”

“Emily would come to the entrance in no time to get Oliver and Cassandra. As soon as they step in, Oliver and Cassandra will notice me because I will be close to the entrance. He would recognize me and stop to greet. And then…”


Disguised as Oliver, Maxwell stood somewhere aside with Jennifer, waiting for Emily to come for them. He was dressed in a grey suit while Jennifer had a cream colored mini gown on.

Soon enough, Emily appeared at the entrance and waved towards them. Maxwell and Jennifer proceeded quickly towards her.

“Hey guys, they’re special guests and they have to come in. I forgot to give the lady her ticket to the event,” Emily said with a pleasant smile to the security guards who finally gave way for Maxwell and Jennifer.

“Hey Emily,” Maxwell greeted with a warm smile.

“Hi Oliver,” Emily greeted back and offered him a handshake as they proceeded in.

“Please, meet my partner, Cassandra,” Maxwell introduced Jennifer.

“Nice to meet you ma’am,” Emily said, shaking hands with Jennifer.

“I’m sorry for not informing you earlier that she was going to come with me,” Maxwell apologized to Emily as they proceeded.

“It’s fine, Oliver,” Emily remarked. “I’m sure she would enjoy the party.”

They proceeded on silently until Henry approached them.

“Hey Mister Oliver,” Henry greeted with a broad smile. An artiste was performing a loud rock sound at that moment and they had to raise their voices to communicate clearly.

“Hi, Patrick,” Maxwell greeted back, looking so surprised to see him.

“What in the world are you doing in Benuit?”

“Here on official assignment,” Maxwell replied.

“Isn’t this Cassandra?” Henry asked as his eyes moved to Jennifer.

“Yeah, Patrick,” Jennifer smiled as she moved closer to hug Henry.

“I’ve got my wife here also,” Henry said and then turned to look at Samantha where she was seated. He beckoned on her with a wave to come towards them.

“It looks like you’re not really visitor here,” Emily remarked, staring at Maxwell.

Maxwell chuckled. “Ermm… Patrick used to work with us at Stauch before he moved here,” he quickly explained to her and then turned to Henry. “Patrick, meet Emily, the director of this club.”

“Oh! Nice to meet you, Emily,” Henry offered a handshake.

Meanwhile, Samantha – ‘Patrick’s wife’, was having some difficulty with her high heeled shoes. Henry quickly excused himself to help her. He took the purse from her hand and held her with the other hand to support her while she put on the shoes properly. After fixing her shoe, they both walked together towards the waiting three.

“Meet my wife, Joanna,” Henry introduced her cheerfully. “We got married few weeks ago. Joanna, meet my colleagues at my previous place of work, Oliver and Cassandra,” he said as he showed her to the two.

While Samantha stepped forward to shake hands with the two, Henry also introduced Emily “Also, meet the club director, Miss…”

“Emily,” the club director completed the name as she noticed Henry was finding it difficult to pronounce the name.

Samantha turned towards Emily and extended her hand for a handshake. But before Emily could shake her hands, her knees bent and she almost fell to the ground. Emily had to hold up her in support.

“Are you okay?” Emily said as she helped her up. Henry moved closer to support ‘his wife’.

“Yes, thank you,” Samantha forced out a smile. “That was embarrassing, I’m sorry, I’m not used to putting on heels.”

“Oh! It’s okay,” Emily smiled back. “You just need to be more careful,” Emily added.

“Why don’t you go ahead with Emily,” Jennifer suggested. “I’ll like to spend some time with the Patricks. I’ll join you later.”

“Sure,” Maxwell agreed immediately. “I’ll see you later then,” he added and then turned to Emily. “Shall we?”

“Yeah,” Emily affirmed. She took one more glance at Samantha before leaving. “Take care, Mrs. Patrick.”

“That was real enough,” Jennifer remarked as they got to the table.

Henry looked around as if to check if anyone was listening before he replied. “Yeah, I think that was a perfect job, Sam. The club is so scanty tonight and there’s no way anyone could have gotten that close to her without her suspecting.”

“Thank you,” Samantha smiled.

“It’s time for step 3 now,” Henry reminded them.

Jennifer took a quick look around and signaled one of the club female attendants. She beckoned on the lady to come closer.

“Can I get you a drink or something?” The attendant asked.

“I don’t need a drink,” Jennifer said in a rather low voice that made the lady lean forward to hear her better. “Is there a room for queers here?”

The attendant looked at her face. “Yes, you’re into girls?” She whispered back.

“Actually, I’m into you and I’m feeling hot right now,” Jennifer replied in a seductive tone.

“I’m not into that but I can take you there,” the lady replied. “There are a lot of hot girls waiting there.”

Jennifer smiled broadly. She picked up her small purse and then uncrossed her legs. “Take me there,” she whispered and then turned to smile at the Patricks before walking off with the lady.

Flashback to the plan

“Once we get the chip attached to the director’s body and we’re together, Cassandra will find her way back to the queer section. She’ll get one of the ladies and book a room. The ladies put on a bikinis only, the same way as the dancers who entertain the VIP guests dress. Cassandra’s goal is to sedate the lady and take her staff tag. With that, she would gain access to the VIP section.”


“Gotten her yet?” Henry asked Samantha again.

“Yeah,” she nodded and showed him the phone. After that, she took out a wireless earpiece and plugged it in her left here. “Trailing her now and I can hear all what she’s saying.”

To be continued