RESTLESS : The Hunt For Peace Episode 112


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“Drive faster!” Pitt ordered the driver of the car. It was obvious to him the new black car was coming after them.

The driver increased the speed drastically but could not drive so fast as it was a single road with both direction traffic. The speed of the pursuing vehicle had also been increased.

Pitt’s driver had to wait for an oncoming vehicle to park before overtaking the one drivimg slowly at their front. Before he could, the new black car was already so close to them. But he was still able to give some gap after overtaking the car in front.

“Hello Officer, I have some men trailing me now and I really don’t know who they are. I’m on the intermediate road leading from the Upel international airport to the government residential estate.” Pitt said into the phone.

He was yet to get a reply when he looked up and saw a heavy duty truck coming in the opposite direction and driving recklessly.

He widened his eyes in shock and even the driver and the man in front were in panic. The truck was not maintaining it’s lane and it seemed the driver was coming directly to them.

“What the hell is…”

Pitt was unable to finish his statement as the driver swerved the car sharply off the road to avoid a crash with the truck. He crashed instead into the gate of a residential building. Surprisingly, the truck also screeched to a halt just beside them, after moving completely to the wrong lane..

“Are you alright sir?” the bodyguard at the passenger’s seat in front asked Pitt. He had his gun already pulled out and held in his right hand firmly.

“Yes, I am.” Pitt managed to say. His head had hit the side of the car heavily during the sharp movement.

“Please, don’t step out of the vehicle.” The bodyguard said before opening the door and stepping out of the car.

“We’re off Upel International Airport, at the GRA road,” the driver of the car was saying into his phone. “Meet us as soon as possible.”

He hung up and kept the phone into his pocket. He then took out a gun before turning back to look at the man behind.

“Please stay in the car and keep your head low,” he said as he opened the door. He stepped out carefully with his head bent and closed the door. The black car that was pursuing them pulled up on the road at the same time, opposite the truck and only leaving some space behind.

The bodyguard who stepped out first, faced the truck with his gun. He noticed that the driver of the truck and the second person in it had stepped out already. He held his gun pointed towards the truck with both hands.

He turned back distracted as he noticed the black car pursuing them.

Four consecutive gunshots sounded in the air at that moment.

Before he could turn back, a bullet already got into his left knee. He screamed and fell to the side. He looked up again to get a blow hit him on the face.

The second bodyguard began to shoot at the black car immediately but he couldn’t hit anyone as the occupants of the car had moved out through the other side. He released only four shots before he ran out of bullets.

“Shi*t!” He cursed.

He rushed back to open the door but a bullet hit the car and sent him falling back.

“Get up! He heard a voice say to him as he tried to get up.

He raised his face up and saw a mask huge man coming closer to him.

He got up slowly raising his hands.


“I think they’re now following us,” Cole said to Samantha as they made their way down the road. He had a tablet device on his laps and was watching the live stream from the CCTV.

“I can sense it already, but we still have enough time.” Samantha replied, looking into the side mirror. “They can’t catch up with us.”

Cole looked into the side mirror at his side again. He couldn’t see any police vehicles coming from behind.

“Yeah, they still have some distance to cover but they can do so in less than five minutes if we slow down.”

“We’re at the stadium already,” Samantha said as she turned on the car indicator and moved quickly to the other lane. She drove a few more metres before turning towards the gate of the stadium.

It took them close to two minutes to get past the security officials at the stadium. They got to the parking space ninety minutes after.

Cole picked a backpack from the backseat and took out two yellow coloured basketball jerseys, he handed one to Samantha and took one for himself. He wore it over his vest and Samantha did the same.

They looked at each other and were sure they were ready to step out before they did. They opened the door and got out of the car at the same time. Cole close the zip of the backpack and fastened one of the straps around his palm.

They began to walk towards the basketball arena which was less than ten metres away from where they parked. They stopped briefly when they got to the gate. They watched other spectators walking in.

Cole dipped in his hand to the backpack and brought out a cubic cracker device. The device was black in color and had four small buttons by the side. He turned on the device with the first button from the left and tapped the second button five times, setting the fire cracker to go off five seconds after at anytime he ignited it with the fourth button. He dropped returned it into the backpack.

“The police officers are here,” Samantha whispered to Cole, staring afar off at the gate.

“Let’s get in,” Cole said and the both walked in.

“The game has started already,” Samantha said to Cole as they presented their tickets at the entrance.

“Yeah, but I don’t think we’ve missed so much yet,” Cole replied loudly.

Samantha clung to his body as they walked in after being confirmed by the access control officials.

“Over there, there are enough spaces.” Samantha located nearby empty seats quickly.

The game was on already but arena was only slightly more than half filled, the spectators still numbering up to five thousand. A part of arena had more of spectators who wore white jerseys while the other part was dominated with people on white.

Samantha and Cole walked quickly to the empty area. They had barely settled down when Cole and Samantha noticed Police officers walk into the arena and began to look around. They looked away and sat beside each other leaving an empty seat between Cole and another spectator.

Cole picked out the device from the backpack and dropped it after on the empty space.

“It’s time Sam,” he whispered to Samantha. She nodded gently in response.

He stared at the basketball court blankly for a second and then looked at his left and right.

“Done,” he said after tapping on the fourth button on the device. He dropped it on the floor and he and Samantha got up simultaneously and headed in different opposite directions.

None of the spectators around them noticed what had conspired as they were all focused on the exciting game.

In less than ten seconds after Cole and Samantha walked away, an explosion with a loud sound rocked the area where they had left the device. Causing some flames and more of vibration. The device, propelled by the force of the explosion was projected to another area where it exploded again, causing the same impact.

The whole arena was already in disarray even before the third sound which was the final. All the spectators began to run helter skelter about the whole place, a bulk of them rushing to the exit and even the basketball players and officials fled for their lives.

The police officers were left confused as the people fled in a disorderly manner, almost pushing them to the ground.


Police officers arrived at the government residential estate road eight minutes after the men had left leaving only the empty truck.

The masked men had gone with Pitt Raph, leaving his two bodyguards injured and unconscious on the ground.

“It’s a black Venza,” one of the police officers at the crime scene was heard speaking on phone. “It a construction material truck but it’s empty.”


Fifty Minutes Later

“Hutton, where the heck are you?” Kahn said into his phone angrily. He had a cigar in his right hand and was pacing about the room.

“Making arrangements for tomorrow,” Hutton replied in a confident tone from the other end. “What’s happening?”

“Pitt has just been abducted,” Kahn broke the news.

“What? What the bleep!”

“Yeah, I missed his calls and I saw the notifications about thirty minutes ago. I called back immediately but he did not answer, only to get a call from Taveo two minutes ago telling me he was kidnapped.” Kahn explained.

“That’s a hell of a mess!” Hutton exclaimed. “I’ll be back to your residence in few minutes time.”

“Please get here as quick as you can,” Kahn urged.

“Yeah, in the meantime, reach out to everyone and tell them to be on guard and restrict their movements.”

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The FOX Corporation,
Bexford, Bethanna.

“Sir, we’ve confirmed that it wasn’t a bomb explosion. They were fire crackers,” the agent reported to Paul Edwards.

“Are you sure of this?” Paul questioned.

“Yes, it was an XL firecracker, a powerful one, it was banned from public use since 2013.” The Agent replied. “There were no serious causalities, only a few people got injured from the rush.”

“Good!” Paul heaved a sigh of relief. “You may leave now, thanks.”

The agent saluted and turned out of the chairman’s office.

Paul drew his swivel closer to the table and picked his phone.

“Hey! Please come to my office now,” he said briefly and ended the call.

He continued with some pen and paper work with until he heard a knock at the door.

“Come in,” he said in loud voice.

Agent Steve stepped into the office and proceeded forward.

“Good afternoon sir,” agent Steve greeted.

“Good morning agent,” Paul replied before dropping his pen and looking up. “You said you had a request to make, what’s it about?”

“Yes sir, it’s the bomb scare earlier today at the basketball arena in Benuit.”

“What about it?”

“I’ll like to get involve with my team,” Steve stated.

“It’s a police case, not ours.” Paul said in a dismissal tone and picked up his pen to continue working.

“Sir, I followed the news and checked the footages and I’m sure we do need to get involved.” Steve said convincingly.

“Why?” The man frowned. “What’s your business with it? It’s not even a casualty in our district,” the FOX chairman looked puzzled at him.

“Yes sir, but I’ve been following some of these related crimes.” Steve replied. “I studied the footages of the crime scenes an hour ago and spotted Simon Perry in the video.

Paul raised his brows. “Are you sure?”

“Yes sir, the exact body framework” Steve affirmed, taking out a flash drive from his pocket. “He was one of the men who kidnapped the man Pitt.”

“Do you have the videos there?” Paul asked, already opening up his laptop which was on sleep mode.

“Yes,” Steve answered and turned round to the other side of the table with the drive.

Paul Edwards typed in his password and unlocked the computer. He collected the flash drive from Steve and plugged it in.

The drive was scanned and was automatically opened. There was only one folder in it. He clicked the folder open and opened the only video file in it.

It began to play and showed the scene at the GRE road in Benuit.

“Here’s the man who’s got the same shape as Simon,” Steve said after ninety seconds of playing the video.

The video showed masked Henry lifting up one of Pitt’s bodyguard with a hand and slamming him on the screen of the car, shattering the glasses. After that, he pulled him up again and slammed his head to the aluminum gate which the car had crashed into.

He then opened the door to the backseat of the car and dragged out Pitt Raph forcefully. He dragged him to the black Venza and pushed him to the ground.

After tying up the man and gagging him in ninety seconds. He was bundled into the boot of the vehicle. Two other people, a man and a woman joined the black Venza and they drove away.

“Wow! We really got to get involved in this,” Paul let out a breath and rested his back. “Reach out to the relations department immediately and let the case transfer be done.”

“Thank you sir,” Steve said as he closed the video and ejected the flash drive.

“But…” Paul frowned as he realized something inconsistent with the video.


“How did they get away in that narrow road?” Paul asked. “I could hear some more gunshots.”

“We’d find out sir, I guess the ladies in the video controlled the traffic, but we would confirmed.”

“Okay, find out and be sure the abductors were not more than four in number.”

“Alright sir,” Steve answered.

He walked back towards the door but stopped before he got there, he made a salute before he turned again and walked out.

Paul leaned over the table after Steve was out. He picked his phone and dialed his son’s number.

“Hello son,” he said, almost in whispers.

“Hello Dad,” the son replied.

Paul sighed again before talking. “I’m coming to see Austin tonight.”


Nexus, Bethanna.

“Hutton, I’ve got a call from Pitt,” Kahn said, walking into the living room from the hallway.

Hutton was sitting at the table. He had his laptop opened but already in the sleep mode as he was busy strategizing in his mind.

“Answer the call and let’s hear what they have to say,” he replied Kahn.

Kahn answered and put the call in loudspeaker.

“Hey Elvis Kahn, how are you?” They heard a voice ask cheerfully. It wasn’t the voice of Pitt. Kahn remained silent without replying. “Well, I’m Carl Winston and it’s really nice to meet you. I need to know if you can help me deliver a message to your friend, the strategist.”

“And what the hell could you want from him?” Kahn finally replied, mentioning his words slowly

“Well, I’m yet to do anything to Pitt. I’ve not even asked him a single question,” Carl continued. “I plan to deliver him to the FOX with enough information for him to be linked to you all.”

“So, why are you telling me this?”

“I want to make you an offer,” Carl answered and took a few seconds pause. “Tell the strategist to give me Wilson in return for Pitt and we’re good.”

Kahn let out a deep breath at this point and stared at Hutton’s face.

Hutton made a nod, urging him to agree to the offer.

“Deal, you bring Pitt, we give you Wilson.” Kahn replied.

“So, we decide a location and meet this night.” Carl replied.

“Good enough, but how am I sure you haven’t gotten any information from Pitt yet?”

“I haven’t but even if I have, you must have also gotten information about me from Wilson, so it would only be equal.” Carl replied.

Kahn chuckled. “What location do we meet?”

To be continued.