RESTLESS : The Hunt For Peace Episode 129


Jones had his back slammed against the wall for the umpteenth time. This time, he didn’t expect it. The last time he looked up, he had seen Henry with his phone and heard him listening to Hutton, only for him to find his body lifted in the next second.

He could feel his whole body hot, his head banging him so hard and his heart racing so fast. He looked up again and saw Henry walking towards him. He managed to raise a hand up to signify he had surrendered and was ready to speak.

Henry pulled him up and made him sit on the ground with his back resting against the wall.

“Speak now, and waste no more of my time.” Henry held his chin up with his right hand and stared into his face.

Jones was in serious pains and was sweating badly, it was obvious from the way he gasped that he could no longer take more.

He tried to take time to catch his breath before answering Henry’s enquiry, but as he saw the expression on Henry’s face changing, he decided to speak up quickly.

“I’m not sure exactly where they took Mrs Sheila Jack to, but I know the locations of two Red Wolves camps in Bethanna.” He said, still panting hard.

“Where are these camps located?” Henry asked impatiently. He took out his phone and opened the notepad application to write down the locations.

The man called out the locations of the two camps for him and he typed them in his notepad.

“What if I don’t find her there?”

Jones seemed confused for a while. “The men who kidnapped her took her there, that was the plan.”

“And where can I find Hutton Ryker?”

“Hutton Ryker is always in Cartak or in El Deols,” Jones answered.

“Do the Red Wolves have operation centres in Anthanna?”

“No, not yet.” Jones shook his head. “But Hutton Ryker and Elvis Kahn has houses around.”

“Tell me what else you know about Hutton Ryker and Elvis Kahn, I need to have more details of them.”

“I don’t know them in details, I only met them three years ago and know they are Bethanians. I’ve been running errands for them since then.”

“Tell me the little you know,” Henry demanded.

Jones stared at Henry’s face and swallowed in. “I only know that these men are stinkingly rich and has connections with almost all gangs in the world. They like getting reports of the assignment they give you in details and they always make it impossible to be connected to them in case you get caught.”

“Give me addresses of their houses in Anthanna,” Henry requested.

“I would give you but I’m very sure you would never meet them there,” Jones replied. “Now that they know you have gotten to me, there would be no trace that they ever owned the houses.”

Henry insisted he needed the locations of the houses and Jones told him.

Henry stared at the wall beside Jones for a while and then suddenly squinted into his eyes. “Something tells me you’re hiding some truths for me,” he said in soft tones.

Jones widened his eyes in fear and shook his head. “No, I haven’t hidden anything I know from you.”

Henry pulled out another gun and pointed at him as he stepped back. “Are you sure you haven’t hidden anything?”

“I swear, I hid nothing from you.”

“Good,” Henry said and fired a shot into his chest.

He turned towards the window and made his way out quickly.



“I’m Dan, we’re FOX agents and we need you to lead us to any of these men.” Daniel said to the man sitting behind the table.

“Hmmm,” the man heaved a sigh like someone in deep grief.

Daniel squinted at his face and turned left and right to look at the other men. Most of them look disgruntled, injured and sad. He had noticed the mourning in the atmosphere even before they walked into the place and how the whole place looked disorganized made him feel something very bad had happened there overnight.

“What is wrong here?” Daniel asked.

His two colleagues flanging him were also looking around.

The three men were dressed in all blacks and visibly armed, their shirts labelled with the FOX logo and their faces covered with FOX masks.

“Some men came here last night,” the man in front of Dan asked. “They killed Dickson and Gabrice, they left with Reuben.”

“What!” Daniel raised his brows.

“They injected them with the poisons but told them it was only meant for them to forget the night’s encounter, they died an hour after the men left.” The man explained further.

Daniel heaved a sigh and turned around. He could now understand why the men looked wounded and so bitter. He concluded it must have been a hell of a fight the previous night.

“Who are these men that came here, and how did it happen?” Dan asked the man.

“We don’t know who they are, they only came asking for sirs Reuben, Dickson and Gabrice but we insisted they followed the protocol of scheduling an appointment first but they attacked us instead.” The man took a brief pause. “There were two women among them and three men. There was another person who drove in the vehicle they left in, we didn’t see the person and the gender is unknown.”

“Can you describe them, or any one of them you saw closely?”

“They were all normal guys, they didn’t look so strong but they were.” He paused and squinted as his mind flashed back to the night before and he began to picture all of them. “There was one different among them, he looked strong and was the strongest. He was huge and so muscular.”

He paused again and looked at the agent’s face. There was a look on his face that made it obvious he was astonished at his thought. “That man broke the bones of most of the people here in a very short time, and he did it easily.”

“You said he was tall and muscular?” Daniel questioned again.

“Yes,” the man affirmed.

“With two ladies and two other men?” Daniel squinted at the man’s face.

The man nodded once more.

“Get the other information we need from him, I need to make a call.” Daniel turned and whispered to the colleague at his left. He pulled out his phone and walked out of the large room.

As the call began to connect, he remembered that the agents sent to the SheiDev firm had given a report that they suspected the place had been previously visited by another group. He should have believed them but he discarded the suspicion as untrue.

“Hey Dan!” Agent Steve’s voice sounded from the other end of the call.

“Good morning sir,” Daniel replied. “I should have gotten back to you last night but I couldn’t. The investigations have continued this morning and I just discovered that another group is ahead of us.”

“What do you mean? What other group?” Steve questioned.

“Simon Perry and his men, they already attacked the place we visited this morning and the men we needed have been killed.”

“Are you sure they were the ones who did it? ” Steve asked.

“The descriptions perfectly matched,” Dan answered.

“So, do you think Mrs Sheila Jack is also connected to the Red Wolves?”

“I don’t know, but I need you guys to check if there is any connection between Miss Sheila Jack and the previous victims of Simon Perry’s group.” Dan replied. “There are two possibilities. Either Simon Perry is here to save Miss Sheila Jack like I am, or he kidnapped her and he’s trying to cover his tracks.”

“I’ll get back to you Dan,” Steve said and then hung up.

Dan returned his phone into his pocket and was about to step back into the reception room when he noticed the FOX agents were coming out with some of the men. He stepped back and waited for them to come out.

“We want to check the bodies of the men,” one of the agents said to him.

He nodded in agreement and followed them quietly.


09: 56AM

The FOX Corporation,

Bexford, Bethanna

“There’s no way that inspiring young woman could be linked to the terrorist organization,” Paul Edwards countered Steve’s report.

“She’s a victim for now, but also a suspect.” Steve replied. “She surely has a connection with the Red Wolves, there’s no other Simon Perry would have killed our leads before we got to them.”

Paul heaved a sigh. He readjusted himself on the seat and placed his right elbow on the armrest of his chair, with a finger placed across his lips.

He thought to himself that the man being mistaken as Simon Perry must be Carl Winston, but he couldn’t reveal his thoughts to Steve as he didn’t want to complicate their investigations. He could only reveal such thought after he had seen and confirmed that Carl Winston was alive.

“If Simon Perry is in Anthanna presently, don’t you think you need to have more of your team members in Anthanna?”

“Agent Daniel has a couple of good men working with him,” Steve replied. “If the need arises, we’ll have any of our top agents join them there.”

Paul nodded in agreement with him. “Get back to work and get back with a good report as soon as possible.”

“Right sir,” Steve saluted and then walked out of the office.

Paul Edwards closed his eyes and heaved a sigh after Steve walked out. He thought silently for some minutes and then leaned forward to make a call.

He dialed the number and the call was answered almost immediately.

“I need to be in El Deols tomorrow, make my flight arrangements confidential.”

He ended the call immediately after getting a response and dialed another number.

“Good morning Agent Mensah, are you in your office yet?”

“Good morning Chairman, I’m in the upper chamber for now. Will be in my office soonest,” the man replied from the other end.

“I need take some time to do some personal investigations, I may be absent for a while. I need you to take control of things while I’m away. Please let me know when you’re here so you can get more details from me,” he explained.

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El Deols, Anthanna


Hannah, Cole and Dave were sitting in the computer room, silently busy with the systems in front of them. They all had jotters and pens beside for writing down their observations.

They had been there for hours after having their breakfast for the day and they got up occasionally and walked to each other’s seat to show their observations and make comparisons. At a particular time, they all converged at Dave’s seat for more than twenty minutes, talking silently and making conclusions before they returned to their positions and continued.

Henry, Samantha and Jennifer had left to complete a different task, to check out Hutton Ryker and Elvis Kahn’s houses in town. They returned exactly four hours and thirty minutes after they left the house.

“Guys, the houses are empty for now and we discovered no underground. We have no option than to go to the camps,” Henry reported to them as he walked into the room.

He took off the gloves on his hands and kept them into the backpack. Out of the three working in the room, only Hannah had turned to look at him. The other two had only glanced and kept their eyes still glued to the computer screen.

“Any progress made yet?” Henry asked when he got to the seat at the middle of the long curved table. He pulled out the seat and sat behind his own computer system. Two other computer systems were at the left hand side which were dedicated to the other two persons.

“Welcome boss, we have it almost done.” Dave finally replied. He concluded what he was doing and turned to Henry.

“I need to know how far we’ve gone,” Henry requested.

Dave glanced at Cole who seemed to be in hurry to complete something.

Cole glanced towards them. “I’m almost done boss, I only need a minute to show you what we’ve got.”

“Take your time,” Henry replied him. He pushed the power button of this system on and stared at it as it began to boot while he waited for Cole to finish up.

Cole was done before the requested one minute and he signified he was ready. The rest of the team turned towards the left side wall where a screen appeared on the wall.

Samantha appeared at the doorway holding a bottle of water. She stared at them for a while and then gulped down the remaining liquid in the bottle. She dropped it in a bin at the entrance and proceeded in.

“We need Jenny here also,” Cole said after looking around and finding that she was missing.

They all stared at Samantha.

“Jenny is on her way,” Samantha replied before taking her seat and turning it towards the screen. Jennifer walked in just in time and walked straight to her seat. She saw the screen on and saw how they were sitting, she knew they were set to watch something together.

Cole tapped the space button on his laptop and a picture slid in slowly. He tapped it again to stop it and further reduced the speed of the slide show. He clicked play and then turned his chair in a parallel position to enable him watch and also speak to the other people.

“So, this is Camp Sisa of the Red Wolves situated in a remote area in Cartak.” Cole began his explanation.

“To the rest of Anthanna and the World, it is known as just Sisa, a remote village isolated from the rest of the country and the world. The estimated population of people living there is seven hundred and fourteen. It has a larger population of men and children than women. About seventy five percent of the population are the Wolves army in training. The rest is made up of the trainers and other officials.”

He waited for a while for a picture to be showed on the slide show before he continued.

“We got shots from satellites and this shows an overview of the usual security system before yesterday. The security has been tightened since yesterday and it makes it obvious that they are anticipating danger.”

Cole went on and on for the next ten minutes until the slide show ended. A deafening silence followed for the next two minutes.

“It’s an isolated area without close surrounding villages we can penetrate through,” Dave made a loud observation to break the silence.

“There must be some other way to penetrate,” Cole put in.

“Yeah, I’ve got a plan.”


The Red Wolves Sisa Camp,

Cartak, Anthanna.


“Carl Winston has got a plan, I’m sure he’s working out that plan already.” Hutton Ryker said to the listening ears of his audience.

He was sitting in a room with nine other men and a woman, Florence Brown. They were all sitting on stools, Hutton and Elvis Khan at one side and the others at the opposite side.

The room was a beautiful one, with a shining marble floor. The walls were also beautifully painted and the ceilings were made of attractive materials. The immediate surroundings of the building was also beautiful, the remaining part of the one plot area floored with interlocking bricks and the inner side of the fence well painted.

It was a different case right from outside the compound. The outer walls of the fence were not painted and the floor was sandy. The particular building was just for use whenever executives like Hutton and Khan were in the camp.

“Whatever his plan is, we also have a plan.” Hutton continued. “Carl Winston is a tough man and cannot be easily killed with physical might. The best way we can get him dead is draining him emotionally first and we have put in plans to do just that.”

Hutton paused and looked at the men’s faces as if to check if they were listening.

“Carl Winston will strike soon and when he does, he will also ki*ll Sheila Jack with his own hands. That will set him in place for his own death.”

To be continued