RESTLESS : The Hunt For Peace Episode 147


Few seconds into the process, Trip fell asleep.

Jennifer got back up and quickly searched for Trip’s phone in his pocket. She tried to unlock it but it had a password as expected. 

She quickly called Cole with her phone and waited patiently for him to join her. 

While she was waiting, she decided to start clearing the drinks and the cups on the table. She suddenly heard a voice.

“And what do you think you’re doing?”

Jennifer froze for a second with the cups in her hand. She then turned her neck to look at Trip on the bed and realized that the voice was only from her head. She heaved a sigh of relief and continued with clearing the place. 

Three minutes later, a knock sounded softly at the door. She glanced at Trip again and then walked to the door slowly. 

“Cole,” she called in a low tone from behind the door.

“Yes, Cole,” Cole also replied softly from behind. 

She opened the door and let him in. Cole took some steps in and stopped to look around the room for a second. Then he took off the backpack strapped to his back and proceeded to the drawer.

“He’s asleep already,” she said, even though it was evident with Trip’s position on the bed.

Cole took out the laptop from the backpack and placed it on the drawer. “Where’s the phone?” He requested from Jennifer as he turned a chair to sit on.

Jennifer handed him the phone and took another glance at sleeping Trip before she joined Cole. She placed her chair beside him.

Cole turned on the data connection and the GPS location of the phone before he inserted a USB cable. A software was already running on his computer and in a few minutes, he was able to access every single data on the phone, right on the laptop. 

He started with transferring the contact found on the phone to the laptop and also transferred the call logs data. Then he began to transfer data from the installed applications on the phone, especially the messaging and social media apps. 

The data transfer continued for over forty minutes and Jennifer watched in silence, trying to learn every process done by Cole. 

“Is there no way he’s going to know we gained access to his phone?” She finally voiced out the question that had been baffling her. 

“No,” Cole glanced at her. “He could if we broke through the password block and used the phone itself, but we’re only safely transferring his data to the computer. His phone will remain the same after the whole process.”

She let out a breath. “I hope we get enough useful data.”

“I’m not so sure we will,” Cole replied surprisingly as he finally detached the phone from the laptop.

She squinted at his face, wondering why he said so.

He turned to her and stared straight into her eyes. “This guy is a seasoned developer working for terrorists, he wouldn’t keep so much useful information on a phone that he could easily lose.”

Jennifer sighed. “So, this could probably be a waste of time.”

“Probably,” Cole nodded. “But there’s a way we can make better use of this opportunity.”


“We can bug this phone,” he paused to clear his throat and then raised his brows. “If we bug the phone, we will be able to access his location at every point in time, listen to his phone calls, get his WhatsApp and text messages, and lots more.”

“So, why don’t we do that?” She squinted. 

“We can, but we need to make sure he doesn’t suspect any foul play when he wakes up,” Cole answered.

“How is that possible? He’s gonna wake up tomorrow with no one by his side and he would realize that he was drugged,” Jennifer countered. 

“It all depends on you, Jenny, I talked to Henry about this already and he asked me to see if you would want to do it.”

“And what’s that?”

Cole paused to check his time. “The effect of the drug will only last for three more hours. He might not suspect anything if he wakes up to find you by his side.”

She stared at his face, confused. “That’s not wise enough, he’s still going to suspect something happened to him. He would not remember how he slept off and that would make him suspicious.”

“Yes, but we can give him activities to remember.”

She was now getting further confused and squinted hard at his face. “What do you mean?”

“Imagine we replace his memories with sexual activities during the night.”

“What sexual activity? He’s asleep already.”

“Yes he’s asleep, but his hormones are still active, his organs are also active. When he wakes up, he will be able to remember some feelings and probably, some sounds. That’s why we can’t talk so loudly, even though he’s asleep.”

“So, what are you suggesting?”

“That we create some sexual memories for him,” Cole replied with a faint smile.

Jennifer shook her head, she wasn’t getting him. “You want me to have sex with him while he’s asleep?”

“No, it doesn’t have to be sex. You can stimulate him with your hands for a while. If you do it aggressively, he’s gonna feel it like he had rough sex.”

She stared at him unbelievably. “You must be kidding right?”

“I’m serious,” he stared at her with a blank face. 

She chuckled and reached for her phone to call Henry. 

“You can confirm from him,” Cole smiled as he saw her dialing his number. 

She stared at him as she placed the phone close to her ear and waited for the call to be answered. 

“Hello, boss.”

“How is it going, Jenny?”

“Trip is asleep already, but Cole is suggesting that we may have to do more to keep him unsuspicious.”

Henry could be heard heaving a sigh from the other end. “Well, he told me about it. But, do you think we can really make him not to suspect anything?”

Jennifer remained silent for some seconds. “I’ll try,” she spoke up again and then hung up.

She stared back at Cole who had his eyes on her. 

“So, do I really have to do that?”

Cole stared at her with a surprised look on his face. “Damn! You don’t expect him to find me naked by his side when he wakes up tomorrow, or do you?”

She sighed. “Alright, bug the phone and leave.”


Cole connected the phone again to the computer and spent about five more minutes before he disconnected. 

“Here, it’s bugged already. We can monitor his activities with the phone at every point in time.” Cole handed back the phone to Jennifer.

She took the phone and got up from the chair. She then walked to the bed and placed it beside the pillow. 

Cole worked for another five minutes before he returned the laptop into his backpack. He got up and turned to Jennifer who was already sitting with her back against the headboard. 

“I would take my leave now,” he said. “Be careful with him.”

“Thank you,” she replied in a calm voice. 

He stood still for a moment and his eyes lingered on the sleeping man in the bed for a while. Then, a mischievous smile appeared on his face as he moved his gaze to Jennifer’s face. She also had her eyes on him and was wondering why he was still staring.

“The guy looks hot though, it could be an…”

She didn’t let him complete his statement when she pulled out her gun angrily. “Get the f*** out of here now,” she slammed angrily and got to her feet. She held the gun pointed at him and cocked it.

“Easy please, I’m sorry and I didn’t mean that,” he apologized, stepping back slowly. He had both hands raised and continued slowly until he got to the door.

She kept her gun pointed at him until he stepped out and closed the door. 


July 3, 2016


Trip opened his eyes with a deep breath after about six hours of sleep. He tried to turn in the bed but noticed that someone’s head was resting on his chest. Then he realized he was in a room with a lady. 

He rolled off the blanket covering their bodies. She appeared to be deeply asleep and was clinging to his body. He recognized her at once as he saw her face. It was Ann who he met at the hotel bar two nights ago. However, he couldn’t remember how they got to the bed and didn’t even realize they weren’t in his room yet. 

Both of them were half-naked. He only had his boxers on while she had her bra and pants on. He moved her to the side gently and left her to continue sleeping as he sat up. His hands reached for the switch by the bedside and he turned on the bulb. 

After the light came on, he then realized he wasn’t in his room. He remembered how he had met with Ann at the restaurant and how they had both decided to share a drink in her room. 

He turned and stared at her again. With the way they were both dressed, it was evident something had happened between them. But he was finding it difficult to recall how it happened. 

On the other hand, Jennifer had also woken up immediately he woke and began to move. She had felt him roll off the blanket and put her aside but she pretended to be asleep. However, she was conscious of him and was trying to notice from his movement if he was suspecting something happened.

Trip stared at Ann for a while again and then looked forward. He saw the refrigerator and then recalled how they sat opposite each other to share the drink. He couldn’t recall perfectly, but he remembered he wanted to leave when she began to caress his chest and pushed him to the bed. 

His eyes wandered about the floor and he saw a used pack of condoms on the floor. His mouth opened slightly in surprise and he struggled to remember if they really had sex or not. He couldn’t remember perfectly but he could picture her riding on him. It was kind of rough and, maybe, short. 

He clenched his fist and his teeth in anger as he struggled with his memory. How in the world could it be that he couldn’t remember what had just happened the last night? 

He remembered the bottles of alcohol he took the last night. He wasn’t so good with controlling himself after taking alcohol but he had not taken excess that night. It was only two bottles which were taken slowly. It shouldn’t have knocked him off completely. 

He turned to look at her and observed she was still fast asleep. He tried to recall if he had taken something that knocked him out but he couldn’t. 

After some more minutes of not being able to figure it out, he located his phone and checked the time. It was some minutes past four o’clock. He took in a deep breath and turned to look at Ann again. For a minute, he argued in his mind about waking her to ask her what happened but he thought it could be so embarrassing. 

He finally decided to wait until it was dawn and watch how it would play out. It was possible that Ann would have an explanation for what happened but he needed to find out without making it so obvious he had no clue. 

He laid back in the bed silently and closed his eyes. 


Jennifer finally opened her eyes after sleeping for another hour. She stretched and yawned in the bed for a while and then crawled up slowly to Trip. She was about to place her head on his chest when she realized he was awake. 

“Hey, you’re awake,” she said softly with a smile. 

“Yes,” he looked at her face and faked a smile. 

She placed her head on his chest close to his shoulder and began to caress his chest gently. 

His heartbeat was sounding so soft, but all she could hear was the sounds of bomb explosions which Trip and his Red Wolves gang were causing around Bethanna.

“What happened last night?” She asked in a soft voice. 

She intended to confuse him with the question and she succeeded in doing so. He was hoping to ask the same question from her. Now, he had no idea what answer to give to her. 

She turned her neck and stared at his face when he did not give a reply. 

He stared back at her. “Well, we slept off.”

“We slept off?” She pulled her head back and squinted at his face. 

“Yeah, that’s all I can remember,” he shrugged. 

She remained silent for a couple of seconds and then rolled away from him slowly. 

“I think I just developed a headache,” she complained, placing her palms on her face. 

“A headache?” he stared at her.

She gave no reply. 

He moved closer to her and took her hands off her face gently. He stared at her eyes for a moment and then placed his palm gently on her forehead.

“How are you feeling?” 

“I don’t really know,” she drew a breath. “This left-side just aches me,” she added, making gestures with her hand.

“Sorry dear,” he said and sat up. He rested his back against the headboard. “I think there must be something wrong with the drink we took last night.”

She turned her neck to look at his face. “Something wrong? Why do you say so?”

“I’m finding it difficult to remember all that happened with us last night,” he replied. 

She sat up slowly and squinted at him like she was surprised. “You don’t remember?”

“Yes,” he replied softly.

She sat by his side and also rested her back against the headboard. They both had their eyes staring at the wall in front and their legs stretched out straight. 

After a few seconds of silence, Jennifer began to talk slowly, as if she was struggling to remember what happened.

“After eating at the restaurant and taking a long walk, we got a drink and came in here. We talked for some time while we shared the drink,” she paused and turned to stare at his face. “You wanted to go but I stopped you…”

Trip stared back into her eyes. He could remember all she was saying up to the point she stopped. 

“And what happened after that?”

She squinted hard like she was trying to remember also. “I think we got on the bed and we’ve been asleep since then.”

“Asleep?” He looked at her with a surprised stare. “We’re almost naked,” he stopped and looked at his body and hers for a moment. “Do you remember how we took off our clothes?”

She raised her brow for a moment and then lowered it again. “You must have undressed me.”

He chuckled and rested his back against the headboard again. “I really don’t remember what happened. I think we should rest now and figure it out later.”

He laid back flat in the bed and positioned the pillow under his head. He took in a deep breath and closed his eyes. She remained in the sitting position, staring at him. She knew he was confused already but wasn’t sure whether or not he was intelligent enough to sense a foul play. 

Trip stayed awake even with his eyes closed. He had no explanation for what happened. He had suspected being drugged but there was no proof for that. He had checked his wallet and clothes. There was nothing missing. He also checked his phone and there was nothing suspicious about it. The only issue was not remembering how it all happened. 

He was so certain he had sex with her. But why would she have drugged him for sex when he was already willing to do it with her? It didn’t look reasonable. The only reasonable explanation was that both of them happened to have experienced the effect of the same substance.

“You should rest, we’ll get medicine for your headache when the day is brighter.” He finally opened his eyes and said to Jennifer. 

3 Hours Later

“I told him I was invited by a friend to a church service,” Jennifer said as she dropped her bag on the table and sank into the sofa.

“You have to continue seeing him make sure he doesn’t suspect any foul play,” Henry who was standing just at the entrance of the corridor said to her. 

“Yes, I’ll be going back soon.” She replied and heaved a sigh as she took off her shoes. 

“We have him already,” Cole said from the dining hall where he sat. He had a laptop in front of him and his earphones connected to the laptop. “We have access to his cameras and the microphone.”

“How long do I have to keep acting with him?” Jennifer asked Henry. 

“Until we get reasonable information from him, we can’t…” Henry was about to explain when Cole interrupted.

“He’s making his first call,” Cole announced loudly and took off his earpiece. 

“Track the location of the call receiver and find the identity,” Henry instructed immediately and walked towards the dining hall to meet Cole. 

Jennifer also got up and joined them. 

Cole had taken out the earpiece from the laptop, the sounds began to play out loudly. 

Trip: Hey Dude! Where are you at? I had an awkward night yesterday.

Unknown voice: What happened, tell me.

Trip: Well, I met this random girl at the hotel I’m lodged at and this really went fast with us. I ended up in her room last night.

Unknown Voice: So, you’re bleeping around already, right? (laughs)

Trip: I’m not even sure, I think I got so drunk last night. But I hope to bleep her harder tonight.

Unknown voice: Be careful bro, don’t let the boss know you’re bleeping around. You’re here for work, remember?

Trip: I know man, bleeping just one girl won’t hurt. Will it?

Unknown voice: Be careful

Trip: Sure. (Exhales). Send the details to my mail now, I’m waiting to receive them.

Unknown voice: Right away bro!

“We can access the mail he’s about to receive, right?” Henry asked immediately after the call ended.

“As long as it is the same email address registered on his phone, we can,” Cole replied.

“Get to work immediately, track the person he called, while I monitor the mail,” Henry said and proceeded straight to the computer room.

To be continued