RESTLESS : The Hunt For Peace Episode 107


The FOX Corporation Headquarters,
Bexford, Bethanna.

“Hannah Kelvin, a former FOX agent, specialist in the bomb disposal squad. She used to be a committed FOX agent while she was here,” Paul Edwards commented after getting the report of Hannah Kelvin being the missing female hostel guard at the University Of Bexford.

“I know her well, she worked with me on two occasions,” Mark put in.

It was in the open office from where the monitoring for the CCTV cameras usually took place. Paul, Mark and Sylvanus were sitting round a table.

“I don’t think I ever met with her,” Sylvanus said.

“Well, working with her previously or not doesn’t matter now. What matters is how we would get her,” Paul said.

“That’s true, but how do we get her if she went with the tall muscular FOX man?” Sylvanus questioned. “We don’t even know who that man is yet.”

“Talking about the tall and muscular man, I think we maybe closer to finding him. I have an update on it and our men have gotten to work already.” Agent Mark said as he got up from the table and walked to another table some distance away. A junior Agent was at the table. Mark asked for the junior agent’s permission before he opened the drawer and took out an A2 sized paper which was folded into four. He proceeded back to the table where the executives were, unfolding the paper and turning it upright.

“We made a deep search through our Agent’s records and we were able to come up with twelve different tall and muscular FOX agents,” he spread the A2 paper on the table in Paul’s direction. Agent Sylvanus got up from his seat to also have a look.

The three Agents scanned through the paper which contained the passports of all the twelve agents that matched the description.

“We’ve done this search before, just that we always find no perfect match.” Paul said as they continued to scan through the paper.

“Well, I’m not looking for a perfect match in looks sir, our men are exceptional in disguising themselves.” Mark replied him. “The looks, body size and height may not match perfectly but we should be able to find other things that match.”

“You’re right,” Paul paused and shook his head thoughtfully for a moment.

“We need to see their full pictures,” Sylvanus noted.

“Yea, I requested for the full pictures already and I would get them very soon.” Mark answered. “I also requested for the eyewitnesses to come this evening for identification.”

“That’s a good move,” Paul complimented before he took his seat. Sylvanus also returned to his seat while Mark folded the paper neatly before sitting.

“I’m getting to think there really is a strong connection between some people in the FOX and the Wolves,” Sylvanus said thoughtfully.

“Definitely, there is, it’s obvious that some of our men are carrying out activities for the Red Wolves or giving them information.” Paul Edwards replied.

“I think it’s the both,” Sylvanus cleared his throat. He looked up slowly and fixed his eyes on Paul’s face. “And now, I’m beginning to agree with you, I think I was wrong.”

Paul raised a brow. “What are you talking about?”

“Carl Winston could never have been a terrorist, even if he was alive. Someone else must be trying to play pranks with us.” Sylvanus explained.

“Yea, It’s good you got my point.”

“That person trying to play pranks with us is obviously from the FOX,” Mark put in. “I think it’s the same explanation for your number which they have,” Mark added, referring to Paul Edwards.

“That was my thought too, but I just didn’t let it out.” Paul heaved a sigh of relief. “I know it’s normal for you all to suspect me when you heard of my personal contact with the Wolves and saying anything else to explain myself could have been misunderstood and could have complicated matters.”

“Gentlemen, I think we still have a lot to resolve about the mysterious tall and muscular man.” Sylvanus called their attention to him.

They both fixed their eyes on him and stopped talking.

Sylvanus adjusted himself on the seat. “Considering all the events, we can say for sure that the woman who sent in the video is different from the one who sent us the useful information.”

“Can you explain what you’ve deduced?” Paul questioned.

“In the video, she asked that we go to the Bexford City Mall to check for Carl Winston but we saw nobody there. Instead, a tall muscular man was at the University hostel to take her then. The email which had the same encryption as hers sent another message that Carl Winston would be visiting a certain house but we did not find him or anyone like him there. At the same time we were supposed to find him there was when the tall and muscular man was at the staff quarters of the University where he got Hannah Kelvin from.” The man paused and sniffed in. He stared at the faces of his two listeners for a short moment. “I don’t really know what that means, but it makes me doubt the truthfulness of the woman’s words in the video.”

“I have thought about it too,” Paul sniffed in gently. “Reports from eyewitnesses states that the lady didn’t look forced to follow the FOX man, the guards said she was being protected by the tall man.”

“I don’t know if you guys see it this way, but I do think the lady in the video was forced to do it.” Mark put in.

“I’m considering that too,” Sylvanus agreed.

“Well, we gotta find out whatever it is,” Paul said and took a glance at his wristwatch. “The men we sent to Hannah Kelvin’s house should be returning very soon with her husband.”


Nexus Bethanna.

Hutton raised his face up and watched as Kahn made his way from the door to the living room.

“We can’t locate Simon Perry anywhere around, the FOX Agent says he has been on leave but was at work yesterday because of the emergency.” Kahn said to Hutton. He stopped at the sitting area and settled on the sofa facing Hutton directly.

Hutton picked out his phone and dialed Hannah’s number, it rang for only few seconds before it was answered.

“How can I find Simon Perry?” he went straight to ask his question.

“I don’t know where he is presently but I can tell he is going around looking for me, he called some hours ago to ask me where I was.” the lady’s voice replied from the other end.

“Have you told him where you are?” Hutton asked.

“No, he’s trying to deliver me to the FOX to exonerate himself, so, he wants to get me before the FOX finds out he was the one who came to pick me.” Hannah replied.

“Are you still at Dexter Hotel?” Hutton asked.

“Yes, I haven’t left.”

“I’ll send someone to come get you before the end of the day, I’ll call you when it’s time.” Hutton said.

“Okay boss,” she replied.

He hung up and locked the phone. He looked at Kahn’s face.

“We’ve got eyes on Hannah’s family right?” he asked.

Kahn squinted. “Yes, why do you ask?”

“Wanna be sure she wouldn’t snitch on us, she knows much more than she should know about the Wolves. She even knows you,” Hutton replied.

“She wouldn’t try snitching on us, she loves her husband and kids.”

“Oh well, the kids might be the only ones we have against her for now.”

“What do you mean?” Kahn raised a brow.

“The FOX arrested her husband, I don’t know when they would let him go.”

“I see,” Kahn closed his eyes and shook his head. A thought came into his mind and he stopped shaking his head and opened his eyes. “But we confirmed that Simon Perry looks like Carl Winston bodily, she could be saying the truth.”

“Yeah, she sounds so convincing but there’s a possibility that she’s acting a script. Carl is tricky and until we can confirm that Simon Perry was the man, I won’t take it as true.”

“How do we confirm?”

Hutton stared at him silently for a couple of seconds. “Contact Florence Shawn and arrange six other men to support her, I’ll send the details after you get her ready.”

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Bexford, Bethanna

“He says he’s sending people to come get me at Dexter hotel,” Hannah said after handing the phone to Jennifer.

“When are they going there?” Jennifer asked.

“He didn’t specify, he says it’s going to be before the end of the day.”

“I need to tell Henry this immediately,” she said as she took out a phone from her pocket and dialed.

Henry was yet to answer the call when she heard his voice from outside the room.

“He’s back already,” Jennifer said as she cut the call.

She put the phone back into her pocket and proceeded to the door. She saw Henry coming towards the room as she opened the door to step out.

She stepped back in and gave way for him to enter.

“I was calling your number already,” she said to Henry as he walked in.

“I saw the call when I walked into the house. What’s the update?” Henry asked, after moving very close to their captive. Jennifer also closed the door and moved closer.

“He called her few minutes ago,” Jennifer answered Henry.

“What did the strategist tell you?” Henry directed his question to Hannah.

“He asked where he could locate Simon Perry, I told him what you asked me to say.”

Henry turned to look at Jennifer’s face and she nodded to confirm Hannah was saying the truth.

“What else did he say?” Henry asked Hannah.

“He’s sending some men to come get me at the Dexter hotel before the end of today,” she answered him.

“I see,” Henry answered and shook his head.

“We already have Simon Perry in a corner, it’s going to work.” Henry said as he turned back and took out his phone.


Few hours ago

Bexford Food Market, Bexford.

Dave kept his eye on the tall man ten metres in front and kept on tracing him in the crowd of people at the market. He stopped walking and turned to a foodstuffs seller by the road side as he noticed his target in front also stop to turn.

He adjusted the face cap on his head and dipped his hand into his back pocket to take out a wallet.

“How much do you sell the noodles carton?” He asked the woman sitting under the huge umbrella.

His shoes and jeans were of black colour just like his cap was. His long sleeved collared shirt was light green with black stripes. He had been following Simon Perry for more than an hour after getting the instruction from Henry.

Their interest in Simon Perry had developed early that morning. Samantha had explained to Henry all she said in the video and Henry knew the FOX would be trying what they could to verify if he was truly alive. He wanted to hide the truth from them for a little longer. He didn’t mind if they kept on being suspicious, he just had to make sure they never confirmed it.

He knew they would have a video of him where he had the mask on and that would not reveal his face but they could accept that it was him if they judged by his body. This led him to considering some of the FOX men he knew who looked like him in heftiness and he had come up with five options, Simon Perry was one of them. What made Simon Perry the choice was Simon Perry’s absence from the FOX office the day before.

Simon Perry had been on leave and traveled out of town. He had returned before the date he planned to, but kept his return hidden from people and the office. On the night the FOX called all their officials in town to return to the office, he didn’t get the call as his team leader believed he was far away from town. Simon Perry therefore did not join the FOX in their operation the day before.

“It’s just twenty Bethanna dollars,” the woman answered Dave.

“Twenty Bethanna dollars?” Dave exclaimed and widened his eyes. “That’s too expensive.”

“How much would you like to…”

He kept his wallet back into his pocket and proceeded immediately, ignoring the seller who was trying to get him to negotiate, after he noticed Simon Perry had moved from the spot where he stopped.

His phone rang as he moved on quickly, trying to catch up with Simon who had disappeared in the market crowd. He took out his phone and answered the call from Henry.

“I’m still on his trail but I think he already suspects that he is being followed,” Dave said into the phone.

“I’m tracking you closely and would meet you very soon, don’t stop trailing him until I tell you so.” Henry instructed him before hanging up.

Dave proceeded faster after returning the phone into his pocket. He rushed through the crowd and pushed his way through until he caught a glimpse of Simon again. Simon was now holding a polythene bag in his right hand. He continued to follow at a safe distance until he got to a junction point in the market and stopped, he looked left and right, confused about where his target had gone. He eventually spotted Simon at the right, walking into a mini mart. He followed after immediately.

He walked into the mart and store and located Simon around the books section of the store. He walked to the clothes section and met six other people going through the goods. He joined them and also kept an eye at the exit door to know when Simon steps out.

He went through the section for a minute and even picked a handkerchief to buy. He bent to check the price after seeing a particular item that caught his attention. He felt a cold metal on his neck as he tried to get back up.

“Who the hell are you?” the calm baritone voice asked.

Dave needed no one to tell him it was Simon. He wasn’t surprised, he had known it would be difficult to trail a FOX agent without such agent finding out.

Dave raised his hands slowly.

“I only want to have a talk with you, I mean no harm.” Dave replied.

“D–n you! What I asked is ‘Who are you?’” Simon slammed angrily.

They were already attracting attention and scaring other customers. Simon looked left and right, he was bothered about the attention they were attracting.

Dave noticed his distraction and made use of the opportunity to turn and try to take the gun off Simon’s hand.

He sent a blow into Simon’s belly and grabbed his wrist, trying to twist it and make Simon release the gun but he realised it was a foolish attempt after all. The FOX agent was well experienced and probably knew the gun collection techniques which he tried to use. His blow had made very little impact on big Simon and Simon kept his wrist rigid without leaving the gun. Before he could think of what next to do, Simon sent a headbutt to his face and he fell back, crashing heavily into the arranged shelf of goods.

Simon moved closer to him and pulled him up by the shirt, he lifted him and sent him crashing again into the shelf at the other side.

People began to gather around to watch and the store security officers moved closer to them. Simon quickly took out his badge and displayed to the man walking close to him without paying much attention. He proceeded towards Dave to pick him up again but a strong hand grabbed him by the shoulder as he tried to bend. A heavy blow was t—-t into the side of his belly and he staggered backwards. The man followed with a kick and Simon found himself crashing to the floor.

Henry looked left and right to check for cameras as he moved closer to Simon. He bent down and took off his cap halfway and the handkerchief covering his mouth completely.

“Simon, it’s Carl,” he said in whispers.

Simon managed to drag himself on his butt away from Henry as he stared at him. It seemed to him for a moment like he had seen the face before.

Henry moved closer to him and squatted.

“Simon, it’s Carl.” He repeated, stretching out his hand to help him up.


“Is that Carl?” Simon asked Dave after Dave ended the phone call.

“Yes,” he answered. “He would call back to give you instructions in some minutes.”

Simon took in a deep breath. He was still feeling overwhelmed by seeing Carl Winston again. The man who was thought to be dead was back for serious business.