RESTLESS : The Hunt For Peace Episode 146


July 1, 2016.

Bexford, Bethanna.


“What’s happening, Cole? It’s already three days of trailing Trip Jones and the only thing we know about him is his name,” Henry queried Cole who was sitting opposite him in the computer room.

Their seats’ positions were adjacent to each other but both had turned from the computer to face themselves.

“He happens to be a secretive person and he seems to be conscious that people could be following,” Cole replied.

“Has he caught you staring at or following him?”

“No, and I don’t think he’s seen Dave either,” Cole answered. “But we can’t go close to him because he looks back and around so often.”

“How close have you been on him?” Henry asked.

“We’re currently lodged in the same hotel he is lodged,” Cole answered. “We’ve also followed him to Ruthernard thrice. He goes into the place on foot and then three vehicles come out after he goes in,” Cole answered.

Henry squinted at him. “I don’t understand you, what do the three vehicles have to do with him?”

“We suspect he goes to join other people there, and they move to another destination,” Cole explained. “We’re sure he follows them in one of the three cars, but we don’t know which of the cars he follows because the glasses are tinted.”

“Have you tried following any of the cars?”

“Yes, we followed two, one each on different occasions but he wasn’t in any,” Cole replied. “Dave suggests that following the third could be futile because he’s likely not to stick to a particular one.”

“You’re right, but what’s the next step?”

“We need someone who can get closer to him,” Cole said, lowering his voice a bit.


“Yeah, a lady. I suggest Samantha,” Cole replied.

“Oh! I get you now,” Henry took in a breath. He pondered for a few seconds before he spoke again. “How’s she going to meet with him?”

“He drinks at the hotel bar every night, and he’s always alone there,” Cole answered.

“Oh! That’s a great place for her to meet him,” Henry replied. He thought about it for some more seconds before he spoke again. “I suggest we allow Jennifer to carry out the job instead, Samantha has been abducted by the Wolves before, and we can’t say if their men could recognize her.”

“Oh! You’re right,” Cole said with a frown on his face. He and Dave had not thought about it that way.

“You should go get Jennifer prepared for the job right away,” Henry said, and then turned his chair to face the desktop.

After a few more seconds, Cole got up and walked out of the room.

Henry waited until Cole was out before he picked his phone to make a call.

The FOX Corporation, EPA Hill

Paul was sitting alone in his office and working on his laptop when his phone began to ring. He glanced at the screen to see who the caller was. The caller’s number was not saved on his phone. He knew it had to be Carl. It was only Carl who consistently called him with different numbers on that line.

He reached for the phone and answered the call. “Hello Carl, what information do you need from me now?”

“Hello Chairman, this is actually very important, and I want you to get it done. I may have to break into some of the FOX’s operation if I don’t get an answer from you,” Henry said.

“You should know better than threatening me to make requests Carl, the FOX would come after you if you make illegal moves,” Paul replied.

“I don’t give a damn if the FOX comes after me Chairman, I go for anything I need.”

“And what is it you want?”

“Some more information about Hutton Ryker,” Henry replied. “I’ve made some more thorough investigation and discovered that he mentioned three names in some statements he made when he was at the South Husan prison. One of those names is Evans Blake, the FOX chairman that same year. There are two other names I need to know, I need you to help me find them. I also need the names of some of the people arrested during the case that led to Hutton Ryker’s imprisonment.”

“Carl, I’m not certain I can do that. I’ve got so much work to do, and I can’t start digging into closed cases. I also cannot assign someone to do that, it could raise suspicion.”

“Well, you don’t have a good excuse Mr Paul. You’re the Chairman and you have many junior officers at your beck and call.”

“I’ll try Carl, but I’m not promising to get back to you.”

“You don’t need to, I’ll wait for 24 hours before I make the next move.”

“24 hours is too short!” Paul exclaimed.

“No, it’s so much time, enough to get that piece of information. Good day Mr. Paul,” Carl said and ended the call.

Paul heaved a sigh as he dropped the phone on the table. He knew there was no way he could stop Carl from getting the information required. Even if he didn’t help, Carl was going to get it anyway.


Henry stared at the desktop in front of him again. The pictures of the three men were on the screen. He only needed to get a confirmation from Paul.

He knew the first man was Evans Blake. Carl was a very junior FOX agent when Evans Blake was the FOX Chairman. Now, the man was seventy-one years old and still living in Bethanna.

The second man was Dexter Joe, and the third was Abraham Carter. Dexter Joe was the President of Bethanna while Abraham Carter was one of the leaders in the UN when Blake was the FOX chairman. Dexter and Abraham were younger than Blake, both aged 63 and 67 respectively. However, they were known to be good friends during the old days and still remained as friends.

Henry was trying to get the connection between those men and Hutton Ryker’s imprisonment. They seemed to be Hutton’s main enemies.



Lilent Hotels & Suites.

It was Friday and the club section of the hotel was so busy with clubbers. While the partying and dancing were going on, Trip sat alone at the bar sipping a glass of wine. He had his eyes on the dance floor and was watching the people dancing but seemed uninterested in joining them.

That night was his fourth night in the hotel and also the fourth night he was there to drink. For some reason, he preferred not to have his drink in his hotel room but right there at the bar before he retired to his room. To him, it was a form of relaxation.

He wasn’t a heavy drinker neither. He barely drank more than one bottle each night. Only on this day which he seemed to be enjoying entertainment from the clubbers did he order for the second bottle.

His eyes were still glued to the dance floor where the drunk clubbers were when he heard a lady’s voice behind him.


He turned back and saw a pretty lady standing next to him.

“Hello,” he replied with a broad smile.

She smiled back. “Can I join you?”

“Yes sure,” he nodded.

She pulled a stool closer to him and sat.

“So, you’re waiting for someone?” She asked him.

“Not really,” he shook his head. “I’m here alone, just taking some time out.”

“That makes us two,” she looked away from him to call the attention of the barman. Trip took the opportunity to feast his eyes on her. He looked lustfully at her thighs and her legs which were revealed with the short gown she wore. She was not only beautiful but also sexy, he thought to himself.

“Get me a bottle of Veletta please,” she said to the barman who walked away quickly to get the order.

“Veletta?” He asked in surprise.

She turned her face to him. “Yeah, Veletta. I barely take alcoholic drinks,” she replied to him.

He chuckled. “Oh! I just thought you would like something more sophisticated,” he said.

“No, I’m not sophisticated myself,” she said and laughed.

He laughed also.

The barman returned with the bottle of wine and a cup. He placed it in front of her and opened the bottle for her on her request.

“Thank you, “ she said to the barman before he walked away. She took the bottle to pour some of the wine into the cup.

“I’m Trip Jones,” he introduced himself and offered a handshake.

“I’m Ann,” she took his hand in hers.

“Nice to meet you, Ann,” he smiled.

“My pleasure,” she nodded and picked up her cup.

“So, what brings you here?” He asked after watching her take the first sip.

“I came into Bexford to deliver some of my products and also attend some meetings,” She replied.

“What do you sell?” He asked.

The duo continued with the conversation for almost one hour and seemed to enjoy each other’s company.

“I’ll be going into my room soon,” she told him as she took out her purse and called onto the barman.

“Let me pay for the drink,” he took out some money from his wallet and gave them to the barman before she could.

“Oh! Thanks, that’s kind of you.”

He smiled. “So, what room are you lodged in?”

“2F,” she replied.

“That’s on the second floor,” he remarked. “I’m in a room on the third floor, can we walk together.”

She shrugged. “I don’t mind.”

She picked up her small bag and got up. He got up after her and they both walked out of the bar. They continued chatting as they climbed up the stairs. He followed her until she got to the door of the hotel room.

“Can we see again before you leave?”

“Sure, if there’s enough time.”

“May I have your phone number then?” He handed over his phone for her to type in her digits.

“Thank you, I’ll call you when I get into my room.”


Jennifer took out her phone as she walked into the room. She dialed a number on her phone as she sat down.

“Hey Cole, I’m back,” she said into the phone.

“Yeah, we saw you guys. I’ll be with you shortly.”

She dropped the call and took off her shoes. She then walked to the mirror and began to clean off her makeup and take off her earrings.

Two minutes later, Cole knocked and walked in without waiting for an answer.

“Are you sure he didn’t see you coming here?” She turned to him.

“No, we waited for him to get into his room first,” he replied. “So, it was easy right?”

“Of course it was, so what’s next now?”

“You remain here like you truly came for business,” Cole replied. “We can’t tell, he may come searching for you anytime. You only dress up and leave tomorrow morning at 8 am.”

“Alright,” she nodded and turned back to the mirror.

“You send us his number once he makes a call to you.”

“Okay, I’ll do that once I get his call.”

“Good, see you tomorrow,” he said and then walked out of the room. She followed to the door and locked it from behind. Her phone began to ring just as she walked back to the bed.

She looked at the screen and saw a new number, it was definitely Trip.


June 2, 2016


Jennifer was still applying her makeup when her phone rang. She turned to the bed to pick the phone. Cole was the caller.

“Hey Cole,” she answered the call.

“You can leave now, Jenny, but be ready to receive further instructions from us.”

“Alright.” The call ended.


Dave was driving the car while Cole was sitting by the passenger side. They had their eyes on the cab Trip had entered from the gate of the hotel.

Cole dialed Henry’s number immediately after ending the call with Jennifer.

“Hello boss, we’re on his trail now. We’ll let you know once he makes the same move,” he spoke briefly and ended the call.


“Alright Cole,” the call from Cole ended as Henry walked into the computer room.

He went straight to the PC at the center and tapped the space bar. The screen came on and the tracking software was already running.

He pulled the chair closer and sat. He maximized the notepad application which was already running on another window. Two numbers were on different lines of the text. The first was Trip’s number and the other was Jennifer’s.

He copied Trip’s number and maximized the tracking software again. With the use of the function keys on the keyboard, he opened a dialog box on the software and pasted the number. He clicked “Enter” and the request began to process.

After a minute, the dialog box disappeared and another interface was opened. He reached for the mouse and scrolled slowly. His eyes were squinted as he viewed the points created on the map shown.

He finally took in a deep breath and shook his head. He reached for his phone and dialed Cole again.

“Where is Jennifer?” he asked after the call was answered.

“She’s on her way there,” Cole replied.

“Good, Trip’s number is protected. I can only see when he makes calls, I can’t get his location and I can’t extract his call details.”

“We might need to work on his phone before we can break off the guard,” Cole sighed.

“You’re right, but we can still work with Jenny when we need to get his location. She’d make a call to him and we would be able to trace the location of her call receiver.”

“Oh! That’s a great idea boss, we’d let you know when we need to track him.”

>>> 40 Minutes later <<<<

Dave and Cole had their eyes at the gate of the building from where they were. As usual, the three cars drove out and followed after each other in a straight direction. They usually continued in a straight direction before splitting into different directions at a junction.

Cole and Dave waited until the vehicles had gone a long way before they stepped out from their hiding corners and got into their car. Cole took out his phone and dialed Henry quickly.

“We need to track him now,” he said briefly and hung up.

Dave started the car engine and they turned to the other carriageway and drove after the vehicles.


Trip was sitting at the backseat, flanked by two other guys when his phone began to ring. He took it out and squinted at the screen. He looked surprised to see the caller but still answered it immediately.

“Good morning Trip, how are you doing today?”

“I’m fine, good morning. It’s surprising to get a call from you this morning,” Trip replied.

“Oh! Sorry to bother you, I actually wanted to find out if you’ve gone out already.”

“No, you’re not bothering me,” Trip corrected. “I’m out already, I left over an hour ago.”

“No problem then, I was just wondering if you would be driving, and if we are going the same way.”

“Okay, maybe we talk about that later this evening.”


Less than five minutes after he hung up, Cole received another call from Henry.

“He’s in the vehicle that’s going towards the Bexford bridge,” Henry reported from the other end. “I’ll continue trailing the vehicle through the surveillance cameras and give you feeds.”

“Great boss, thanks,” Cole hung up. “Towards the Bexford bridge,” he said to Dave who increased his driving speed immediately.

>>>> Later that day <<<<<

“That place is supposed to be a bakery,” Dave said aloud in a round table meeting with the whole of the team. “I don’t understand what they could be doing there.”

“I think we should all understand the Wolves method of operation already,” Henry remarked. “They make use of the most absurd places for their meetings and make use of the most unimaginable method of transportation for their explosive devices.”

“I can imagine that they’re going to be packaging explosive devices in loaves of bread soon,” Cole remarked.

“We’ve got to find a way to stop them,” Samantha chipped in.

“We’re not sure what activity took place behind the walls yet,” Henry voiced out in a calm tone. “It could just be a meeting Trip went in there for.”

“But how do we confirm they haven’t arranged explosives into the baked loaves of bread already?” Dave questioned.

“I’ve been pulling out footages of the past few days of vehicles going in and coming out from the bakery,” Henry replied. “We can all take time to got through these footages to see if explosive materials could have been taken in earlier.”

“That may take a long time,” Cole put in.

“And what if we never find anything, does that mean nothing was transported in?” Samantha asked.

“No,” Henry said loudly. “There could be an easier way to know though,” he said and paused to look at their faces. They all looked attentive.

He then fixed his eyes on Jennifer. “Jenny can help us extract records from Trip’s phone.”

They all stared at him inquisitively, Jennifer especially had her eyes squinted at him.

Henry continued talking directly to Jennifer. “You will have to find a way to entice him, get him into your room, and drug him. Then you can extract details from his phone.”

“But wouldn’t he get to know his phone got tampered with the next morning?” Hannah spoke for the first time since they started the meeting.

“Not at all,” Henry answered her. “That’s why she’s extracting details and not bugging his phone. He would easily find out as a developer if his phone is bugged, but it would be more difficult to know if someone only used his phone.”

“What if his phone has some security of a kind, how do I use it?” Jennifer asked.

“That’s why you need to drug him,” Henry turned to her. “While he’s asleep, Cole would come in to help you resolve any of such issues.”

Jennifer nodded and it seemed like a nice idea to all of them.

“So, it all depends on you Jenny,” Henry concluded.


Lilent Hotels & Suites.

Jennifer laid patiently in the hotel room waiting for Trip’s call that night. She was not kept waiting for long as the call came in earlier than expected.

She reached for the phone and answered it.

“Hey, Trip.”

“Hello Ann, good evening. How are you doing today?”

“I’m perfect, and how about you?”

“I’m fine,” Trip replied. “Are you back to the hotel now?”


“So, what are your plans for dinner?”

“I was about to make an order,” she answered.

“If you don’t mind, we can have dinner together at the restaurant,” he offered.

“Oh! Sure, but I’d have to take a shower first, I’ll meet you there soon.”

“See you,” he replied and then hung up.


Jennifer spotted Trip immediately she entered into the restaurant and walked to the table he was sitting at.

“Good evening,” she smiled and greeted.

“Good evening,” he got up and welcomed her with a warm smile. He took her hand and kissed her at the back of her palm before they sat back. “You’re looking so beautiful tonight, even without makeup like last night.”

“Oh, thanks,” she blushed.

He flashed his teeth in a smile. “So, how did your day go?”

“Fruitful, how did your meeting go too?”

“It was great,” Trip replied. “What would you like to eat?” He said as he beckoned on a waiter to come closer.

They ordered the same meal and began to eat soon.

“Their food tastes nice here,” Trip remarked.

“Sure, the food is always great here.”

“Oh! You’ve been here before?”

“Yes, I lodge in this hotel whenever I’m in Bexford.” She replied.

“Oh! It’s my first time actually. And I have never eaten in the restaurant, I always eat out.”

“You should try more of the food here, it’s great.”

They were both done with the meal in fifteen minutes and continued to talk.

“Would you like to stay here, or you’d prefer we take a walk around the place and probably share a drink later?”

“I prefer the latter,” she replied with a smile.

He got up immediately and picked his phone. He offered her a hand to help her up and also held her bag.

“Oh! Thanks,” she took her bag from him and smiled. He looked like a gentleman and was also acting like one.

They walked around the hotel for more than thirty minutes. They discussed their businesses and personal lives.

“So, tomorrow is Sunday. You’re not going for a meeting right?” Trip asked.

“No, of course,” she chuckled.

“I was wondering if we could take a few drinks together before we retire to our rooms,” he offered.

“Well, I do have a drink in my room. I was planning to take a few shots of it tonight,” she answered him.

He shrugged. “Maybe till tomorrow then.”

“Why don’t we go up and take the drink together?”

He stared at her in surprise. “Well, it’s only one drink. It may not be sufficient for the two of us. What if we buy another drink from here to make it two.”

“Oh! That’s a good idea.”

Twenty minutes later, they were both in Ann’s room. It was exactly like the room he was also lodged in.

“Please sit,” she offered him the only seat in the room. She dragged the footstool to his front and turned to the small refrigerator to get the wine and a cup.

“Well, I think we may have to do with just one cup,” She said as she dropped the bottle of wine and cup on the footstool in front of him.

“No problem with that.”

The space in between the bed and the sofa was just enough for them to sit comfortably opposite each other with the stool in between. She sat in front of him first and after a few seconds of looking at each other awkwardly, she spoke again.

“You go first,” she said and got up to pour some of the opened wine into the cup. She stopped halfway and suddenly looked at his face. “I think I saw a cup in that drawer, can you check it for me, please.”

The drawer was just beside Trip, so he turned slightly to open it.

She dropped a small tablet into his drink immediately he looked away and continued pouring the wine until the cup was almost full.

“Yeah, there’s one here.” He finally brought out one.

“Oh! “ she smiled as he handed it over to her. “I need to rinse it first, please wait for me.”

She got up with the opened bottle of wine and poured some of it inside the cup to rinse it. She dropped the wine on the refrigerator and proceeded into the restroom to rinse the cup in the sink. She stepped out few seconds later and cat-walked to meet Trip.

He had a smile on as usual and she also smiled at him. She stared at his cup as she filled hers. The pill would have dissolved in the drink already.

“I think we can drink now,” she said as she raised her glass up.

He also raised his cup. “Cheers!”

She watched him gulp down the drink as she also took hers.

They continued talking for almost thirty minutes before the pill began to take effect.

Trip noticed he was feeling sleepy and decided to go to his room.

“I think I’d have to leave now,” he said as he got up from the seat.

“Why so soon?” she got up.

“I’ve been so stressed,” he replied. “I’m feeling sleepy.”

She moved close to him slowly and stood in front of him with her body touching his. “Don’t you like us to spend the night together?” she eyed him seductively.

He smiled. “Oh well, I like that. But I…”

“Shh,” she hushed him and placed a finger on his lips. She turned him towards the bed and began to dip her fingers into his shirt and massage his nipples.

She pushed him with a finger to the bed and he laid flat. She raised her gown and climbed over him and began to unbutton his shirt.

Few seconds into the process, Trip fell totally asleep.

Jennifer got back up and quickly searched for Trip’s phone in his pocket. She tried to unlock it, but it had a password as expected.

She quickly called Cole with her own phone and waited patiently for him to come.

While she was waiting, she decided to start clearing the drinks and the cups on the table. She suddenly heard a voice.

“And what do you think you’re doing?”

To be continued


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