Presidential Villa Episode 17

Peter sat in the car with Jack in front of a hotel they suspected the shooter was staying. Soon they saw a man leaving the building and striding towards a parked car like he had a purpose. “Where’s he going?” Peter asked curiously.
“Out. It’s time for you to go__”
“Wait, wait. Go where?” Peter interrupted quickly.
“Inside the hotel, you’re going to his room.” Jack answered.
Peter and Jack ducked down as the car passed them by, he had started to panic. “But that was not part of the plan. You never mentioned the part where I go inside his hotel room!”
“I must have forgot to mention that part,” Jack said. “Now you know, so you better get going before he comes back.”

“I am going nowhere,” Peter clad well in his seat. “I want to speak with the president, he needs to know__”

“There’s no time for that.”

“Why do I feel you have an agenda of your own, hmm?”
“Listen, just go. We will talk about the recent change of plan later, but you have to go now before he comes back.” Jack said.

“Okay, but what am I looking for?”

“Just get inside his room first and I’ll talk you through it,” Jack put a small mic in his ear. “Use your ID, the person there will give you the keys.”

Peter opened the door as if to go out and then sat back in again. “What if something goes wrong?”

“Just say “moi moi” and we will come and get you.” Jack answered.
“Moi moi, you have to be kidding me,” Peter laughed dryly and added. “So of all the things you can come up with, you chose moi moi.”

“What’s wrong with “moi moi”?”

“I__,” Peter sighed of exhaustion. “I don’t have time for this.” He said and finally went out of the car.
“Great and remember, that black van over there is filled with police men, Incase something__well__” Jack stammered.

“I hate you.” Peter said and walked through the entrance door.

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The president and his vice with their families were in the hospital later that afternoon. “I hope the nurses are taking good care of you?” Kemi had asked her son.
“How’s the operation going?” Sola whispered to the president.
“No updates yet. Hopefully soon.” The president sighed and they walked closer to their families.
“Is everything okay?” Victoria whispered.

“Yes, everything is fine.” Mr Adewale faked a smile.
Down at the hotel, things were getting jinxed. “What’s happening in there Peter?” Jack asked.

“I don’t know, it’s like some kind of robbery.” He answered.
“Robbery? Could this day get any worse,” Jack thought out loud. “Wait, what is this?”

“What’s what? What’s going on?”
“He’s coming back.” Jack said.

“Who’s coming back?” Peter asked.
“The shooter. I don’t get this__”

“If he’s coming back now, then it means this is not a robbery.” Peter analyzed.
“It’s a massacre,” Jack muttered to himself, everything had began to make sense now. “Peter, I want you to go back upstairs and stay in his room and lock the doors, I’m coming.” Jack dashed out of his car and banged on the back of the van twice and the police men came out. “The objective is to infiltrate the hotel, take out any obstacles but we need the shooter alive, if possible. Good luck.” Jack finished and they stormed the building.

“Go!” He shouted accompanied by several officers, they ran in formation with their Ak47’s and shotguns hot. They blasted into the hotel with Jack leading them. A gunman was taken out quickly, weapons started firing and the men grunted as they fell to the ground. Another shot was fired and they quickly dispatched.
Gun fires ricochet at the surrounding and Jack went up the stairs, leaving the officers exchanging bullets with the criminals. He reached a hallway and swept the area then preceeded down the hall. “Where are you Peter?” He asked surveying the rooms one after the other.

“I’m in room 301, I believe he’s inside as well.”

“Yes, I figured. He isn’t downstairs with the rest.”
“What is happening downstairs?” Peter asked with curiosity.
“You don’t want to know.” Jack reached the room and took a deep breath then he ventured inside, gunfire blasted unexpectedly at him and he took cover by the wall outside the room. “Where exactly are you Peter? Are you anywhere near him?”

“No. He doesn’t even knows I’m in here,” Peter whispered. “I’m in the bathroom, get me out of here!”

“Here we go.” Jack said to himself and entered with his gun ablaze, they opened fire at each other and for some reason the man dashed out through the window. “Peter, are you okay?” Jack repeated those words when he opened the bathroom door. Peter was trembling as with palsy. Hot sweat broke from every pore of his 5’9 body. “Peter.” He tapped his cheek twice.

“Yes, yes. Go!” He finally responded.
Jack also flew out the window and began running after the man he believed to be the shooter. The chase was on. They ran for minutes, through every house, every corner and every street. Soon they reached a construction site and the man was nowhere to be found. It was as if he had disappeared but Jack knew he was lurking somewhere. He took a step closer to the crane and got pushed to it. It was the shooter, he was choking Jack. He had his elbow pressed hard on jack’s neck with the other hand pinning jack’s hand on the side of the crane. Making it impossible for him to breath or try and get away from his grasp.

To be continued