Red Apple – Season II – Episode Two (2) – ” My Death”


I was so depressed that I had no option than to go back home. Just as I opened the door to our room when I got home, I saw Ruth passionately kissing this guy.

In fact that moment I just wanted to grab her head and hit it against the wall. I couldn’t even believe my eyes, I never thought Ruth could do such a thing and honestly I blamed myself for everything that had happened. To think that she would have been ashamed of what she had done, she went about doing her own thing as if she had no one to answer to.

“It’s rather unfortunate that our moment will be interrupted like this Eugene. I will come over tonight.” She said deliberately to my hearing when she was about seeing the guy off. She didn’t even care. I was so angry that I just couldn’t control myself. As soon as Eugene stepped out, before Ruth would come to herself, I landed a heavy slap on her face.

Surprisingly, she retaliated, she hit me back, and then I noticed I was no match for her. She was as wild like an angry rattle snake. At this time, I had no idea of who Ruth was and what she was capable of doing. I was more worried about Selorm. As much as he had hurt me, there was no way I would I allow such a devil into Selorm’s life.

It’s been almost a week since I heard or saw Selorm. I was missing him that I couldn’t sleep, I tossed and tossed on my bed as I kept thinking of what to do and the mess I had put Selorm in. I pushed him into doing this just because of I wanted to hide my feelings for him. What could have possibly happened if I had told him how I felt, nothing worse than what Ruth was doing?

Deep into the night, as I was having difficulty in sleeping, Ruth had a phone call and woke up almost immediately. I then pretended to be asleep. Ruth then came closer to me, just to make sure that I was asleep. She then went into the washroom to receive the call. As curious as I was, I went and stood beside the washroom door to eavesdrop.

That was when Ruth broke the news to Eugene that she was pregnant for him. Unfortunately, she came out of the washroom and caught me eavesdropping. That was embarrassing but I was not ready to go down for that.

“How could you Ruth? Leave Selorm alone or else I will tell him about the pregnancy” I said.

“Oh go ahead, go ahead and do your worse. If you don’t know, Selorm is ready to go the end with me and there nothing you can do about it” She said and went into bed. (For more stories Download “Tales of Elton” App on Google Play or visit.

She was so full of herself and I began to hate her. Deep within me I wanted to strangle her to death. I needed to break this news to Selorm. But then again, I knew how hurt he was going to be when I tell him. That night I couldn’t sleep anymore. I went out of the room, went into the compound and gave Selorm a call.

One thing about Selorm was that, no matter how late it was, or what time it was, he will always be there to listen to me, and this time, it was no different. He picked up the phone upon the second ring. I told him how sorry I was for walking out on him some few days ago. The conversation was the most emotional moment I had ever had with Serlom.

At this moment, the conversation was all about us, we found ourselves talking about the old times, the times we both shared together. Even at this short moment of misunderstanding we had both missed each other. Apparently, Selorm was also having a sleepless night and he had wanted to call me but feared that I was still upset with him.
Well, I couldn’t just spoil that moment over the attitude of Ruth. I wanted to make that moment mine. We planned on meeting the following morning. Perhaps that will be the opportunity to tell him who Ruth was and not forgetting about her pregnancy for Eugene.

Then finally the conversation needed to come to an end. Selorm and I began texting just when after we finished talking on the phone. We texted and texted. Trust me, the chat was really deep now. We were both at that point of pouring our hearts out. I had gotten back inside and noticed Ruth was far asleep. I lay on my bed and continued the texting.

Then I decided to tell Selorm how I felt. I couldn’t just hide it anymore, but before I did that, I went into the fridge and took my red apple, sliced it and began chewing it. It was my best fruit so I made sure I never ran out of it. Then I was ready to text him the magic statement “I LOVE YOU”. I typed it, but before I could hit the send button, I got a sharp pain in my tummy.

The worse pain I have ever felt, it was so painful that screamed out loud. The phone fell from my hand, the scream was so loud it woke Ruth up. But to my surprise she just sat on her bed watching me with a smiling face. Then she came to me, I thought she had gotten back to her senses. She took out a ring and showed it to me.

That was the last statement I heard. “If you care to know bitch, your Selorm and I had a court wedding yesterday.” She said and laughed about it.

Before I knew it, a white foamy substance was coming out of my mouth. That was it. I screamed and finally gave my life up.

To be continued.