Presidential Villa Episode 8

“So they are people who give the president a route to take and when he fails to listen, they try to take him out?What a dismal country!” Henrietta said.
“Greed and mismanagement are the root causes of a broken country.” Her mother said. Sitting on top of the white sheeted king sized bed.
“But mummy,” Henrietta shifted close and glanced at the clock that hung on the wall, showing that it was quarter to 5pm. “Does daddy know who exactly is behind all this?”
Victoria sighed and looked down at her painted fingers that matched together with what she was wearing. “I don’t know. He hasn’t told me anything about it and I don’t want to force myself into it. But I’m sure we will soon find out,” she added. “So for now, be careful with the Solas.” She whispered and Henrietta sat back.
“Careful? What do you mean mummy, or have you forgotten that I’m married to their son.”

“I only said be careful, not stop being married to their son. Be careful was all I said.” Victoria said.

“Yes I know, but you generalized.” She replied.
“Bisi! No wonder your brother is always__”

“I’m only trying to understand what you meant by (be careful) and you’re bringing Jake into this.”
“Yes, I have to. Because I want you to learn from him.”

“Learn what?” She challenged. “Apart from sleeping with every girl he sets his eyes on, including Taye, one of the people you are warning me to be careful of.” Henrietta knew she had crossed the line she wasn’t supposed to, she had exposed her brother.

“Wait, Bola is sleeping with Taye. Sola’s daughter?” She asked.

“I didn’t want to say it in the first place but you forced me to. And yes it’s the same Taye that you know. So I’m way better than my so called brother.” She said and Victoria shook her head and legs.

“Both of you will not kill me.”

“Mummy, please don’t tell him I told you.”

“Kini.” Victoria said. “You already did and my ears have heard. He will come back and meet me.”

“Ah, I said you shouldn’t tell him anything now. He’s a man, let him live his life the way he wants.”

“Come and leave my room.” She chased her out and locked the door.
“Mummy now, okay I’m sorry. Please open the door.” Henrietta knocked on the door. Victoria went back to sit on the bed, as the knock continued. She was only hearing thick voice from the inside, not sure of what her daughter was saying. That was not a concern, she placed her right palm on her cheek and thought of what was happening to her family. Her husband trying to be killed by his own officials and her son who refused to get a life for himself. What will she do if something happened to Wale. She thought and sighed deeply.
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Jack unlocked the door and pushed it backward. The president and Sola entered the room and saw a guard who was cuffed to the window. He was sitting on the green rug carpet, while his hand hung up to the window. He was still sleeping when they entered and they sat on different chairs close to him. “Wake him up.” The President ordered and Jack came forward after locking the door behind him again.
“Hey, open your eyes.” Jack slapped him softly two or three times before he gained consciousness. He jumped as his eyes opened wide.
“You are handcuffed to the window, there’s nowhere to run to.” Mr Adewale rested his hands on his laps. “What’s your name?” He asked.

“Stan.” He answered.
“Stan? Just stan?” He asked again and the guard in his mid thirties nodded. The side of his head still had blood from the collision he had with the door when Jack slammed his head to it. “Alright, now listen here Stan. I want you to tell me everything you know, and I promise you immunity if you help me take down who you’re working for.” Mr Adewale said with seriousness and Stan laughed drunkly at them. “Is it that funny.”
“You don’t know what or who I’m working for is capable of.” Stan said.

“Well, please, enlighten us.” Sola joined and also leaned closer.
Mr Adewale had enough of his foolish talks about the so called people he works for. “Listen to this!” He switched on the tv and they all watched the news and saw “Zamfara Massacre” written on it.

“Armed bandits killed 36 in Birani village of Zurmi Local Government Area of Zamfara State yesterday.” The reporter said. “Zamfara is an abattoir – 36 human beings butchered in hours. Zamfara State Government is evil – it watches us die like sacrificial lambs. The Federal Government is a disgrace – it values not the lives of its citizens. The media are biased against us – because we are not worth their attention.” An anonymous person ha
Sola sighed sympathetically and Stan put his head down. Mr Adewale dropped the remote control and said. “When two elephants fight, it is the grass, which in this case, suffer,” he added. “We are suppose to be protecting the people like we swore to, before given our respective offices. Not cause havoc against each other inside the government again, while the real enemies are out there parading the states and killing whoever they like!” They could hear it from the sound of his voice that he was hurting inside.

Stan thought for some minutes before he took a step that he knew he wouldn’t go back from. He took a very bold step as he decided to help the president to bring the people involved to justice. But the bigger fish was Gen Tukur, they all knew. And confronting him would never be an easy task, so they needed a plan. They needed to hear a confession from his own mouth. So they made Stan wear a wire in his suit the next day, when he was ready to meet the general at the place they arranged. He was not followed by anyone but he was monitored from the Villa with a CCTV. Albeit, The President made Jack to follow him in an un recognize vehicle so as to keep an eye on him Incase something went wrong.

Stan met with the General, he was acting his part nicely but the General wasn’t saying anything pertaining to what they wanted to hear. He was talking of another thing entirely. It wasn’t the confession they needed. “Do you think he knows? Or has Stan told him what’s happening?” Mr Adewale asked.
“The general is a very wise man, I’ll give him that. But I don’t think he suspects anything,” he added. “I mean, the guard seem to be playing the part nicely, so no cause for alarm.”
“So why is he telling him about when he was in the army?”
“I’m guessing that’s his mood today.” Sola glanced at the President who looked gross as someone who saw a dish, a food, he found disgusting.

To be continued