RESTLESS : The Hunt For Peace Episode 128


Henry took out an android phone and opened the pictures gallery. All pictures in the gallery were the shots gotten from the CCTV cameras at the SheiDev company on the day Sheila was kidnapped.

The first picture he clicked on showed Sheila standing with Adrian beside and one of the fake Inspection officers who had latter turned kidnapper, standing in front of them and discussing with them.

He showed the picture to Reuben. “Do you know this man?”


United States

“I believe all you have said about my husband,” Mrs Gilbert said surprisingly after Emery narrated his experience. “I got to meet the house unarranged when I returned yesterday and noticed that people visited the house but my husband denied receiving any visitor. These clothes you showed me also proves that you were truly at the house.”

“Apart from this, has your husband been acting any strange of late?” Emery asked.

“Yes, very strange. He receives strange visitors and steps out to speak on phone. He changed a long time ago, but it has only recently become worse.” Mrs Gilbert answered.

“So, what do you think your husband is involved in?” Emery questioned. “Do you know if he has new friends?”

“He surely has new friends, but only entertains them at home while I’m away. I’ve only seen strange people and new friends with him a few times when we go on functions together.”

“Well, Madam. The reason we have you here is to get enough information from your husband…” Emery was saying but she interrupted him.

“Have you reached the police?”

“Ma’am, I can’t call the police now. I need to return to Anthanna as quick as possible but reaching the police might force me to stay longer,” Emery replied. “My daughter’s life is in danger and I’m sure the purpose of the attack on me is to keep me from returning home.”

“Having me here would not help you, Gilbert would not release any information to you even if you keep me here for years.” Mrs Gilbert said. She was quiet for a while and watched Emery take a long deep breath. “He’s so loyal to whatever he is into and doesn’t say a word about it. He protects his devices and items so dearly and hurts any one who goes close to them.”

Emery heaved a sigh, he glanced at John and saw him also staring with a look of disappointment.

“But I can help you get back to your country,” she said after some seconds of silence.

Emery turned his face to her quickly. “You can?”

“Yes, my younger brother is a director at the SBI and he can help us out if I talk to him.” She replied.

“Oh no!” Emery heaved a sigh of frustration.

“He can help you get back without having problems with the police,” she added.

“No,” he shook his head gently. “I don’t want us to go through the police or anything now. Gilbert was also supposed to call in the police to help me, but they came to get me instead.”

“You think I’m with Gilbert on this?” The woman questioned. She sounded rather disappointed.

“Ma’am, I’ve been through a lot in the last couple of hours.” Emery said, shaking his head and wiped his face with his palm. “From being sold out by my business partners, to being betrayed by my friend Gilbert. It’s difficult to chose who to follow now.”

“What if we monitor her calls and her conversation with her brother?” John suggested, jumping down the window where he sat and walking close to them.

The woman glanced at him and then looked at Emery.

Emery had his face buried in his palms. He sniffed in and raised his head slowly, he stared at John’s face.

“I mean, we can monitor her conversation with her Director brother and know what to expect if she says something else,” John explained himself further.

Mrs Gilbert stared at Emery’s face again. “If you would let me have my phone now, we can make a call to him immediately.”

“No,” he shook his head quickly and waved a finger to emphasize his point. “We can’t do that now, they’re going to track and find us immediately.”

“You said you could keep our location hidden for some minutes if we needed to communicate,” John stared at Emery’s face.

“Yes, but we need the computer and other tools here first.” Emery replied. “We need to leave this building and go into the house.”

“Okay,” John said in soft tones. “We can just take the back and walk to the house,” he added, showing the direction with his hand.

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The team left the location taking Reuben with them, they promised to let him go only after confirming they were given accurate information.

Dave was now driving the Jeep with Jenny sitting next to him. Hannah and Cole were sitting at the backseat with Reuben at their middle, while Henry and Samantha were sitting at the centre seats.

There was total silence and almost no activity for more than fifteen minutes of the journey, only Samantha and Henry were whispering occasionally to each other and looking into the same tablet device.

Dave finally broke the silence by asking for the direction to take when he got to a junction.

“Move into Lafia, we’re going straight to get Jones Gatar.” Henry replied him.

“Who is Jones Gatar?” Cole asked. Only Henry, Samantha and Hannah knew about Jones Gatar.

“He’s the man who provided the explosive device that was installed by Reuben,” Henry replied.

There was silence for another minute before Cole spoke.

“Boss, don’t you think we might be spending a lot of time trying to connect these men?” Cole questioned. “Who knows if Jones is gonna lead us to a different man who would still lead us to another?”

Henry turned back and stared at Cole’s face. “You’re right, I’ve thought about that before.” He said and turned forward again. “But we almost have no choice, since the CCTV footages did not pick the faces of the men who took Sheila.”

“I think we could just end it all if we get to the men who sent them, instead of looking for the men who were sent.” Cole added.

Henry turned again, this time not his neck alone but his body partially.

“Have you come up with any strategy to reach Hutton Ryker and Elvis Kahn directly?” He asked, staring into Cole’s eyes.

Cole squinted at him. He hadn’t thought of it, but Henry’s question made him realize that they had not been able to create any perfect link to the two known bosses of The Wolves.

Their last interrogation with Taveo Jude had revealed that most known executives of the Wolves were not even part of the main leaders and that there was a hidden team somewhere.

The fact that no executive could tell for sure where to find Elvis Kahn and none knew much about Hutton Ryker was another proof that the executives were only like figure heads and shadows covering the main people.

“Do you have a plan?” Henry asked again a minute after waiting for Cole’s response.

Cole shook his head.

Henry turned forward and heaved a sigh. Taveo had hinted that the other people behind the scenes apart from Hutton Ryker and Elvis Kahn were probably uneducated ones, but he couldn’t see how possible it was for leaders of such organization, would not have any form of education. He was sure they were well educated people who only did not go through the formal education system.

One other thing that bothered him was the invisibility of Elvis Kahn and Hutton Ryker. There was something he was yet to connect, he couldn’t tell what it was yet.

“We have three kilometres only to get to Jones Gatar,” Samantha said to Dave. “Keep going straight for now, I’ll tell you when to take a turn.”

“You’re sure we’d find him there?” Henry questioned Samantha again.

“Yeah,” she nodded. “I was once taken to work for him, I was sixteen then. He took me as one of his favourites and allowed me access to more information than I should have.”

“We gotta get him tonight,” Henry muttered and stared out blankly through the side glass.


United States.

Mrs Gilbert was sitting on a comfortable chair in a room this time, after taking some food with Emery and John. She was allowed to have her phone to call her brother. Emery was sitting on the sofa beside her and had a laptop on the table in front of him. The network cable connected to the laptop was run into the house from the space above the door. John was on a footstool beside the door and opposite them.

She put the phone on loudspeaker after the call had been answered.

“Good evening brother,” she said in a calm tone.

“Hey sis, where in the world are you?” The brother sounded worried from the other end.

“I’m very fine dear, I need your help, you have to listen to me.”

“Your husband called to tell me few minutes ago that you have been kidnapped, the police are in search for you already. If you know where you are, tell me so we can get across to you quickly.”

“Listen to me brother, I know you are already trying to track me.” She continued in a soft tone. “You can’t find my location because it’s locked, I need you to step out to somewhere no one would listen to our conversation.”

“You mean you arranged your kidnap?” The brother asked but got no reply from her. “Please talk to me, I’m listening.”

“Step out please, I need only you to listen to me.”

“Okay,” the brother said and went silent for some seconds before he spoke again, this time in a very low voice. “I’m listening.”

“I told you that my husband has been acting strange, remember?”

“Yes, you did. What does that have to do with this?”

“I got home yesterday and suspected an unusual activity at the house, but I got to find out today that Gilbert is trying to sell out a friend of his to some hired assassins. I need you to help his friend get out of the country safely, then we can work with proofs to find what gilbert is involved in.”

“Are you sure of what you are talking about?”

“Yes, I’m very sure.”

“But why didn’t you tell me first? Why did you have to kidnap yourself?”

“I needed to distract Gilbert with something, he would stop looking around to ki*ll his friend and will be distracted with looking for me.”

“You should still have told me,” the brother insisted. “How can we see?”

“I’ll send you an address,” she replied. “But promise you won’t give me out.”

“No sis, I got you. I promise.”

“Okay,” Mrs Gilbert said and ended the call.


Lafia, Anthanna.


Two desktop computers were seated on the table, a man behind each one. The man behind the first system which had the screensaver on was deep asleep already and had his forehead resting on his arms on the table.

The second computer was still on without a screensaver but the man in front was also dozing off already. He had his head tilted backwards and jerked off every minute he was about to fall. The both man had headsets covering their ears.

Another man was sleeping on the mattress at the far end of the security room. Two empty long guns were hung on the wall at the center of room and some extra uniforms beside them.

A strange sound from the headset awakened the first man. He sat up quickly and squinted at the screen in front of him. He could see a lady figure just fallen at the gate outside.

He rubbed his eyes and stared at the screen again. He noticed what seemed like blood on the ground where the lady laid. He rewound the footage and watched the lady turn to the front of the fence, she seemed weak and injured. Supporting her body on the fence, she kept dragging herself until she fell to the ground when she touched the gate.

He quickly tapped his partner who raised his head up immediately.

“See, what we’ve got here.” he said to his partner and rewound the footage again.

The second man yawned as he watched the footage. He widened his eyes when he saw the lady drop on the floor as if she were dead.

“What the heck! Is she still there?” He stared at his colleague.

“Check your system,” the other man said to him.

He tapped his system on quickly and switched to the footage. He saw her still lying on the blood and the traces of blood beside her.

He opened the drawer and took out a pistol quickly.

“Wait for me,” his colleague said and quickly pulled out his own pistol.

They stepped out of the security room together and opened the gate. They both walked to the position the woman was lying and stared down at her for some seconds. One standing at the right where her head was and the other at the left.

“Let’s check if she’s still alive,” the one at the left suggested and squatted immediately. He managed to turn her up, it was obvious she was still breathing.

“Wait,” the man standing was the first to notice something unusual. He also squatted and pull her shirt to see where the blood was coming from. He got the shock of his life as the lady grabbed his neck suddenly.

The other man before he could realized what was happening also received a kick in his private part which sent him falling to the ground.

Samantha dragged down the man’s whose neck she held and turned him to the ground. She dealt him two quick blows on his face and another in his belly. She picked his gun from the floor and turned immediately to the other guy.

He was already trying to get up but she kicked him on the shoulder and he fell to the ground again.

“Good job Sam,” Henry said as he walked past her and tapped her on the shoulder.

He entered through the gate and located the security room first. He peeped before he walked in and saw the man far away sleeping in the mattress.

He walked straight to the computer and opened the CCTV software. He navigated around for a while and then disabled the cameras. He also opened the storage and wiped off the recently stored footages.

He looked back again to check and the third security man was still sleep. He to the door and pulled out the key from the keyhole, he stepped outside and closed the door, locking the man in. He left the key in the keyhole.

He was about to check Samantha outside the gate when she stepped in.

“You took them out already?” He questioned.

“I shot then tranquilizers and dropped them at the left side of the fence,” she said as she turned to lock the gate.

“Let’s proceed,” Henry said and waited until Samantha led the way.

It was a two storey building which occupied up to half of the whole two plots of land. Both floors were flats, designed in the same fashion.

“This way,” Samantha whispered to him and they both went towards the left hand side of the building. She led him towards the back of the house. “This is his room,” she said, pointing up to a window close to the end of the building. “There’s a ladder he climbs to go up.”

Samantha walked quickly to the back of the house and returned with a ladder. They positioned the ladder close to the window and Henry proceeded up immediately.

It wasn’t difficult to enter into the house. The window had an adjustable burglary proof which wasn’t locked, as Jones never expected someone coming in from there. Henry easily pushed it aside and stepped in.

Jones stirred awake on hearing the sounds at the window and quickly turned on the light using the switch beside the bed.

The room brightened up to reveal to Jones a man sitting on the window and pointing a gun at him.

“Hey Jones, I’ve only come to make a quick enquiry. Shall we proceed?” Henry started immediately.

“Who the heck are you?” Jones squinted at him in confusion.

“No time for questions man, you gotta be ready to answer my questions first.”

“You have to get the bleep out of my room,” Jones said angrily, shaking his head and wondering how the man got into the compound. What amazed him more was how he chose the option to get in through the window.

Henry got up from the window where he sat and walked slowly to the side of Jones bed.

“I need to know where Miss Sheila Jack is,” Henry sat on the drawer and placed his feet on a footstool.

“Who the hell are you?” Jones asked stubbornly. He seemed unafraid of the intruder’s presence.

He was of a strong build just like Henry, only shorter. He was sitting up with his back rested against the headboard and a blanket covering the lower part of his body.

“Don’t make things hard for yourself Mr Jones, just tell me what I asked you.” Henry said in a threatening tone.

“What?” He raised a brow at Henry. “You gon shoot at me?”

“No, I won’t make death that easy for you. I’ll make sure I break your bones.”

Jones seemed a bit angry at Henry’s remarks, he wanted to get out of the bed and attack Henry but the gun in Henry’s hand restricted him.

Henry noticed him staring at the gun. He then raised the gun up and removed the cartridge. He stood up and placed it on the drawer. He stepped back slowly from the bed, inviting Jones for a fist battle.

Jones who was already enraged got him immediately and flung off the blanket. He was almost naked except for the short briefs covering his privates.

He jumped down the bed and charged towards Henry. With a swift movement, Henry dodged his blow and caught him by the arm close to his shoulder. He grabbed his neck and turned swiftly slamming him to the wardrobe behind.

Without giving him time to rest, Henry pulled him by the shoulder and with quick light steps dragged and slammed his head again to the adjacent wall. He pulled him up and followed up on his face with heavy punches.

Jones attempted to raise his hand and throw a punch but Henry grabbed his hand and neck again and slammed him to the wall.

He held his neck to the wall and slammed him hard on the face. “Will you answer my request now?”

A phone began to ring at that moment and Henry glanced back in the direction. He stared again at Jones’ face but Jones still looked unwilling to answer. He pulled Jones by the neck and arm and dragged him towards the window.

Jones tried to struggle but Henry sent a kick to his face and he staggered back. Henry pulled him closer again and slammed his head to the window glass.

Jones fell to the ground with his face badly bruised and torn by the shattered glass. The ringing phone caught Henry’s attention again and Henry quickly walked to the drawer where it was.

His eyes widened as and heartbeat increased as he saw the caller’s ID – Hutton. He answered the call and placed it on loudspeaker, he turned to face Jones.

“Hey Jones,” the voice sounded. Henry recognized it, it sounded just like the Strategist’s. “Carl?”

Henry squinted at the call of his name. He stared at Jones who was still lying helplessly on the ground.

“I know you’re there Carl, in search for Sheila Jack. I’ve been searching for a way to contact you and it’s good you’re present there. I’m giving you two more days to come for Sheila Jack, after that I’ll return her to the firm in body bag.”

“Damn you bas***d! Stop hiding and let’s…”

The line went off and Henry clenched his fists angrily. He looked at the phone’s screen and knew there was no need dialing Hutton back.

He stared angrily at Jones. The call had given him more confirmation that Jones knew where to either find Sheila or Hutton.

To be continued