RESTLESS : The Hunt For Peace Episode 110


Vincil, Bethanna


“Boss, there’s some news.” Cole’s voice echoed in Henry’s ears. Henry was already asleep on the three seater sofa in the living room.

He got up slowly and turned to see Cole walking out of the hallway. Cole stopped at the entrance of the hallway to tap the bulb switch which made the lights come on.

“Oh! I never knew you were asleep already,” Cole said apologetically as he saw Henry covering his mouth as he yawned. Henry always left the living room (which was their work room) late every time and Cole if awake always heard him opening and closing his room door when he eventually went to sleep. So Cole assumed he was still awake in the living room when he hadn’t heard the opening and closure of Henry’s door.

“It’s okay, what’s up?” Henry cleared his throat.

“There was an attack by unknown men on Kebba some hours ago,” Cole said as he unlocked the android device in his hand and offered it to Henry. “The major point of attack was the Home Of Sacrifice.”

“What?” Henry was shocked. He took the phone from Cole and saw the mobile browser already opened and displaying the headline.

Cole took his seat on the adjacent sofa while Henry took a brief moment to go through the news.

“The number of casualties have not been confirmed yet?” Henry asked rhetorically, looking up after reading the news. He looked again into the phone to view the pictures on the webpage.

“The attackers are unknown,” Cole stated. “To me, it doesn’t look like they’re attackers that we do not know already.”

“This is real messy,” Henry blew out a breath. He extended his hand to return Cole’s phone and Cole took a step forward to take it.

Henry took a moment to ponder on it.

“We’re dealing with an organization of cruel people who do not give a hoot about human lives,” He said with some sadness in his voice. He paused for almost half a minute before he continued. “We can’t really save everyone from them or stop them from killing people, the only way we can stop them is by killing them first before they cause more harm.”

There was silence for a minute.

“But…” Cole’s voice sounded weak. “I’m yet to understand the reason why the Red Wolves would attack the Home of sacrifice and Kebba.”

“Do you think the attack was done by another group?” Henry asked.

“No,” Cole shook his head. “Kebba is widely believed to be a sacred town, I don’t think any one would just attack as boldly as that. It can only be the Red Wolves.”

“Well, if you look through it properly, it shows some of what the strategist plans next.”

Cole turned his face to him.

“He probably wants to put out some more negative information about me and he’s trying to wipe off records of how Morris was at Kebba for months,” Henry said in low tones.

Cole’s mouth was left agape as he understood Henry’s assertion. He realized that Ovil Matuse and the other priest who knew about Morris time of treatment in the Home of sacrifice could have been the main targets of the attack.

“Isn’t it possible that Ovil escapes death?” Cole asked.

“Well,” Henry shook his head slowly. “I doubt it.”

He picked up his device by the arm of the sofa and slowly got up to his feet.

“We’ll discuss this after the drill tomorrow morning,” he said in a dismissal tone and Cole also got up. “Goodnight.”


Paul Edwards Apartment,

Bexford, Bethanna.

Paul had just stepped out of the bathroom after taking his bath and dressing in his pajamas when he heard the sound of his phone ringing again. He quickly wiped his feet on the foot mat by the door of the bathroom and proceeded to the bedside to pick his phone on the footstool.

“Hey Son,” he answered in a cheerful tone.

“Dad, I’ve been trying to reach you since morning.” the caller’s voice sounded back.

“Yeah, I know. I’ve been so busy, I actually planned on calling you first tomorrow morning.” Paul replied.

“Austin has been troubling me for some days, and I thought it’s time to talk to you.”

“What’s wrong with Austin? Has he been taking his medications well?”

“Yes, that’s not it. He’s fine and healthy,” Paul’s son replied.

“So, what’s the matter?”

“He wants to see you.”

“What?” Paul raised his brows in surprise. He opened his mouth to speak but was short of words.

“Yes, he says he’s got something important to tell you.”

“Okay, put him through. Let him talk to me on phone,” Paul offered.

“No, he says he needs to see you.”

“But that’s impossible,” Paul snapped. “He cannot see me now, it’s not safe.”

“I told him already but he insisted.”

“Tell him I’ll come to see him at the right time, not now. We’re so busy at the corporation now.”

“I told him all that already, he insists it’s urgent and it’s about your wanted man Simon Perry.”

Paul swallowed hard for a second. He stared thinly at the wall and sat quietly at the edge of the bed, wondering what Austin knew and wanted to say about Simon Perry to him.

“What does he know about Simon Perry?” Paul questioned.

“He wouldn’t tell me, he says he has to tell you directly.”

“Okay, I’ll give you a feedback tomorrow.” Paul finally said.

“Alright Dad, goodnight.”

“Yeah, sleep well.” He whispered back and hung up.

He closed his eyes and took in a breath as he tightened his fists around his phone. He remembered that Austin had once been kidnapped by some men, it was possible he truly had information about Simon Perry.

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Vincil, Bethanna

“Hurry up, let’s talk and get to work.” Henry beckoned on them to meet him quickly.

He was standing at the verandah at the second entrance of the house and staring at them while they walked sluggishly towards him. The compound was large, about twice the area of land covered by the house. By the left side of the main building was a small field covered with green grasses and ornamental shrubs at the four corners. The other areas of the land was covered with interlocks, and a small building was close to the gate.

Henry had on an armless grey shirt which was partially drenched in his sweat, he had his android phone in his hand and was scrolling through while waiting for them. The team had just finished the morning drill led by him and he had not taken it simple with them. He always increased the complexity day after day and they all seemed new to such hard activities except for Dave who only found it a bit different and Hannah who already knew about the FOX difficult activities but hadn’t gone through it at such level because of the department at which she functioned under while in the FOX.

They all gathered in front of Henry, all looking so tired and needing rest.

“Like I said earlier, we might not really have the time for a morning drill together for a long time after today. That’s because some of you would be going into town to carry out some assignments from this evening.” Henry began the discussion. He took a pause and scratched the top of his nose gently with a finger before he continued. “You guys may have seen the news now, but last night while you all had retired into your rooms, Cole brought some information to my attention. Kebba was attacked yesterday during the evening time, the report as at yesterday did not confirm the number of people who died in the attack. Who else got the news?”

He stopped talking and looked at their faces to get their response.

“I saw the headline at midnight but I didn’t go through it,” Samantha said from the left side.

The three ladies were standing at one side, and the guys on the other side.

“Well, I read an update on the pobsonline portal a few minutes ago.” Henry continued. “Sixteen people died in the home of sacrifice while twenty six others were injured, but one man was the first to die. He was the first to be attacked by the roadside, his name is Ern. The news reports his death as accidental and says the home of sacrifice was the target for the attackers but we know that can’t be true. The Matuses all died in the attack on the Home of sacrifice, none survived.”

Henry paused to take in a deep breath. He looked at their faces to see if they had any comment.

“Well, I’m sure that’s just the beginning of the Wolves’ plans. There was no real reason for them to have attacked and killed those innocent people, it shows that there’s a bigger reason and the Kebba attack was only a means to the bigger reason. Whatever the bigger reason is, we won’t fold our hands to watch them carry out their plans, at this junction we have to go ahead with our plans to destablize them.” Henry took another pause.

He dipped his hand into his pocket and took out a piece of paper. He scanned through it for two seconds and looked up again. “We have six names here, we have studied five of the men successfully. Only the man named Elvis Kahn is yet to be studied, the records shows that he died fifteen years ago in an accident. I’m however sure that we will get enough information about him by the time we get the other men.” He stopped and folded the paper in his hand neatly. “So, Dave and Cole, who are we going for first?”

“Pitt Raph,” Dave answered first. He cleared his throat before he continued. “Sixty seven years old, he was a former police overseer for Benuit and spent six years in office. He now owns so many businesses in the nation and across Africa. He still stays in Vincil and that makes him a easy one to grab for us.”

“We all know him already, he has some of the toughest soldiers as his bodyguards and some others guarding his house. We will get him at the time he least expects an attack,” Henry continued again. “There’s a security conference coming up in Bexford on the thirty first day of May and it would have in attendance many dignitaries from around the world. Our target is one of the speakers, we’d get him on the next day when he returns from Bexford to Benuit. He would be kidnapped when he gets close to his street, does anyone have an idea to put in?”

There was silence for a moment until Cole spoke.

“I think we have good plans already and now we also have the opportunity we need, we just need to execute properly.” Cole opined.

“But would it be easy to get him when he’s returning from a security conference? He’s going to have soldiers come to pick him up at the airport?” Hannah questioned.

“There’s never going to be an easy day Hannah,” Henry replied her. “We have to make any of the days easy for us.”

He looked again to see if anyone else has something to say.

“Let’s all remember,” he continued. “The main purpose for this first attack on Pitt is to use him to get back Wilson, we may eventually have to release him unhurt.”

“So, we bargain with them?” Samantha asked.

“Yeah, we bargain.” Henry answered. “Or is there another way?”

“Can’t we force out information about Wilson from him?” Jennifer asked in a suggestive manner.

“Well, it’s unlikely he has the information but if he does, that will be a beautiful move.” Henry commented. He paused for another five seconds. “If he doesn’t, we’d have to bargain.”

“It sounds like a good one to me,” Cole stated.

“And we’re supposed to be in three groups for this first mission,” Henry continued. “Dave and Jenny would work together, Cole and Samantha as usual, and then I and Hannah Kelvin.” He said, placing his gaze on Hannah for a moment.

Hannah looked down. She couldn’t look into his eyes. She knew Henry was yet to trust her and he wanted her to know that.