Prove Of Love


One of the greatest headaches of many young ladies in relationship is the issue of sex. While they find themselves entangled in love, they also would not want to offend God by fornicating. Meanwhile, most young men of today are always demanding sex before marriage as a proof of love.
 If a lady denies her boyfriend (fiance) sex, he tends to think she either does not love him or she is seeing another guy. And this throws the lady into so much confusion. She genuinely loves the guy but wouldn’t want to give in to sex. If she denies him, she may lose him and if she gives in too she disobeys God. 
Sorry to our ladies. Gentleman, please know that it is absolutely a lie from the pit of hell that if your fiancee does not give you sex it shows she doesn’t love you. How can you use sex as a LOVEOMETRE? Have you never slept with ladies you didn’t truly love? If you haven’t then let me tell you that many people are having sex with people they never love. And the men are themselves the worst culprits. 
If sex is a proof of love then we have to conclude that prostitutes love all the men they sleep with. If sex is a proof of love then we have to go about sleeping with our best friends and even family members to show how deeply we love them. Even married couples, do not have sex to prove their love. They rather have sex because sex is part of marriage and it is meant for both procreation and recreation – child birth and enjoyment. 
Don’t you know that there are married couples who are not genuinely in love but they still have sex as a matter of duty or just for cover-ups? Surely, sex plays a major role in love affairs. But Eccl 3:1 says, “For everything there is a season…” 
It is never the right season to have sex in a relationship. This is because sex is a blood covenant between husband and wife not boyfriend and girlfriend. Gen. 4:1 says, “Adam knew his wife”. It does not say “Adam knew his girlfriend”. Stop going that far with the lady.