Presidential Villa Episode 7

The next morning, the news on the release of the President’s daughter and her husband was all over the country and abroad. Henrietta looked as if she wasn’t abducted at all, she looked just the way she had left three days ago. She wasn’t beaten nor her husband. “How is he?” She sat closed to her father.
“The doctor said he will be fine, he just needs to rest.” Her mother answered with her hand on Mr Adewale’s Palm.
“Is that Bisi?” He tried to sit up and they helped him.
“The doctor said you need to rest.” Victoria reminded.

“I’m fine Bimpe.”

“You’re not Wale,” she persisted. “Why are u so stubborn? It’s not a do or die affair u know.” She said and he turned to her.
“I’ll die before I hand this presidency over to the wrong people,” He touched the bed with his index finger. “Or better yet, I’ll hand it over to Sola before things go south, at least I know the people are in good hands.”

“No daddy, don’t say such,” Henrietta shook her head. “You will not die, you will live to see your enemies fall. All of them.”

“Amin!” Victoria rubbed her palms together.

“How’s Mahmoud?” He asked.

“He’s fine too. He’s even in the sitting room.” Henrietta answered and rested her head on his shoulder with their hands clasping tightly together.


The Vice President was surprised when he heard his son and his wife had been released. Not long enough, he got a call from General Tukur that he had decided to let Mahmoud and Henrietta go because they heard that the President was sick. And he would be an un godly man if he didn’t let a daughter to at least say goodbye to her dying father. Sola was flabbergasted, how come they knew what was going on inside the presidential villa and he didn’t. Then his eyes grew distant as he thought of the day the President was speaking on live television and said that the villa had spies. The walls definitely had ears and eyes. Sola thought. “I started this mess, and I’m going to clean it up. The best way I can.” He muttered as he walked into the house.
Doctor Usman was over at the mansion again to check on his long time friend. Mr Adewale, the president. “Can I trust you Usman.” Mr Adewale held his hand tightly as he was removing the IV from his hand.

“Of course sir.” Usman answered after thinking for a while. “What do you want me to do?”
“There’s a spy inside the villa or spies. Because I’m sure whatever happens inside here is being leaked to some group outside,” he began and the doctor listened attentively to what he was asked of.

Some minutes later, the doctor went out of the room with a shake of his head. He looked at Jack and said loudly for any ears that was listening to hear. “His condition has worsen, I’m afraid that he has less than 48hours to live.” Jack only stood like a statue still but then he bowed his head as if he was touched by the news. “I’ll be leaving, I’ll be back again to check on him.”
“Yes sir.” Jack nodded and followed the doctor behind.

A security guard who over heard what they had discussed, went close to the door and opened it with a master key. He watched Mr Adewale lying flat on the bed from where he stood. He removed his shades and dialed on his mobile phone. “It’s me,” he said. “The doctor just left. probably he has just a day left. Yes sir, okay I’ll be there.” He finished and closed the door gently after giving Mr Adewale a last look. He had locked the door again as he had seen it when Jack banged his head on the wooden door. He fell to the floor fainted, a line of blood drew from his hair down to his jaw
“That’s one.” Jack said as he opened the door for Mr Adewale and he came out.
“Good job, cuff him inside.” He ordered and walked off. Jack held him by the leg and dragged him inside the room and closed the door.

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Sola was surprised when he saw the President in his house without giving word of his visit. “Mr President.” He said.
“Sola.” He returned.

“I was about to come to the villa to see how you were feeling. I heard you were___” he paused and looked at him from head to toe, Mr Adewale didn’t look weak or sick like he had heard.

“Dying,” He completed the sentence for him. “You know Sola, the world is full of surprises, disappointments and also betrayals. The last one, I hate the most.” He said.
“I don’t_ I don’t understand what you mean” Sola looked back at Jack who stood like Iroko tree behind him.

“Oh come on Sola,” Mr Adewale slapped the air dismissively with one hand. “You know exactly what I’m talking about. When the hate doesn’t work, then they start telling lies”
Sola still couldn’t fathom his phrases. Is he directing them at him? Or is he talking about something else entirely? Sola thought inside. After being persuaded by the President, he decided to come clean about everything. “But I assure you that everything is being handled with utmost discretion.” The Vice President said.
“You bemuse me Sola,” The President rested his head on the chair and said. “I can’t believe you would do this to me, after trying to take you not as my vice, but as a brother. This means my accusations against you were all true.”
“I’m sorry sir, I didn’t know what came over me__”

“My daughter and your son’s abduction, was that you?” Mr Adewale asked and Sola said no. “What about the death of Gloria?” He asked again.
“Also no, I had nothing to do with that too.” He declined.

“Alright,” he swallowed. “Who is behind all this?” He asked with a glare at him.
“They are a lot of people, dignitaries, who want to see you fall.”

“I know,” Mr Adewale nodded. “But who’s the source of it all?” He asked again.
Sola suddenly became uncomfortable, like his seat was pinching him as he reacts clumsily. He then glanced at Jack once and twice and then surveyed the living room for a minute. “Sir,” he lowered his voice as he leaned closer on his chair.
“You can say whatever you want to say. He’s a trusted guard.” Mr Adewale glanced at Jack and back to Sola.
“Okay,” Sola cleared his throat and still kept quiet.

“Will you say something! I don’t have all day.” The President shouted, prompting Sola to spill out the name that he was finding hard to call out.
“General Tukur.” He announced.

“What?! General Tukur?” The President shifted to the brim of his chair with shocked expression.
“Yes sir, he’s the master mind of all this.” Sola answered and watched The President muttered to himself. “There’s something you should know, follow me.” He said and Sola did, accompanied by Jack.

To be continued