RESTLESS : The Hunt For Peace Episode 108


FOX Corporation,
Bexford, Bethanna.


Four executives and three other agents were in the large white room. The executives except for Mark were sitting behind the large table – Agent Sylvanus sitting at the center while Paul and Mensah were sitting each at the opposite edges of the table. Agent Mark was sitting on a stool at the front right edge of the table while agent Evelyn was by the right side of the table sitting with a laptop in front of her. Two other agents were standing directly opposite them, one was at the center while the other was standing close to the wall, waiting for his turn to be questioned. The two Agents had the tall and muscular figure.

A very large screen was at the wall opposite the table, where the entrance door was by the side. There was a slide show of pictures being played on the screen, images and shots gotten from the CCTV cameras which showed the tall muscular wanted FOX agent and his partners that all had masks covering their faces.

“Thank you, you may now leave,” Mark said to the Agent standing at the center. They were done questioning him and he had passed.

He stood upright and made a salute before turning back and walking out of the room.

“Step forward,” Mark ordered the remaining Agent.

The agent obeyed and stopped in the same position the previous one left.

“You’re a rank five agent, please confirm your full identity and the team you led.” Mark proceeded.

“My name is Cornelius Herm, code no 4325. I led the team EY5,” the agent replied.

“Please, check for team EY5,” Mark said to Evelyn who was already at it.

It took her four minutes to locate from the records the area of town assigned to the EY5 team for the operation the day before and then switch to the CCTV footages recorded at the area during the periods they were investigating. While she was at it, the executives and Mark had asked the man several questions already. She played the first footage and everyone kept silent to watch. They watched the first and the second also, and confirmed that the rank five agent was truly at his duty post the day before and could not have been their tall muscular man.

“You may leave,” Mark dismissed the officer who did the usual salutation before walking out.

Paul heaved a sigh of frustration and shook his head, they had just investigated eleven tall and muscular agents and evidences showed that the wanted tall muscular man wasn’t one of them.

“These men are innocent,” Paul said, turning to Sylvanus.

Sylvanus made no response but only drew in a breath. He picked his phone on the table and dialed a number. “You may come in now,” he said into the phone and dropped the phone back on the table. He turned to Paul Edwards. “Maybe the wanted tall man is not one of our agents, but he could have been provided details and tools by one of our agents. It’s almost the same thing.”

“Sirs, we still have one more man to go, they were twelve, remember?” Mark tried to remind them but the look with which they replied them showed they were doubted if their last option would be the wanted man.

“I think this method is quite risky,” Mensah said and took in a breath.

“Why?” Mark asked.

“We could pick the wrong guy by mistake and punish him, the only crime he would have committed is having similar body structure to our wanted man.” Mensah replied.

“I thought about that too,” Paul Edwards put in. “The lack of data on the facial features might just get us to make the wrong move.”

“But that’s why we are here,” Mark frowned. “We are here to verify with our intelligence, if we can’t match perfectly with the facial features, we can find something else to match.”

“But we’ve been here for two hours without anything close to a match,” Mensah complained.

Mark was about to speak again when the entrance door opened and Agent Steve walked in briskly, he proceeded straight to the front of the table holding a number of printed papers with him.

“Where is the twelfth man?” Agent Sylvanus asked.

Steve stopped at the center at the other end of the table facing them.

“He’s on leave sir and unavailable at the moment,” Steve replied as he dropped the printed documents on his hands to the table and distributed one each to the four executives, leaving him with only one left. “His name is Simon Perry, he started his leave a week ago and traveled out of Bexford to Oso.”

The men took sometime to scan through the details in the paper he handed them. Steve glanced at Evelyn while they went through the document. He fixed his gaze on her for a little longer before he handed over the last paper in his hand to her.

“Has he been called?” Paul Edwards asked.

“Yes, but we found out that he’s in town and he returned two days ago contrary to the information he gave the leader of his department .”

Paul squinted. “And has he been told to come to the office?”

“He lied, he told us he was still in Oso, oblivious of the fact that we tracked the call. He said he was going to make attempts to return tomorrow and come to the office first thing morning next tomorrow.” Steve replied.

Paul, Mark and Sylvanus exchanged glances.

“Agent Evelyn,” Paul called and got Evelyn to look at him immediately. “Put up Simon Perry’s image and his data.”

Steve stepped aside since he knew they were going to need to see the screen.

In less than thirty seconds, they had Simon’s full image and his brief profile on the screen. They all stared at the image which Evelyn left for a minute before switching to another picture of the same man.

“He is a rank six agent, his body build is so similar, it could just be him.” Sylvanus commented.

“We should go for him immediately,” Mensah suggested, even though his words sounded more like a command than a suggestion. He looked left and right at the other executives’ faces and it looked like they were still thinking. He faced Steve and ordered him, “Go get the man immediately since you know his location.”

Steve stepped forward hesitatingly on hearing the order. He looked at the chairman’s face for confirmation before he would turn to go make the move.

“Go now,” Mensah repeated.

“Wait!” Paul called back as Steve was about to salute them. Paul glanced at his co-executives faces. “I think we should be careful here.”

“I do think so too, I wasn’t expecting it to be so easy to locate the tall muscular man and now that we located him, we have to be sure we are not being lured into a trap like the bomb trap at the Bexford City Mall.” Sylvanus opined.

“You’re right, those are my exact thoughts.”

“I’ll go with them,” agent Mark offered and got up from his seat.

“We have to be careful,” Paul warned, his brows raised at Mark.

“I know, it could be a trap but it could also be our only chance of getting this man before he executes another plan or probably get out of our hands,” Mark replied.

“What if our going to meet him is part of his next plan?” Sylvanus asked.

“Well, I think I’m the only one seeing things the way I do. This tall muscular man isn’t the main man, he takes instructions from elsewhere, someone who is trying to use him as Carl Winston.” Mark explained from his view. “This main person is the one who hides his location, this Simon was contacted through his personal number and could not have had control over his location.”

The other executives thought about it silently for some seconds.

“You may leave with them, but go with enough backup and maintain communication with the office.”

”Good,” Mark let out a brief smile and turned towards the door. Steve saluted the other executives before following Mark.

Paul got up from his seat immediately after Steve and Mark got out of the room.

“I guess we’re done in here for now,” he said in a dismissal tone.


Nexus, Bethanna.

“Florence is on her way with the men,” Kahn said to Hutton as he walked into the room where Hutton was.

Hutton had his laptop on the table and had his eyes fixed on the screen. He delayed for some seconds before he answered Kahn.

“We’re on the right track, Hannah’s location is at the Dexter hotel for real but her number is no longer reachable.” Hutton replied Kahn.

“I’m just hoping Hannah would not complicate things for us,” Kahn shook his head.

“I thought we should do away with her once we get her,” Hutton suggested.

“Yes, that’s better.”

“It should be done, it’s part of the instructions I sent to Florence.”


Dexter Hotel Road,

Jennifer was sitting at the driver’s side and Hannah Kelvin was sitting beside her while Carl was at the backseat of the car. Jennifer had her eyes fixed at the gate of the Hotel while they waited for the call from the strategist. Carl had the tablet on his laps with which he monitored the routes leading to the hotel.

“I think the FOX have also found Simon’s location, they’re on their way here.” Henry said after a long time of silence. “Turn on your phone Hannah, the strategist might be trying to reach you now.”

Hannah took out the phone given to her and turned it on while Henry brought out his to dial Dave’s number.

“Hey Dave, the FOX men are on their way here. How many minutes will it take you to get out of the hotel?”

“We can get out in five minutes,” Dave replied.

“We’d be at the gate in five minutes to pick you up,” Henry said to him. “Hurry!”

“See you in five minutes,” Dave replied.

He ended the call and kept the phone in his pocket. “Drive now Jenny, turn to the other side slowly and head for the gate.”

Jenny turned the engine on immediately and proceeded onto the road, heading for the U-turn to the road on which side the hospital gate was.


“We gotta go, FOX men are on their way here.” Dave said to Simon who got up from the chair immediately.

“Why FOX men? What about the Wolves men we’re waiting for?” Simon asked as he got up from the table and picked his face cap.

“The boss did not explain but I think the FOX made a decision first to come before the Wolves,” Dave answered him, strapping on a backpack. He also had his face cap on and pulled down in a way his eyes were partially covered. He led the way to the door and opened it, he peeped and checked both sides of the hallway. He closed the door slightly and glanced at Simon. “Don’t forget to look at the cameras briefly.”

Simon sighed and nodded. It wasn’t easy for him to take upon himself responsibility for something he didn’t know about, but the legendary Agent Carl Winston had asked him to do it. Moreover, he had also put himself in line for suspicions and also possible punishment and discipline from the FOX for not showing up at a FOX urgent operation when he was in town. So whether or not he agreed to do it, he knew Carl Winston could still have gotten him implicated anyway.

They walked down the stairs and got to the reception, Simon paused for a while and turned, facing one of the corners where he knew a camera was. He looked left and right for some seconds before he turned back and followed Dave.

They walked quickly to the gate and stepped out, a black Jeep with tinted window glasses was already waiting for them beside the fence. The Jeep was driven forward and stopped right in front of them, Dave opened the door for Simon to step in first before he followed.

“You’re seventy five seconds late,” Henry said to Dave after checking his time.

“I’m sorry boss,” Dave apologized while Simon sat quietly in the middle.

Hannah phone began to ring two minutes into driving.

“He’s calling,” Hannah turned and whispered to Henry.

“Answer and tell him as we planned,” Henry replied her without looking up. He was still busy monitoring the CCTV live stream on his device.

“I left already, Simon Perry found out where I was.” Hannah Kelvin replied her caller’s query after answering the call.

Simon who was sitting at the backseat raised his brows and glanced at Carl wondering why his name was called.

“I’m charging my phone with a car charger in a taxi, my phone went off at the hotel and that’s because I left the staffs quarters without my charger,” Hannah replied the strategist’s question again.

“And why can’t we track you anymore?” The strategist questioned

“I turned off my location and turned on the security, I need to get away from the FOX and Simon Perry.”

“Where would you stay for us to come pick you?” The strategist asked.

“I’m not staying close boss, I’m going far away. I’ll be back when the search is less serious.”

“You should have a rethink, only the Red Wolves can give you full security against the FOX. You could get into trouble being on your own,” the strategist tried to convince her.

“I have a safe place to stay, I want to be away from everything for now.” She replied.

“Okay Hannah, be safe and keep our secrets.”

“Thank you,” she said before hanging up.

“There’s a Mercedes bus driving past the Dexter hotel now, I think the Wolves men have just arrived.” Henry announced to them.

“Are we going after them?” Jennifer asked, trying to see Henry’s face in the rearview mirror.

“No, we don’t have to, we have some important things to do before coming back to them.” Henry replied.

“Where do we go from here!” Jennifer questioned again.

“We change the car first and find our way to Vincil,” Henry answered Jennifer and then turned to Dave. “Call Sam and find out if she’s in Vincil already.”


Nexus, Bethanna

“You may now return Florence, Hannah Kelvin is no longer there,” Kahn said into the phone. He hung up before turning to Hutton.

“Something tells me Hannah is trying to play a fast one,” Hutton said. He had a frown on his face.

“But she wasn’t lying, we saw the FOX men there and our FOX agent just confirmed to us that Simon Perry truly helped Hannah out,” Kahn took his seat on the sofa opposite Hutton.

“But our FOX agent also said the FOX thinks Simon was the man at the University hostel who stopped the explosion,” Hutton argued. “To me, it doesn’t look like a coincidence that a man whose body build is similar to Carl Winston is being accused instead of him.”

“Of course, we know Carl Winston could have planned all this,” Hutton said. “Simon Perry was on vacation and wasn’t in Bexford, something or someone brought him into Bexford before his planned return to get him into this trap.”

“And how come he was the same person contacted by Hannah?”

Kahn shrugged. He had no reply.

“We have to be careful, all our agents have to be careful.” Hutton heaved a sigh. He was confused. Hannah was no where to be found and here was another FOX agent who looked like Carl Winston so well except for the little differences in complexion which could be overlooked and of course the face which was hidden in the footages with the FOX mask.

Things were looking deadlier, but he believed it was all a matter of time. He was going to know the plain truth soon and would defeat Carl Winston


The FOX Corporation,
Bexford, Bethanna.

“I’m on my way there Mark, the center should be feeding you information already,” Paul Edwards said as he walked out of his office and closed the door.

After talking for some more few seconds he ended the call.

He got to the open office and almost all the seats were occupied by the agents who were monitoring the CCTV live stream.

“Who’s got the footage sent in from Dexter Hotel?” He asked as he proceeded to the corner where the control system was.

The man at the control system turned his face from the computer screen and glanced at the chairman, confirming to him that he had it. He located the video and waited for the chairman to get closer before he played it.

The footage began to play and it showed the reception of the Dexter hotel, it continued with nothing significant until after a minute where two men stepped out from the staircase to the reception. One of the men turned and looked around for a brief moment while the other proceeded to the exit door.

“That’s him!” The chairman exclaimed.

The man sitting behind the computer paused the video and rewound a little back. He zoomed the face of Simon Perry and glanced at the chairman’s face. “We already took a screenshot of this, the other man’s face was not shown but I’ve grabbed his photo anyway and sent both to Agent Rad’s team for more investigation.

“Good work,” the Chairman said, nodding his head. He turned slowly and proceeded back to his office, full of thoughts in his heart.

He however felt a bit of relief, confirming that what the woman in the video said was false about Carl Winston.


Vincil, Bethanna.

Henry sat on a table in the room not looking too happy. He had been in the room for over twenty minutes staring at Rex who was laying still in the bed. Doctor Alan had said his health hadn’t improved in the past few days and he needed to be taken care of urgently.

“We’d make arrangements for you to travel with him to London in the next few days, you would only return after he is well enough.” Henry said after a while of thoughtful consideration.

“It’s a good idea but who’s going to accompany us?” Doctor Alan asked, looking worried. “I can’t handle him alone.”

“It’s no problem,” Henry said and got up from the chair. “Come with me.”

The doctor followed him and they both walked to the living room to meet the others just finishing with dinner.

“Simon Perry,” Henry called Simon who was yet to get up from the dining table.

Simon had been quiet all the while. Carl had explained his mission further to him on the journey to Vincil and he had understood but felt scared of fighting against the Wolves and the FOX from a very small team. He however couldn’t voice out his doubts for the fear of making Carl Winston feel disappointed in him or think that he was a weakling.

Simon and all the other men in the living room looked at Carl. Carl stopped opposite Simon at the dining room while the doctor stopped at the living room.

“I’ve known you for more than eight years Simon, and I trust you. In a few days time, I’d be letting you leave this country with Doctor Alan and Rex for medical treatment. I’m trusting you to protect them well.”

Simon stared blankly at Carl as his jaw dropped slowly in surprise. He had heard nothing about Rex all the while and had thought only Carl was alive. Hearing about Rex now came as a shock. And he needed no one to tell him Rex was the one in need of treatment.

He closed his eyes for a moment and opened again. “It’s okay, I’ll go with them.”

Henry heaved a sigh of relief. Rex being out of the country would give him enough time to focus on the mission. They already had names of top Wolves Officials from Hannah Kelvin and it was time to go after them one after the other. He was determined not to stop until he got to the last Wolves man alive. Then he would feel peace and be sure his wife and child were at rest.

To be continued